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10 Ways YouTube Helps You with Local SEO

Finding customers in your city, and helping your customer find you, is a key consideration for small to medium sized businesses. YouTube is great at helping you reach customers all over the world, but what if you only want to find them in Boise, Idaho?

Here are the ten things you can do to increase your local SEO using your YouTube channel.

1. Geotag your YouTube video

This may seem obvious, but some miss it as they don’t know it exists. It helps you by giving the exact geo coordinates for your business. Go to your Advanced settings within the Video Manager interface. Enter your address and click Search. You can slightly change the location of your business by moving the pin marker.

No one knows for certain how Google uses the geo coordinates for local SEO, but it can be certain that the information is collected in the background and that if it isn’t playing a direct role at the moment, it can certainly be used in the future.

2. Include a link to your business in the video description

Put a direct link to your business’ website at the beginning of the video description. YouTube will automatically “nofollow” this link for SEO, but there is some value in location based searches when this is enabled. At the very least, it is a link that can be clicked on right away when someone finds you based on the Geotag above.

3. Use a second paragraph in the description to describe your business’ location

The first paragraph of your video should definitely describe the video itself, and why viewers will want to watch it. The second paragraph of the description, however, can be used as a chance to add the business name, address, and phone number as above. You can also feel free to throw in a little extra about what makes your business special.

4. Put your business name, address, and phone in the video as text

Having a pop-up text message at the end of your video is great for letting those watching your video know for sure where your business is. This can be not only good for Google’s optical character recognition algorithms to “read,” but also allows those watching to see the information for themselves.

5. Put your business name, address, and phone number in the video as audio

Having your host say the name of your business, along with address and phone number information can help you in your auto-generated text transcript that Google uses when recognizable speech is found on YouTube. Again, this is another chance for you to alert users to your location, increasing the chances that they’ll remember you.

As points 3 and 4 show, good local SEO on YouTube is also a good way to help your viewers learn where you are.

6. Tag your business category and location

The YouTube tags are commonly used to talk exclusively about the genre of the video itself, but if you take the time to tag the industry you’re in, along with your location (using the city name, state and country is usually good enough) to help users find you when they’re looking for, let’s say, “Basketball jerseys Brooklyn” when you’re a basketball jersey retailer in Brooklyn.

7. Add the video to your Google+ Local Page

Once you add the video to your Google+ Local Page you can have your employees, community manager, and anyone else share it from there. Increased activity on Google+ is a ranking factor as popularity increases Pagerank, it being associated with your location makes it all the better for your local SEO – something that sharing from YouTube itself can’t offer.

8. Add the video to your Google Places Listing

Copy the full page URL from the address bar and paste it into your Google Places page. Do not use the shortened link as this will not work.

9. Embed your video on your website/blog

Doing this will help build association between all of your local SEO efforts on YouTube and your website. This complementary action will help raise the profile of both your website and your YouTube video as the data feeds off both points.

10. Promote your Youtube video on multiple channels

This may not directly impact your local SEO beyond the fact that it will raise your Pagerank period. I higher ranking in general drags your local SEO up with it, and a popular and well promoted video will always rank better than an ignored one. Keep it short and sweet:

With a video that has been properly set up for local SEO, it may be worth your while to use a video promotional service. This quick shot of exposure could lead to the extra shares that push your SEO, and local SEO, even higher.

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