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10 Random Acts of Kindness Caught on Social Media

The world can be a brutal place and we all need a reminder of the inherent kindness in humanity. Fortunately, in this age of technology, the “feel good” button is a click away. Social media can sometimes bring negativity, but overall it seems to generate insurmountable positivity and joy. Through the sharing of knowledge, care, and compassion, the earth has become a smaller place. These 10 random acts of kindness caught on social media are just one way of connecting people online. It’s a medium that reminds us we all have a responsibility to each other as human beings.


The communications mogul launched a social media campaign in which they awarded people who retweeted the hashtag “#NokiaConnects”. The prize was a brand new phone. For motivation, they released a

that stated “If you can get to Carnaby St for 4:45 we might just have something for you! #Nokiaconnects #SMWLDN.” It was considered part of Nokia’s involvement in social media week’s random act of kindness. They hit the streets of London, where they gave a few shocked strangers (who had retweeted the message) a new Nokia N8.

Catch a Smile

This is a Facebook page dedicated whole heartedly to random acts of kindness. It’s a campaign by a group called Clowns who Care whose sole mission is to connect do-gooders around the globe through social media. They choose a random day each month and include a “good deed.” This month, November 26th, it was to “perform a random act of kindness for your neighbor.” Users are then encouraged to post and share about their experiences. The page even offers a list of suggestions for anyone a little stumped, like “put change in a meter,” or “help someone carry their bags.” The group is open for anyone to join.


BMI Baby – British Airways

The airline ran a campaign that was set to reward good dads. They reached out via their Facebook and Twitter pages to ask the public to nominate their favorite fathers who were travelling with them that week. Brian Hubbert was on his way to Newquay, when he received a shocking announcement over the P.A. system. After a warm speech by the flight attendant, he was asked to come forward to receive a special gift. He was awarded a voucher for unlimited flights to Newquay for the next year, which very much pleased his wife, since she was the one who nominated him.


The tissue company had a genius idea that involved not only doing good for others, but also creating a marketing boom for their brand. Kleenex hired an agency that identified 50 people via their Facebook status, who were varying degrees of sick. They then created personalized care packages for each one and contacted the people on their friend’s lists for a home address. The campaign was a total success. Not only did the consumers feel genuinely cared for, but 100% of them posted a picture of their care package on their Facebook feed. The company ended up receiving over 650,000 impressions, 1800 interactions, and 50 customers for life.


The same agency also helped out Kotex. Only instead of Facebook, since the company is geared toward women, they used Pinterest. They chose 50 women and studied their boards to see what piqued their interests. They then prepared personalized gift baskets and sent them to the women on the one condition they repost it. This campaign was a total success as well. The women were so excited, the gifts were reposted on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


More than 10 random acts of kindness caught on social media can be found on Pinterest. They have an entire page specifically devoted to random acts of kindness. Pins range from leaving a dollar in a library book to paying for someone’s gas. There are too many pins to list, but it’s a great page for a zen moment.

Dashboard Cams

YouTube user Simplyguys has compiled a tear jerking compilation of people helping others in need. It is particularly moving when individuals are unaware they are being filmed. The dashboard camera on a vehicle offers a unique insight into the true nature of humanity, which is essentially good. The video depicts various scenes, from people helping others out of snow to saving a baby in the road. The film is in Russian, but the meaning can be understood by anyone.

Hillary’s 22 Random acts of Kindness

Hillary decided that what would make her the happiest on her 22nd birthday was if she gave back, rather than received. So she created a list of 22 random acts of kindness she would like to perform on her special day. She made a large poster listing the acts that range from “Bring donuts to police station,” to “Donate blood.” She received some slack for posting the photo herself, but she completed the entire list in one day, of which every task was a good deed. The list took 10 hours and 5 cities to complete.

NYPD Angel

Sometimes, random acts of kindness caught on social media, are just that….caught. Officer Larry DePrimo was working his usual night beat as a NYC cop, except on this November night, it was practically freezing. He came upon a homeless man that had no shoes or socks on. There were some punks nearby making a joke of it. He promptly bought the man a pair of shoes and socks, and assisted with putting them on. What he did not know is that Jennifer Foster, an Arizona tourist was paying attention. She snapped a pic with her phone, posted it to social media, and it went viral within a day. Officer DePrimo became an overnight hero.


Real Life Heroes

Perhaps the most powerful of all viral videos involving human compassion is this YouTube clip. It involves a compilation of people acting in some of the most courageous and dangerous situations known to man. “Heroes” is putting it lightly. The video depicts various scenes like: a man jumping on the tracks to save another, someone catching a baby falling from an escalator, and others risking their lives for the suicidal. The soundtrack chosen for this video makes it that more powerful. If ever someone were to wonder about the good in people, they only need to play this one on a loop.

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