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Android 5.0 Lollipop Is Here With Lots Of New “Material”

The new Android L has officially been presented and it represents a major upgrade for Android. It will be available in a few weeks and as usual it will be free.

The Lollypop brings an overhaul of the overall look and feel of the Android OS. At Google they call it the new “Material Design”, with the extensive use of animations and elements in layers the company aims at creating a more intuitive experience. And the improvements are not just visual, the Android Lollypop includes new features in many areas.

Battery life is improved, and there’s a new power-saving mode that allows users to extend battery life for up to 90 extra minutes. Also, when charging the phone, users will know exactly how long it will take until it’s fully charged.

Security used to work well enough, but now it has been made more convenient. The new security features rely on Android Wear and the users current location. It means that users can use an Android smartwatch as an authentication tool. Also the phone could be set to switch off the lock code in secure zones, for example your home.

Notifications are now being integrated into the lock screen. The idea is to get things done by pressing less buttons. Users can now view emails and events without unlocking the phone. Google had already tested this with various lock screen widgets. Not only that, notifications will no longer interrupt you in your activities, they will appear discretely and allow you to ignore them.

Mobile device makers have already issued press releases about their intentions in relation to the Android Lollypop. HTC will offer it on its HTC One range within 90 days of the launch. LG and Samsung have not come out with any official plans, but numerous sources suggest that their devices will soon receive updates. Motorola has confirmed its range of devices that would receive an update to Lollipop, including its Moto X, G and E. Nexus 4,5,6,7,9 and 10 have all been confirmed to include the Android Lollipop. Sony announced that it would bring the Android 5.0 to all Xperia Z devices.

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