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10 of the Best Social Media Campaigns

Imitation is the best form of flattery, right? Well, if you’re looking to emulate the results of the most successful social media campaigns, you first must look at their strategy. What exactly did these companies and agencies do right? How can you, not copy their plan, but use the concepts to create something spectacular for your brand?

Think about it as we explore the 10 best social media marketing campaigns:

1. 15 Days of Beauty Thrills

This Facebook campaign was designed to engage fans and send them to Sephora’s newly designed website. It was wildly successful because the brand created an insider’s sense of exclusivity with special deals and offers that no one could get anywhere else. In addition, there were compelling contests and offers from partner brands. The entire experience was designed to go viral.

2. #BullyMovie

This was one of the best social media campaigns of 2012, and it was launched to promote the documentary “Bully.” The goal was to build up a community of people who are passionate about putting an end to bullying (also known as the target audience for this movie). It was set up for success because, well, who doesn’t want to stop bullying. But the producers of the movie knew exactly where to find and how to reach their target audience, and then they gave them to the necessary tools to spread their message.

3. Honda #Pintermission

When Honda created a Pinterest account, this brand wanted people to take notice. So, to encourage people to follow and “live life to the fullest,” they launched the #Pintermission campaign, delivering personalized messages in order to build relationships with followers. Not surprisingly, the contest’s message corresponded with the advertising around a new vehicle.

4. Dollar Shave Club

This campaign increased awareness for the previously unknown startup Dollar Shave Club. The campaign was centered around a funny video that is blunt and to the point, something that was unexpected from an industry dominated by large conglomerates.

5. Bat Kid Saves San Francisco

When a little boy dressed as Batman dashed to the rescue of a damsel in distress, he stole the hearts of just about everyone in the world. This viral video was made in an effort to promote some of the great things that the Make-A-Wish Foundation does – and it worked! The campaign drew all sorts of volunteers, including the mayor of San Francisco, to help this young boy’s dream come true.

6. Telekinetic Activity at the Coffee Shop

Have you seen the video where the girl in the coffee shop gets angry and goes all telekinetic, flipping tables and horrifying other patrons? That was a good one. And with 50 million plus views, it was one of the great social media campaigns for the movie Carrie.

7. Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches

The Real Beauty campaign of 2013 was meant to generate more sales for Dove by increasing positive social impact. It was about shining a spotlight on the real beauty of women and shining a light on the problem that too many women face. They are their own worst critics. To date, this video holds the record for the most shared video of all time.

8. Oreo’s Super Bowl

Do you remember the power outage that took place during the third quarter of Super Bowl XLVII. The whole world was watching (sort of) and then it just went black. Well, Oreo’s social media team was smart enough to strike while that iron was hot with a tweet about the outage. “Power Out? No problem. You can still dunk in the dark.” At any other time, that tweet would be boring and rote. It was because so many people had their attention fixed on social media to tweet and read tweets about the poorly-timed power outage that this tweet received more than 16k retweets and more than 20k Facebook likes.

9. #DancePonyDance

Who doesn’t love to watch animals acting out of character? It’s even better when they’re doing something that only humans do, like dancing to ‘Everywhere’ by Fleetwood Mac. “Silly Stuff. It Matters,” was the tagline that followed, and it worked because whether they admit it or not, everyone’s day was made just a little happier by watching that silly video of a dancing pony.

10. The Poop

What should you do when the world is making fun of you? Join in the fun, of course. That’s exactly what Smart USA decided to do with the Poop

. A humorous tweet by @adtothebone said, “Saw a bird had crapped on a Smart Car. Totaled it.” sparked an even funnier factoid from Smart USA: It would take 4.5 million pigeon poops to damage the Smart Car’s tridion safety cell. People seem to like when brands step out of “the comfort zone” and relate to users on their level – wherever that may be. Although this response was somewhat on the fly, it became one of the best social media campaigns.


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