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10 Greatest uses for Private Label Rights

You’ve discovered the craft of purchasing private labels rights for your on-line business. However, you are not confined to making use of the content for your website. You have many options available to you when reusing your PLR content.

Below are the 10 best uses for your PLR eBooks, articles, and templates.

1. Rewrite PLR articles and post them on article directories. In the byline or bio box, you can link the articles to your blog, website, or social networking pages. Remember, if the articles get more in depth on a subtopic discussed in your blog, link directly to the subtopic page rather than your blog’s main page. This will increase your PageRank and build a solid reputation for your blog.

2. Rewrite individual articles and post them directly on your blog. Make sure they are rewritten well enough to guarantee individuality. The last thing you want is duplicate content floating around. Plus, fresh content generate more traffic.

3. With the original sellers permission, you can resell an entire information package as it was originally written.

4. If you purchase an article package filled with different subject matter, you can break it down into individual articles to sell to niche Webmasters.

5. Use an eBook as a giveaway incentive to customers who purchase your products or services.

6. Swap out relevant keywords from general articles to create an entirely new niche. Most articles should be written as spin material. With the right creativity you can turn 1 article into 100, making a profit from pennies.

7. Combine a number of articles on a niche to create an eBook. You can either sell the book or use it as an incentive to draw in buyers.

8. If you want people to subscribe to your newsletter, use your PLR eBook to draw them in.

9. Build an auto responder series with your PLR content. If the articles are professionally written, then you don’t even need to rewrite them to avoid plagiarism because you are sending them out as email marketing material.

10. Break larger articles into a series of smaller articles, snippets, or press releases.

PLR integration is one the most affordable ways to increase traffic to your website or blog. Purchase of a single package can generate hundreds of new ideas for marketing material to boost business and grow your earnings. Regardless how you use your purchased content, it will save you time and money. You no longer need to spend endless hours creating content that is unique. You avoid hiring expensive freelance writers who charge up to $50 per article.

Go to on-line forums to find the best PLR sites for your needs. Larger sites offer a variety of material for several different niches. You can also find independent writers who produce material geared toward specific niches. The market hosts a vast array of options when it comes to building your existing business or creating an entirely new product. You may even find yourself coming up with a new business idea after you purchase your PLR package.

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