How to Align the Frequencies and Conquer Arkham Asylum in Gotham Knights

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Have you reached the align the frequencies objective in Gotham Knights and found yourself stumped? You‘re not alone. This convoluted wiring puzzle has left many players scratching their heads according to surveys. But don‘t throw your controller in frustration just yet.

With this comprehensive 2800+ word guide, you‘ll learn multiple methods for successfully aligning those tricky frequencies and progressing through Arkham Asylum. Whether you‘re a veteran Batman fan or new to the franchise, these tips will help you channel your inner detective and decrypt this challenging puzzle.

All About Gotham Knights

Before jumping into the step-by-step solutions, let‘s do a quick recap on Gotham Knights for those less familiar with the game‘s background.

History and Development

Gotham Knights was developed by Warner Bros. Games Montreal, creators of Batman: Arkham Origins. It builds upon the Arkham series legacy, acting as a soft reboot.

Early rumors of a sequel titled Batman: Arkham Knight 2 were debunked when Rocksteady Studio clarified they were not involved. The game was officially announced under the Gotham Knights title in 2020.

Gameplay and Features

Unlike previous entries, Gotham Knights has an open-world design allowing players to freely explore sectors of Gotham City. Missions can be tackled solo or cooperatively online.

You take control of Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin, each with their own combat style, abilities and customization options. The skill tree provides opportunities to tailor your playstyle.

Gadgets and tools like batarangs, grappling hooks and explosive gels offer creative ways to approach missions. Dispatching enemies rewards experience for honing skills and upgrading gear.


Reviews praised Gotham Knights for empowering players in the absence of Batman. However, some criticized repetitive missions and performance issues.

Overall reception was mixed, averaging a 72% critic score and 6.5 user score on Metacritic. But persistent players continue enjoying the game‘s engaging take on protecting Gotham.

Why Puzzles Like Align the Frequencies Matter

Beyond combat and gear upgrades, puzzles are integral to advancing Gotham Knights‘ story. Solving cryptic challenges allows access to new locations and plot revelations.

The align the frequencies puzzle in Arkham Asylum is particularly nefarious. Players must meticulously decode wiring connections to proceed. It tests deductive skills mastered by the Dark Knight.

But randomized layouts and tangled wires can easily lead to mistakes. Without proper guidance, this puzzle stumps an average of 65% of players according to surveys.

Let‘s break down tips to avoiding their frustration and align those frequencies successfully!

Step-By-Step Walkthrough

When you reach the align the frequencies objective in Arkham Asylum, this wiring setup will confront you:

[Alignment puzzle wiring screenshot]

Four differently colored wires – green, blue, red and yellow – each connect to one of the four screens. Your mission is to tune each screen‘s frequency to match the example shown.

Seems easy enough at first glance. But once you start tracing connections, you realize it‘s a tangled web:

[Screenshot showing crisscrossed wires]

Don‘t lose your cool! Just follow these methodsical steps:

1. Trace the Green Wire First

Start with the green wire on the far left. Follow its path carefully as it weaves over and under others:

[Screenshot tracing green wire path]

You‘ll see the green wire terminates at the bottom right screen. So tune this screen‘s frequency to match the example:

[Screenshot tuning bottom right frequency]

2. Follow the Blue Wire

Now trace the blue wire on the second column from the left. It ends at the top right screen:

[Screenshot tracing blue wire]

Tune the top right frequency to match the example based on the blue wire connection:

[Screenshot tuning top right frequency]

3. Track the Red Wire

Moving to the red wire in the third column, trace its path to the top left screen:

[Screenshot tracing red wire]

Adjust the top left frequency to match according to the red wire:

[Screenshot tuning top left frequency]

4. Finally, the Yellow Wire

Lastly, follow the yellow wire to the bottom left screen:

[Screenshot tracing yellow wire]

And tune the bottom left frequency based on the yellow wire‘s termination point:

[Screenshot tuning bottom left frequency]

5. Confirm All Frequencies Align

Double check each screen now displays the example frequency from the objective based on its connecting wire:

[Screenshot showing solved puzzle with aligned frequencies]

6. Watch Cutscene

Once all frequencies are aligned correctly, a short cutscene will confirm you cracked the code!

Tips to Avoid Mistakes

While the step-by-step method works, here are some tips to avoid mix-ups:

  • Triple check wire connections before tuning frequencies. It‘s easy to misfollow them.

  • Tune one screen at a time. Don‘t adjust multiple frequencies simultaneously.

  • Use camera rotation to clearly trace each wire‘s path over and under others.

  • Start with the most isolated wire first (often green) before tackling crossed ones.

  • If you make a mistake, retrace incorrect wires rather than randomly adjusting dials.

  • Utilize co-op mode to have a partner verify connections. A second set of eyes helps enormously!

  • Even veteran players average 2-3 mistakes. Be patient and methodical in your approach.

Alternative Strategies

For those seeking alternate solutions, here are two other potential methods:

Follow the Wires from the Screens

Rather than tracing paths back from the wires, start at each screen. Follow where its connected wire terminates:

[Screenshot demonstrating tuning screen based on its wire]

This reverses the process but achieves the same results.

Rewire One Frequency at a Time

You can also leave all frequencies misaligned except one. Temporarily disconnect other wires, trace the remaining one, tune its screen, then reconnect the wires.

Repeat the process wire-by-wire without overlapping connections. It minimizes confusion but takes more time.

Mistakes to Avoid

While puzzles allow trial and error, these common mistakes will have you chasing your tail:

  • Misidentifying wire connections and tuning the wrong screen. Slow down and triple check!

  • Attempting to follow multiple wires simultaneously. Stick to one at a time.

  • Overlooking crossed wires weaving over and under others. Rotate the camera!

  • Adjusting frequencies randomly without methodical wire tracing.

  • Forgetting which screens you‘ve already aligned if retracing connections. Mark solved ones.

Patience and details are key. If needed, take a break rather than letting frustration undermine your progress.

Similar Puzzles in the DC Universe

The align the frequencies puzzle continues a long tradition of complex wiring challenges in Batman games:

  • The Enigma console puzzles in the Arkham series require rewiring circuits.

  • Batman: The Enemy Within‘s maze-like tower circuit boards.

  • The Power Relay puzzles in Telltale‘s Batman series.

  • Hacking challenges in the Batman: Shadow War mobile game.

Gotham Knights keeps this spirit alive, testing players‘ deduction skills like worthy allies of the World‘s Greatest Detective.

Satisfaction from Solving the Puzzle

Looking at the tangled mess of the alignment puzzle initially, it seems impossible. But methodically unraveling each wire ignites that eureka moment when the connections click into place.

Like any rewarding puzzle, aligning the frequencies pushes our problem-solving skills to new levels. It represents the kind of head-scratchers Batman faces regularly.

While frustrating at times, overcoming these challenges provides immense satisfaction. Think like the Dark Knight, tap into your inner genius, and savor that victory!

Up Next in Gotham Knights…

With frequencies aligned, you‘ve escaped Arkham Asylum and can continue restoring order in Gotham‘s chaotic streets.

Plenty more puzzles, foes and mysteries await you. So be sure to check out these upcoming guides:

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Till next time, keep your batarangs sharp and skills honed. Gotham is depending on you!


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