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10 Tips and facts on How to Use Tumblr

1) Know Your Tumblr Facts

  • Found in 2007, Tumblr is now the largest hosted blog platform on the internet with 300 million monthly users. That’s a staggering 15% of all internet users!
  • The number of Tumblr blogs on the internet are nearly double the number of WordPress.com blogs.
  • Tumblr is the fifth most visited website in the United States.
  • Yahoo purchased Tumblr for $1.1 billion in June 2013 – the biggest sale of an internet consumer company since Google bought YouTube.

2) Know When And Why To Use Tumblr

Some people overlook Tumblr as they already have a primary WordPress (or Blogger) blog for their website. But few know the real differences between WordPress and Tumblr – aside from the fact that WordPress has far more features and capabilities so, of course, why wouldn’t you choose WordPress as your primary blogging platform? But it’s important to realize that Tumblr shouldn’t be treated as a mere blogging platform. Tumblr is, first and foremost, a social network that incorporates blog posting. You don’t need to view it as an alternative to WordPress or Blogger; instead you can use Tumblr as an addition to your existing blog, a secondary blog if you would like.

3) Leave Your Lengthy Articles Over At WordPress

Leave your lengthy articles over at WordPress. We don’t want them here. Images, videos and short posts are typically more successful on Tumblr. Much like when you’re casually scrolling down your Facebook, you’re more likely to Like and Share posts that you can have a quick giggle at, Like and move on. And if you already have a blog, you already have a perfect home for that 1000 word article on “How Miley Cyrus Can Teach You 10 Weird Things About User Experience”. You wouldn’t want any duplicate content issues, would you? Instead, maybe write a short a summary or TL;DR of your article with a Read More caption linking to the article itself.

4) Keep Things Relevant For Months To Come

Contrarily, Tumblr doesn’t want to know what you had for lunch either. So unless what you had for lunch was so spectacularly special that people are going to be reblogging it and telling each other about it for days, inform your masses on Twitter if you must but Tumblr doesn’t really care. This is because Tumblr really is a microblog. It likes its posts to be short and sweet and shareable, but unlike on Twitter or Facebook where what you post might get lost within a week or two, posts on Tumblr can generate traffic for months and even years.

5) Post Things Worth Sharing

Unlike most other social networks, links are dofollow by default. Coupled with a high capability of having your content reblogged (or even go viral!), you could naturally earn a high number of followed links to both your external site/blog and original Tumblr post. It’s common to gain followers and reblogs from just a couple of great posts within your first couple of days of starting from scratch. A popular tactic is to to cross-post image content between your social profiles, which also allows you to experiment between your social demographics to see what works for who and which is most effective.

6) Create SEO-Friendly Posts

Also unlike most other social networks, you can actually optimize your Tumblr page as you would any other blog with custom post URLs, keywords as post tags (which are actually searchable Tumblr-wide and not just on your site), uploading the generated sitemap to Webmaster Tools, setting up authorship, etc. You have access to the HTML, CSS, and it’s free to map your custom domain. But unfortunately, like Blogger, you are not able to self-host your Tumblr.

7) Increase Your Visibility

Tumblr offers a lot that other blogging platforms do not. It offers a real sense of active community and engagement, which makes it a perfect tool for brand awareness and promotion. You could allow users to submit their related content or reblog their related content. Its use of hashtags (#) and mentiontags (@) means that you and your content can be found easily in their search engine in a format that, thanks to Twitter, everyone is already familiar with. As with other social networks, you will have to learn for yourself the most effective usage for your market in order to increase search visibility.

8) There’s No Shame in Reblogging

Interact with your community! Reblog those great posts that you feel should be shared with your own fans. If it was of value to you and you feel as if it would be equally valuable to your own audience, then don’t be selfish and keep it to yourself. Why should others Reblog your posts if you won’t Reblog others back? Likewise, you should be commenting and Liking on other blog’s posts too to encourage some two-way engagement.

9) Automate Some Tumblr Posts

Fully automating any social media activity is never a good social strategy. But that doesn’t mean that you should throw away the practice in its entirety. Tools like IFTT (If This Then That) can help you to automate certain posts cross-platform. If you’re one to only post a couple of photos on Instagram a week, or one post a day on Facebook, then why not automatically have these posts be shared on your Tumblr too with no extra hassle.

10) Keep It Going!

One of the biggest websites on the internet cannot be left ignored. It’s free to use so why not try Tumblr, find your niche and start creating and sharing content!

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