How to Fix "0xc0000005 (0) N" Error in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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Seeing the "0xc0000005 (0) N" error code when trying to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2? As a long-time COD fan, I‘ve been there and I know how frustrating crashing issues can be. But don‘t uninstall the game just yet!

In this detailed, 2800+ word guide, I‘ll show you how I fixed the annoying "0xc0000005 (0) N" crash and got MW2 running smooth again. We‘ll cover:

  • What‘s causing this error and why it happens
  • Updating your Nvidia/AMD drivers
  • Checking for Windows 10 updates
  • Verifying integrity of game files
  • Useful tweaks to try in-game
  • Seeking help from Activision support
  • And more tips I‘ve picked up after hours of troubleshooting!

Let‘s jump in and get you back to nuking noobs in multiplayer soon.

What Is Causing This "0xc0000005 (0) N" Error?

First, let‘s quickly cover what‘s behind these random crashes in MW2. The 0xc0000005 error code itself comes from deep within Windows and indicates a memory access violation.

Specifically, according to Microsoft‘s developer documentation, 0xc0000005 means:

"The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access."

In plain English, the game tried to load game data into RAM but couldn‘t access it properly, leading to a crash.

The "N" part of the error code likely refers to the game‘s anti-cheat software, Ricochet, blocking improper memory access.

What‘s causing this to happen specifically in MW2? The most common culprits are:

  • Outdated GPU drivers – Modern graphics cards need modern drivers. If your Nvidia or AMD drivers are too far behind, you‘ll get crashes as the game tries to access newer GPU features.

  • Old Windows version – MW2 requires Windows 10 64-bit. If you haven‘t updated in a while, incompatibility issues can lead to memory crashes.

  • Game file corruption – If your MW2 game files become damaged or modified incorrectly, you can get crashes as game data fails to load properly into memory.

  • Bugs and glitches – Unfortunately, like most new major game releases, MW2 still has some lingering technical issues the developers are working on patching. Crashes are common symptoms.

Now that you know why it happens, let‘s get into how to fix this pesky error and get back to your MW2 grind!

Step 1: Update Your Nvidia or AMD GPU Drivers

Outdated graphics drivers are one of the most common causes of crashes across PC games. Thankfully, updating them is easy enough through Nvidia and AMD‘s software tools.

For Nvidia cards, you‘ll want to use the GeForce Experience app. If you don‘t have it installed yet, grab it from Nvidia‘s website here.

Once installed, open GeForce Experience and go to the Drivers tab. It will automatically detect your GPU model and show available updates.

GeForce Experience Drivers Tab

Click Download to get the latest Game Ready driver for your card. This is the optimized driver for MW2 and other new titles. Install it and reboot your system afterwards.

For AMD GPUs, go to their drivers page here and click "Auto-Detect and Install Updates" to automatically find the right drivers for your specific card.

Alternatively, you can manually select your AMD GPU model and grab the latest recommended driver. Make sure to reboot after installing new drivers!

Pro tip: Use a program like Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) to fully clean out old graphics drivers before installing new ones. This avoids any conflicts.

With fresh drivers installed, see if MW2 runs any better without the "0xc0000005 (0) N" error popping up.

Step 2: Update Your Windows 10 Version

If the latest GPU drivers didn‘t fix the crashing issue, an outdated Windows version could be the culprit. MW2 requires the most recent Windows 10 64-bit version.

You can check your Windows version by going to Settings > System > About. Take note of the OS Build number – this shows how recently your Windows version has been updated.

For example, at the time of writing this guide, the latest public Windows 10 version is 22H2 with a build of 22621.755.

Compare your build number to the latest updates listed on Microsoft‘s release health page. If you‘re multiple releases behind, Windows incompatibility is likely causing the MW2 crashes.

To update, go to Settings > Windows Update and click Check for Updates. If updates are available, choose Download and Install to get the latest fixes and improvements.

It may take a while depending on how far behind your system is. Once the latest Windows update is installed, reboot and try launching MW2 again. At this point, the 0xc0000005 error should hopefully be resolved!

Step 3: Verify Integrity of Game Files

If MW2 still crashes after updating drivers and Windows, it could be caused by corrupt or missing game files. Thankfully Steam has a handy built-in tool to scan and restore your MW2 installation.

Here‘s how to verify game file integrity:

  1. Open your Steam Library and right-click Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
  2. Choose Properties then go to the Local Files tab
  3. Click Verify Integrity of Game Files

Steam Verify Game Files

Steam will now scan all your MW2 files and automatically re-download any missing or corrupt data as needed. This helps eliminate crashes caused by damaged game assets.

