Exploring All the Breathtaking Scenic Spots Across Artificial Islands in Tower of Fantasy

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Hey there fellow Wanderer! Have you had the chance to explore the incredible new artificial islands in Tower of Fantasy yet? With the 1.5 update, these futuristic island landscapes have introduced so many stunningly beautiful, photogenic, and intriguing new scenic spots for us to discover.

In this detailed guide, I‘ll be covering everything you need to know about locating and appreciating all the must-see scenic points across the artificial main island and outer islands. Follow me on an epic sightseeing adventure!

Welcome to the Artificial Islands

Before we dive right into the individual scenic spots, let me give you a quick flyover introduction of the artificial islands themselves so you can understand the landscapes we‘ll be exploring.

There are 9 artificial islands in total – a main central island called Aida, and 8 smaller outer islands encircling it.

A Stunning Blend of Old and New

The main island Aida is characterized by its sprawling urban cityscapes with towering skyscrapers overgrown by lush vegetation and roots. It‘s a really unique clash of untamed nature reclaiming a futuristic metal jungle. These striking cityscapes contrast beautifully with ancient mossy ruins dotted mysteriously throughout the landscape as well. Peaceful lakes, rocky outcrops, and coastal cliffs add to the diversity.

According to lore, Aida is the remains of a highly advanced ancient civilization. We can expect plenty of secrets and history to uncover!

Diverse Outer Islands

The 8 outer islands each have very different visual themes and environments. The developers clearly got creative with these smaller islands.

Some like Warren‘s secret Forta Firma laboratory facility feel sterile and high-tech. Others like the verdant Feiyun Mountains are brimming with life and waterfalls. And islands like the desolate Stranded Remains showcase destruction and abandonment. There‘s a whole spectrum of scenery!

Now you have a sense of the artificial island landscapes. Let‘s look at each scenic spot and their highlights! I‘ve compiled screenshots too so you can visualize the views.

Scenic Spotlight: Main Island

The main artificial island Aida is packed densely with stunning scenery. From the coastline to the cityscapes, there‘s almost too many photogenic spots to count! But I‘ve picked out 4 that cannot be missed.

Dramatic Cliffside Ocean Views

  • Location: 401.5, 92.4
  • Scenic Elements: Cliffside, ocean, ruins

I just love the cliffside spots on Aida. This southern cliff perch treats you to a breathtaking elevated view overlooking the ocean shoreline. In the distance, you can see the Rusty Iron camp and the ruins of a collapsed bridge, creating an evocative post-apocalyptic landscape. Cliffside views are always perfect for dramatic ocean screenshots like this one. Take your time up here to soak in the scenery!

Towering Arena & Cityscape

  • Location: 208.9, -332.1
  • Scenic Elements: Arena, cityscape

Now this was an awesome discovery – floating atop one of the derelict skyscrapers north of the Ring gives you an incredible perspective looking down on the massive arena structure below. And the elevation lets you capture the grand scale of the arena against the sprawling cityscapes in the distance. Really gives you a new appreciation for the world design!

Picturesque Arena Reflection

  • Location: 66.4, -245.7
  • Scenic Elements: Reflection, ruins

The coastline south of the arena has become one of my new favorite scenic spots. The symmetry of the ring structure reflecting perfectly in the water is just too photogenic to pass up. And the ancient ruins rising out of the water add a ton of visual interest to your shots as well. I probably spent over an hour here just snapping pics!

Tranquil Lakeside Views

  • Location: -266.2, 131.4
  • Scenic Elements: Lake, vegetation

Finally, I‘d recommend checking out the elevated outcrop just south of the Puddled Lake. It provides the most peaceful, quiet lakeside view on all of Aida. The still water reflects the light beautifully, while the grass and trees complement the scenery. It‘s a spot that really makes you appreciate the level of detail the devs put into the nature designs here.

