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5 Things about SEO that every web designer should know before designing a website

For most of you who are reading this article, search engine optimization or SEO might not be a major area of expertise. But yet we all are into digital marketing and very often we come to know that Google has introduced a new update or a particular SEO tactic has been deemed as harmful. Then comes the dangers of either dropping SEO or doing it wrong or employing some of the most outdated tactics that have fallen foul or don’t work any longer. Here are some 5 important points on SEO that every web designer should know before designing a website.

  1. SEO still deals with perfect data: Who said that there is SEO without data? To be more specific, one can’t even make informed SEO decisions without relevant and reliable data offered by all sorts of tools like the free Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and some other third-party tools like SEO PowerSuite. So, without the perfect data, you can’t just do SEO.
  2. Keyword research is still important: If you wish to design your own website in 2015, remember that keywords = content and on the other hand content remains the king. If there is absence of keywords and phrases that are perfectly relevant to the target audience of a website, there can be no SEO campaign that can be really effective and that can be converted into positive ROI.
  3. User experience is also vital: User experience is one of the few SEO points on which web designers actually have some control. There are a variety of metrics that show whether or not a Google user has been served with good search result and whether the content could engage him. The main factor here is the bounce rate. High bounce rate is not good as this may imply that the user is not satisfied with his experience. Always measure user interest and engagement levels.
  4. Diversified anchor texts: One of the worst things that you can do with link building is poor diversity of anchor text like using your keywords as anchor texts. Actually, anchor texts should be as natural as possible. You can include some links with keywords in anchor texts, some links pointing to your domain, some links with anchor text variations and some links with no-follow attribute.
  5. Avoid shortcuts to link building: Huge numbers of low or poor quality links can yield no results and at the best it might push you towards a penalty, at the worst. Hence, you shouldn’t go overboard with links from article directories, web directories, web 2.0 URLs, blog comments, blog networks and many such places. Instead, you should focus on the high authority niche sites.

According to Magicdust, a Sydney web design company, the matter of SEO has not changed a lot. Being a web designer, all that you do is very closely related to SEO and hence you have to know and abide by the current SEO concepts and keep the best practices in mind.

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