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7 tips to make your employees engaged with successful webinars

It is important for organizations to realize that employee engagement is crucial. As per a study,  only 13 percent of employees throughout the world are engaged at work. That shows that either the rest are neutral or not bothered at all. 

So how can you activate your employees? One means which can be used is the webinar technology. With webinars, you can readily connect with the employees using the means of collaboration and then bring them together thereby ensuring loyalty and affinity to the firm. 

So, how will it work exactly? Let’s take a look:

Know What You Want To Say Before You Prepare Your Webinar:

It is a wrong idea to host a webinar just for the sake of it. Truly speaking, if the webinar turns out to be meaningless and boring, it might have quite an opposite effect on your employees. 

In order to create an engaging webinar, think about the message you would like to communicate with your audience, and then go on to create your webinar. 

While creating the message make sure that it is tuned properly. If you can improvise on the main theme, it is sure to attract employees. 

Follow The Employee Schedule Before You Set Out The Time and Date Of Your Webinar:

Timing is very important when you want to ensure the success of your webinar. Just because your employees are on the East Coast and are up and ready for work at 10 a.m., does not mean that your employees on the west coast are also up for it. 

Thus, before you select an ideal time for your webinar, make sure you go through the time zones of the different employees, and be considerate about their work hours before you invite them to join your webinar. 

In addition to that, you also need to keep in mind the travel schedule and organization time table to make sure that you are not taking the employees away from important conferences and meetings. 

Brand The Webinars That You Will Host:

Webinars ideally should be hosted frequently. But it will not gather much attention if your attendees do not understand what the webinar is all about. Thus, it’s important to give your webinar a very catchy name so that the people attending it understands what it will deal with right from the start. 

The idea is to make your attendees familiar with the gist of the webinar so that they are ready to attend it. 

Keep The Tone Of Webinar Professional:

It is not a powerpoint presentation for college kids, it is a professional webinar curated to grab the attention of employees and to ensure that all of them are engaged. As you can see, the target here is very professional, and thus it must be achieved professionally. In that light, the registration page, the promotional content, presentation window, followup emails, and all the other material must bear the brand of your organization. Take a good time to create amazing visuals for your presentation that suits your brand style and motivate your employees. Canva here can be a good help. 

Employees will take you seriously when your webcasts, starting from the broadcast message to the after event communication is curated in a professional manner. If the invite seems unprofessionally made, the employee will not like to engage with it and the purpose of making the webinar is lost. 

Keep The Participation Process Very Simple:

If you want to get more people to attend your webinar, you have to keep your participation process as simple as possible. Do not ask people to download unnecessary plugins or get an app which they do have installed to register for your webinar. 

All you need to do is ensure that the platform is easy to work around with, can bear the volume of the viewers that you expect and is of high quality. Plus do make sure that the webinar is easy to access from any device. This will increase your engagement rate. 

Before launching your webinar, check out how it’s working out for a mobile phone. For this purpose, you have to first run your agenda through cell services. The idea is to keep the functionality consistent across all channels. 

Keep Items In Your Webinar Which Is Worthy Of Consideration:

It is a very bad idea to let your audience walk out of a webinar without giving them some ideas or thoughts to chew upon. Ideally, your audience should be thinking about what you have shared in your webinar for some time and be prepared to answer your questions sent through the followup email. 

They should be able to make use of the points you have stated in your webinar and be geared enough to try out the different means that the webinar stated. For instance, your audience should be inspired enough to reach out and collaborate with a colleague as a mock means used for attracting employees. 

Make Sure The On-Demand Version Is Up Online As Soon As Possible:

As soon as one of the webinars becomes popular, make sure you put up the link online. The sooner, the better, or you will start losing out on your audience base. Ideally, the webinar should be fresh in the minds of the attendees so that they can share the online copy of the same with their friends and colleagues as soon as possible. 

So here are the top seven tips which can help you attract your employees and keep them engaged in their work. However, in addition to all these tips, remember to make your webinar fun and informative. The more casual are you in your approach, the more people you are likely to attract. 

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