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10 Fun Apps That Can Make You Smarter

You don’t have to sit in the library reading books all day, you could play, and get smarter along the way. There are mobile apps that will help you exercise your brain at any time you please. Of the hundreds available we chose the 10 most interesting.

1. NYTimes’ Crosswords are a good way to stimulate your brain, The New York Times has them in every edition, and you could have the same crosswords in your hand. The app comes with a one-week free trial period.

2. Lumosity is a free app specifically created by neuroscientists to help users train their attention and memory. The app tracks your progress in relation to attention, memory, speed and problem-solving scores.

3. Seven Little Words is a fun game which is easy to learn. Every puzzle consists of seven mystery words, seven clues and twenty letter groups. This app will improve your vocabulary and your spelling.

4. Owl provides you with a daily dose of facts. The featured facts are handpicked from Reddit, and you can choose the time of day you want the notifications to appear.

5. Duolingo is a free app for learning languages. The app has no hidden charges and can help you learn Spanish, German, French, Italian or Portuguese. According to an independent study it showed that 34 hours on Duolingo are equivalent to 11 weeks at a language course.

6. Quora is an app that allows you to ask questions which people with years of experience then answer.

7. Georeader helps you get to know any historical buildings you pass by. It automatically reads aloud the historical markers of interest and is available in the UK, Canada, the US and Mexico.

8. HowStuffWorks offers access to more than 30,000 educational articles and videos from the archives of the Discovery Channel and HowStuffWorks documentaries.

9. SimplePhysics is an app that can help you learn the basic laws of physics by creating structures like bridges, houses, ferris wheels etc.

10. Charge Your Brain is for those who like solving logic problems. The app features 13 mini-games, each of which has 3 modes, they are designed to train different parts of your brain and your memory.

Don’t waste your free time, put it to good use with some of these fun apps.

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