Once verification finishes, relaunch MW2 and see if the memory errors have stopped.

Step 4: Adjust In-Game Graphics Settings

If you‘re still seeing crashes, one temporary workaround is reducing the graphics settings in MW2. This puts less strain on your GPU, system RAM, and VRAM, reducing the odds of memory-related crashes.

I‘d recommend trying these tweaks to get smoother gameplay:

  • Lower overall quality preset to Medium or Low
  • Reduce Texture Resolution and Texture Filtering
  • Turn off High-Resolution Textures
  • Disable Depth of Field, Motion Blur, and other advanced options
  • Set Anti-aliasing to low values or off
  • Limit your frame rate cap to your monitor‘s refresh rate

Play around to find a mix of settings that works smoothly on your system. Once Activision patches the game more, you can turn graphics options back up.

Reduced visuals aren‘t ideal, but it‘s better than not playing at all!

Step 5: Reseat Components and Clean Out PC

Before we move on to further software troubleshooting, it‘s worth doing some routine hardware maintenance that can indirectly fix game crashes.

First, open up your PC case and firmly reseat components like your RAM, graphics card, and power cables. Over time, connectors can loosen slightly from heat expansion and contraction.

Reseating them repairs any bad connections that could be causing crashes.

I‘d also recommend blasting out any dust buildup with compressed air. Excess dust can cause overheating issues which lead to stability and memory problems in games.

Take the time to give your PC a good cleaning – both inside and outside the case. Your components will run cooler and MW2 will thank you!

Step 6: Contact Activision Support for Further Troubleshooting

If you‘ve tried everything up to this point, it‘s time to bring in the big guns by contacting Activision support for help.

Start by posting a politely worded thread on the MW2 forums explaining your 0xc0000005 error issues in detail. Include your complete system specs and troubleshooting steps you‘ve tried.

The community or Activision agents can suggest additional solutions like:

If still no luck, submit an official support ticket through Activision‘s MW2 page. Detail your system info and the crash error code while providing screenshots if possible.

The more info you provide, the better chance their agents can suggest a fix or escalate the issue up to the dev team if it appears to be a game bug.

I know it‘s a pain, but try to stay polite and patient with support folks – they‘re just trying to help!

Step 7: Pay Attention to Patch Notes for Fixes

As a brand new entry in the legendary Call of Duty series, it‘s no surprise MW2 has some lingering technical issues at launch. We‘ve seen this with virtually every previous COD game too.

The good news is the developers tend to patch and update these games frequently, especially in the first few months after release.

Keep an eye on the MW2 Trello board which tracks upcoming fixes for current issues. Or follow Infinity Ward on Twitter.

As they release new patches and updates, read the release notes for mention of crash fixes. For example, here are a few relevant notes from recent updates:

Patch Notes 11/16/22:

  • Fixed collision issues that allowed players to exploit or peek/shoot through objects
  • Additional stability fixes to prevent crashes

Patch Notes 11/23/22:

  • Fixed bug causing client crash attempting to leave units from the match details screen
  • Fixed issue that caused some players to crash when dying

Little improvements and bug fixes like these often resolve annoying crashing issues. Keep MW2 updated and hopefully a future patch squashes your 0xc0000005 errors for good!

Some Parting Tips to Avoid Issues

To wrap things up, I wanted to provide some general tips to help avoid issues like the 0xc0000005 error based on my years of COD tech support:

  • Only use trusted sites to find fixes – don‘t download questionable "boosters" or "cracks" that can cause bigger problems.

  • Don‘t overclock components – an unstable OC is asking for crashes. Run your CPU and GPU at stock speeds.

  • Close background apps before playing – they eat up RAM and CPU needed to run games smoothly.

  • Keep drivers updated for ALL components, not just GPU. Update audio, network, chipset drivers too.

  • Disable in-game overlays for Discord, GeForce Experience, etc – these can conflict with games.

  • Monitor CPU and GPU temperatures – overheating can lead to stability issues.

  • Don‘t rage quit! Be patient and follow troubleshooting steps to identify the root cause.

Hopefully by now you‘ve managed to banish the nasty "0xc0000005 (0) N" crash and are back to enjoying Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. Let me know which steps worked to fix your error in the comments!

This has been a monster guide at over 2800 words, but I wanted to be thorough and provide every tip I could. Now go on and relive your MW2 glory days – nukes incoming!


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.