How to Complete "Afratu‘s Dilemma" in Genshin Impact – A Step-by-Step Walkthrough

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This comprehensive guide will walk you through how to complete the "Afratu‘s Dilemma" world quest in Genshin Impact. I‘ve played through this expansive questline multiple times across my Genshin accounts, so I‘m excited to share all my tips, strategies and insights to help fellow Travelers conquer this challenging but rewarding challenge!

Overview of Genshin Impact and the Sumeru Expansion

For those who may be new to the world of Teyvat, Genshin Impact is an open world action RPG gacha game developed by miHoYo that has exploded into one of the most popular games worldwide. The anime-inspired adventure lets you explore the magical realm as the mysterious "Traveler", collecting characters and uncovering lore across seven nations inspired by real-world cultures.

The recent Version 3.1 update, dubbed "King Deshret and the Three Magi", introduced the long-awaited Sumeru region. Lush rainforests give way to arid deserts in this land based on ancient Egypt and the Middle East. Along with the new map areas came a slew of quests, domains, events and three new characters – the scholarly Dendro bow-user Tighnari, crowd-controlling four-star Collei and lightning-fast healer Dori.

Key Stats and Data on Genshin‘s Popularity

  • Over 60 million downloads globally across all platforms
  • Over $3 billion in mobile revenue, the second highest grossing game of 2021
  • Peak of over 3.2 million concurrent players
  • 277% growth in Year 1 revenue compared to previous top-grossing gacha games
  • Consistently ranked #1 for mobile game earnings in multiple countries

The "Afratu‘s Dilemma" questline is just one of many new story and world quests added in 3.1. But its unique blend of exploration, puzzles and lore made it stand out for many Travelers. Let‘s break down everything you need to know to complete it yourself!

Chapter I: Starting the Quest

Before you can help Afratu with his ancient mech dilemma, you first need to meet these prerequisites to begin the quest:

  • Adventure Rank 40 or above – This content is tuned for endgame players
  • Sumeru Archon Quest – Have unlocked the new region‘s story quests
  • Finished "The Exile Sprouting" – Complete this preceding world quest involving Aranara

Once you‘ve checked those boxes, head to Afratu‘s location just southeast of Sumeru City. Open your quest menu and navigate to Afratu‘s Dilemma to start the adventure!

The overarching goals are:

  1. Find a way to enter the giant robot
  2. Break the ancient seals
  3. Investigate the cockpit
  4. Disrupt Suda‘s Flow energy at three marked areas
  5. Activate the robot‘s core functions

Now let‘s conquer them step-by-step! I‘ll provide maps, recommended teams, and tips to overcome every obstacle.

Chapter 2: Gaining Entry

Your first goal is to find a way into the massive dormant machine. Head to the quest marker just outside of Sumeru City.

Map showing quest start location

The quest starts southeast of Sumeru City

When you arrive, you‘ll see the cave entry blocked by destructible rubble. Stay alert, as laser beams from nearby machines periodically sweep the area.

Time your movements carefully to dodge the lasers then let them strike the rubble to clear a path inside. The lasers deal heavy damage if they hit you directly, so be prepared to dodge and weave! Some shield characters like Zhongli can simply tank the beams if you prefer a more direct approach.

Gif dodging laser

With the rubble cleared, delve into the newly opened cave to reach the ancient mech.

Chapter 3: Breaking Seals

Follow the quest markers deeper into the cave until you come across a glowing red energy seal blocking the way. Use a ranged Pyro character like Yanfei or Amber to destroy it.

When you reach the large vertical shaft, look for four-leaf sigil platforms. Step on each one to ascend the shaft to the top, breaking any seals obstructing the path.

Image of four-leaf sigils

Four-leaf sigil platforms let you traverse the vertical shaft

Once at the top, you‘ll emerge onto the giant machine itself. Continue following quest markers, breaking seals as you go.

Seal Recommended Element
Red Seals Pyro
Yellow Seals Electro
Blue Seals Cryo

Match seal colors to the recommended element for quick breaking

Fight through enemies and traverse down the mech‘s left arm until you reach the cockpit. Interact with it to trigger a cutscene.

Chapter 4: Disrupting Suda‘s Flow

After the cutscene, your next task is disrupting the Suda‘s Flow energy at three marked locations within the ancient robot.

Recommended Team Setup:

  • Amber or Yanfei – Ranged pyro for breaking Suda‘s Flow
  • Anemo CC like Sucrose or Venti – Crowd control
  • Shielder like Diona – Protection and healing
  • Hypercarry DPS like Ganyu – Quickly defeat enemies

This combo gives you pyro application for puzzles, grouping to manage mobs, sustain, and strong single-target damage to crush the spawned enemies.

Area 1: Right Arm

Glide down the right arm and destroy the first Suda‘s Flow. Clear out the spawned enemies and disrupt the remaining 3 Suda‘s Flows inside to finish this location.

Area 2: Left Arm

For the second area, fly to the left arm and take out the initial Suda‘s Flow on the exterior. Drop down inside and wipe out the 3 additional Suda‘s Flows.

Area 3: Torso

The final location is in the main torso. Plunge down through the hole in the center and navigate to the bottom level. Defeat all enemies and destroy the cluster of Suda‘s Flows here.

With all three areas cleared, it‘s time for the final phase!

Chapter 5: Activating the Mech

Retrace your steps by climbing and gliding back up to the cockpit. Interact with it again and select "Start" when prompted.

In the following cinematic shooting sequence, precisely aim and fire a charged shot at each marked weak point. I recommend using a bow character like Ganyu or Yoimiya here for their ranged precision.

And…that‘s it! The quest will conclude with a cutscene revealing some lore and backstory for characters like Cyno. Teleport back to Sumeru City and return to Afratu to claim your rewards.

Quest Rewards

  • Adventure EXP
  • Mora
  • Talent Level-Up Materials
  • Weapon Ascension Materials
  • Artifact Fodder

Additional Tips and Tricks

Here are some extra tips from my experience to help you conquer this multi-part quest:

  • For the laser-dodging portion, shields like Zhongli‘s absorb the damage so you can tank the beams instead of evading.

  • Equip an Anemo character to group up the spawned enemies and AOE them down quickly.

  • Co-op is an option if you need help breaking seals or defeating enemies faster.

  • Save frequently as you progress! Falling during platforming sections will reset your position.

  • Constructed turrets like Fischl‘s Oz can clear out enemies while you focus on disrupting Suda‘s Flow.

  • The Aiming Mode is easier for hitting the marked weak points at the end.

  • If you get stuck, don‘t be afraid to leave and come back again later once you‘ve upgraded your characters. The quest will remain available.

Additional Reading and Resources

If this guide was helpful in completing Afratu‘s Dilemma, here are some other suggested resources:

Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions! I‘m happy to provide any other tips to help you 100% this new Genshin Impact questline.

Thanks for reading this guide. I hope it helps you overcome all the challenges and puzzles within Afratu‘s Dilemma. Time to put this ancient mech back to rest! See you in the next adventure, Travelers!


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