And that wraps up my main island scenic spotlights! But it‘s really just a taste of the scenery you can uncover across Aida. Now let‘s see what photogenic views the outer islands are hiding…

Scenic Spotlight: Outer Islands

Though the outer islands are smaller in scale, they still pack plenty of breathtaking scenery from unique environments you won‘t find anywhere else in the game. Here are 4 stellar spots:

Panoramic Cliffside Mountains

  • Location: -589.5, -210.6
  • Scenic Elements: Mountains, cliffs, ocean

Tucked away on the northwest corner of Feiyun Island, this cliffside perch gifts you an incredible view of the Feiyun Mountains stretching across the horizon, with the ocean below. The elevation lets you frame the peaks and outcrops in the foreground to add depth and scale to your mountain shots. I could stare out at this breathtaking panorama for hours!

Apocalyptic Cityscape

  • Location: -195.2, 792.0
  • Scenic Elements: Ruins, destruction, skyline

The Stranded Remains outer island definitely lived up to its name – so many hauntingly beautiful ruins to discover. This lookout point among the collapsed highways and buildings treats you to an elevated view of the island‘s destruction. Photographing the shattered skyline creates such an impactful image of apocalyptic abandonment. A highlight for sure!

Metallic Architecture

  • Location: 454.0, -595.6
  • Scenic Elements: Architecture, facilities, shoreline

On the outer island home to the Deserted Water Treatment Plant, I found this spot along the northern coast that lets you frame the facility‘s almost alien-looking metallic architecture against the ocean backdrop. The structures look so epic rising up from the shore. Getting close and looking up accentuates the towering scale. Very cool find!

Barren Landscapes

  • Location: -170.4, -1370.6
  • Scenic Elements: Rock formations, isolation

Finally, northern Island of Pins has some wonderfully bleak scenery, like this spot with its rocky outcrops and formations. The view emphasizes a feeling of remoteness and isolation. As a photographer, I love having such a diversity of environments on the outer islands to capture. Really lets you showcase the diversity of scenery.

And that concludes my spotlight on outer island scenic views! Of course, this is just a taste of the many stunning spots to uncover as you explore.

Photography Tips to Capture Breathtaking Scenery

Now that you know some of my favorite scenic spots and what makes them visually stunning, let‘s go over some quick pro tips to help compose your own gorgeous screenshots on the artificial islands:

Lighting is Key

Take advantage of the natural lighting – capture sunrises/sunsets for dramatic colors, or nighttime cityscapes with neon and lights. I especially love silhouettes at sunset.

Frame Shots Artfully

Use foreground objects like rocks or foliage to add depth and perspective to landscape shots. And frame tall structures from below to emphasize scale.

Reflect on Reflections

Any chance to incorporate water reflections like on Aida‘s coasts can lead to amazing symmetrical shots. Play with angles.

Character Poses Set the Scene

Don‘t forget to adjust your character‘s pose to suit the scenery too – have them sit peacefully under a tree or gaze out from a cliff.

Photo Mode Finesse

Dial in camera adjustments like aperture, focal length, and FOV in Photo Mode. I also touch up brightness, contrast etc. The tools really let you polish your images.

Appreciate the Details

Keep your eyes peeled for those subtle touches in each area that bring the environment to life. The devs packed so much detail and story into the islands!

I‘m sure you‘ll get super creative applying these tips as you discover scenic spots. Can‘t wait to see your own incredible screenshots from the artificial islands. Let me know if you find any spots I should check out too!

Reflecting on Tower of Fantasy‘s Scenery

As we wrap up this guide to artificial island scenic views, I just want to reflect on how amazed I am by the creativity and diversity of scenery the Tower of Fantasy developers have crafted here. Beyond just the spots highlighted, there‘s such care put into even small details across the islands that bring the worlds to life.

It‘s clear that the environments aren‘t just pretty backdrops – they help tell stories about civilization, nature reclaiming, and a deep history. The scenic views invite us as players to slow down, explore, ponder, and appreciate each area we discover. That‘s the sign of masterful video game world design.

So get out there, wander to your heart‘s content, and capture your own unique images of artificial island scenery! Here‘s to many more future scenic adventures in Tower of Fantasy. See you around Aida, Wanderer!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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