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12 Best DSLRs for Photography Bloggers

A picture taker adores the world that is past his camera. He can see the world with a unique view which a typical individual can’t. This best I cherish about this calling is that a picture taker can pass on his emotions, his points of view, and his opinion about the world through his photography.

Even though this calling is challenging to start with purchase as the time passes and you get encounter further the way is all smooth, and you can procure a great deal through this calling.

Wedding picture taker is the most novel picture taker since he picks this wedding photography for the general population. He is the individual who enables the general population to recall their exceptional wedding minutes for as long as they can remember through pictures.

He attempts to make their big day critical for them through his aptitudes and endeavors. But before becoming a wedding photographer the first most things you need to buy is the best wedding DSLR that suits the wedding type and the type of portrait you want to click.  

Here is a list of the collection of best DSLRs that are highly recommended for wedding photography. Every wedding photographer should be aware of these dslrs to stay in the game of the wedding photography field.

  1.    Canon EOS 5DS DSLR camera

There are so many qualities of this camera that it requires a full page for it, but I’m going to give a short description of this DSLR. The ability of scene recognition and analysis allows the camera to work at a good pace and with good accuracy. There is a beautiful detail mode that helps the photographer to capture the most delicate details from the wedding.  The counter flash element serves to uncover photographs under gleaming lights precisely.

  1.    Canon EOS 6D DSLR camera

This camera is not the highest resolution full-frame DSLR, but still, it is in the race of best wedding DSLRs. This camera has a silent mode, and this feature is good as sometimes the clicking sound can annoy the wedding guest. It has low light ISO in it that allows the photographer to get good pictures. The Canon EOS 6D does not have image stabilization.

  1.    Nikon D750 FX-Format DSLR camera

The most amazing feature of this DSLR is that it has a weather sealing so it can be used in bad weather condition.  Nikon D750 has a 3.2” moveable screen. Its screen can be flip in any way. The DSLR is inserted with a face detection feature that is a plus point for wedding photography. Last but not the least this DSLR has dual SD cards slots.

  1.    Nikon D850 FX-FORMAT DSLR camera

This is mostly the same as Nikon D750. It has weather sealing feature in it. The camera has a silent mode feature. It has a tilting LCD and a touchscreen.  The Nikon D850 has a better low light performance than D750. This feature is beneficial at the spots where flashlights are prohibited. Moreover, D850 has a feature of focus peaking that can zoom on more beautiful details.

  1.    Canon EOS 5D DSLR camera

This addition of canon is an all-rounder camera for wedding photography. It has a 30mp high-resolution sensor installed in it. This camera is so handy that the photographer can easily carry it. The canon 5D performs very well in low light because of its low light sensor. This camera is mounted with high-quality lenses that are perfect for wedding shoots. This camera is ideal for unsafe conditions. We can say that this camera is best for indoor and outdoor shoots.

  1.    Nikon Df Silver FX-Format DSLR camera

The Nikon DF has a weather-sealed body that protects the camera from any damage in bad weather. The battery life of this camera is excellent. If you are using right mode with the right lens, then you can click up to 1400 shots. It has the AF micro adjustments that are useful for the fine-tuning process.

  1.    Sony Alpha A99II DSLR camera

You can buy this camera for any photography. Its lightweight and stylish design make it possible for the photographer to carry it. The image quality of this camera is IOS400. The ISO increases the shutter’s speed. The 42.2 MP sensor of the Sony alpha allows the user to crop the image and make the most elegant possible details.

  1.    Sony A77II DSLR camera

The sony A77II will never let you down in front of the people. The 79 AF points make it’s very easy to capture beautiful and amazing pictures of high quality. It has 3” 3 way moveable LCD screens. This camera is also weather friendly, having a protective sealing around the main buttons and dials of the camera. Sony A77II also has image stabilization, low light ISO and many other features.

  1.    Pentax K-1 Full Frame DSLR camera

This camera is all metal build and has a protective sealing body. This feature makes it possible for the user to use the camera in the rain without any fear. The 5-axis sensor enables the image stabilization. Many wedding photographers also like the face detection and dual SD card feature.

  1.   Fujifilm X-T1 16 MP Mirrorless Digital camera

The camera is very light and handy. Moreover, it has longer battery life. It has a larger 50% pixel area. It is the lightest camera of 0.97 lb. It has 3” tilting screen, and it is handy with a tripod as well. It has weather protective sealing on its body with is the most common demand of most of the photographers.

  1.   Nikon D800 DSLR camera

Wedding picture takers will get their cash’s value with this camera. It has a shading profundity of 25.3 bits, dynamic scope of 14.4 stops, and 14 bit A/D change, which implies is ought to most likely catch satisfying and precise shading and full subtleties of light and dull dress.

  1.   Nikon D4s DSLR camera

Nikon’s lead camera, the 16MP D4s, is a brute in low light. It is locally ready to create clean, commotion free pictures through ISO 3000 while keeping up a shading profundity of 24.4 bits and a dynamic scope of 13.3 stops. ISO can be pushed to 204,800.


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