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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth: How to Make Apple Cake in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy offers a robust cooking system, allowing players to discover and craft various recipes. One such recipe is the Apple Cake – a secret, satisfying dessert. This guide will walk you through how to obtain the ingredients and cook up the apple cake from scratch, with tips to customize and enhance the recipe. Read on for the ultimate apple cake recipe to appease late night cravings!

Overview of Cooking in Tower of Fantasy
Tower of Fantasy is an open world RPG with gacha elements, developed by Hotta Studio and published by Level Infinite. The game takes place on the sci-fi planet of Aida, which players can explore to gather ingredients and discover recipes to cook.

Cooking is an essential game system, providing healing, buffs, and satiety to restore stamina. Recipes can be learned by experimenting with ingredient combinations at Botanical Labs cooking bots found across the world. Once discovered, recipes can be crafted anytime.

Some food items like the apple cake are unique secret recipes that provide high satiety and powerful effects, making them highly valuable.

So What is This Apple Cake Recipe?
The apple cake is one of the hidden recipe rewards from the Aida Cafe event. According to its in-game item description, "it‘s a fluffy fruit cake. One bite, and you‘ll be satisfied."

True to its description, the apple cake recipe provides a whopping 20 satiety when consumed, making it more effective at restoring stamina than standard cooked dishes. It also does not require cooking oil, unlike most recipes.

The cake provides no additional buffs, but its high satiety and simple ingredients make it an efficient stamina restoration option. It‘s perfect for a quick snack to recharge after some tiring exploration or combat.

Apple Cake Recipe Ingredients & Locations
To bake this sweet treat, you‘ll need to track down the following ingredients:

  • 12x Apple
  • 1x Grapes
  • 1x Brown Rice
  • 1x Poultry Egg

Here‘s where you can find them across the open world of Aida:

Apples – Forage apple trees near Omnium Tower in Banges. Defeat creatures in the area to collect any apple drops.

Grapes – Farm Ravagers in Raincaller Island; they frequently drop grapes.

Brown Rice – Found abundantly in bundles along the shores of Raincaller Island.

Poultry Egg – Defeat Foul creatures near the coast of HT201 Shelter to get poultry eggs.

Below is a quick overview of the best farming locations and drop rates for each ingredient:

Ingredient Location Drop Rate
Apple Omnium Tower Region 18%
Grapes Raincaller Island 22%
Brown Rice Raincaller Island 100% from bundles
Poultry Egg HT201 Shelter 15%

How to Cook Apple Cake in Tower of Fantasy
Once you have all the ingredients, here is the foolproof process to whip up your own apple cake:

  1. Approach any Botanical Lab cooking bot in the overworld and interact to open up the cooking menu.

  2. Add the ingredients in the specified quantities – 12x apple, 1x grapes, 1x brown rice, 1x poultry egg.

  3. Select ‘Cooking‘ to combine all the ingredients.

  4. After the timer completes, check the results! If done correctly, you will receive the Apple Cake recipe.

  5. Consume the apple cake from your inventory to restore 20 satiety. Enjoy those sweet fruity flavors!

If you don‘t get the recipe on the first try, double check you added the right amounts of each ingredient. Keep tweaking the quantities until you get 100% cooking rate success and unlock the apple cake recipe.

Getting the Ingredients Faster
To obtain the ingredients more quickly, follow these optimized farming routes:


  • Fast travel to Omnium Tower
  • Glide northwest to the apple tree groves
  • Harvest apples & defeat Whispering Cats, Flowing Bots, etc.
  • Server hop to reset region


  • Set Raincaller Island rally point
  • Kill Ravagers along the east coast
  • Server hop to respawn Ravagers

Brown Rice:

  • Explore Raincaller‘s northern shores
  • Gather from abundant rice bundles
  • Switch servers to reset bundles

Poultry Eggs:

  • Rally at HT201 Shelter
  • Eliminate surrounding Foul
  • Server hop to farm more

These methods will net you tons of ingredients rapidly so you can get baking your apple cake faster!

Customizing & Enhancing Your Apple Cake
Once you‘ve mastered the basic recipe, get creative with customizing your apple cake!

  • Substitute different fruits like bananas, berries, or pineapple for a flavor twist.

  • Add cinnamon, chocolate chips, or caramel sauce for extra decadence.

  • Bake mini apple cakes in a muffin tin for portion control.

  • Top with streusel, powdered sugar, or whipped cream for bonus texture.

  • Pair your apple cake with black coffee, tea, or cold milk for a balanced treat.

You can also enhance the cake‘s effects by:

  • Cooking it during a Food Festival for increased satiety (up to 40!).

  • Using higher quality ingredients like Red Nuclei apples.

  • Pairing with recovery-boosting food like Marmalade.

This allows you to maximize satiety restoration so you can keep exploring Aida longer!

The Benefits of Apple Cake in Tower of Fantasy

So why go through the trouble of tracking down ingredients and discovering this secret recipe? Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Highest satiety of all recipes (20) for efficient stamina recovery

  • Made with easily obtainable ingredients

  • No cooking oil required, saving valuable resources

  • Provides decent satiety even without enhancements or quality ingredients

  • Can be consumed quickly anytime, anywhere

  • Satisfies cravings for something sweet after bitter medicine/food

  • Morale boost from enjoying a tasty cake during long expeditions

  • Fights hunger while camping far from urban settlements

  • Grants energy to keep fighting without returning to base

As you can see, the apple cake is extremely useful for explorers and fighters spending extensive time in the wilderness. The high satiety keeps your vitality topped up so you can keep up the grind. It‘s the perfect portable power-up snack!

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in Tower of Fantasy!

I hope this comprehensive guide gives you all the tips and info you need to track down ingredients and cook your own Apple Cake in Tower of Fantasy. With the right preparation, you‘ll be indulging in this secret sweet treat in no time!

The apple cake is the ultimate snack for explorers and fighters who need tons of energy to keep grinding. Savor its simple fruity flavors as you continue your adventures across the planet Aida. Try out some of the enhancement ideas to maximize your cake‘s potential. Most importantly, enjoy the morales-boosting joy of dessert no matter where your journey takes you. Happy baking!


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