Mastering Auto Battle in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – The Ultimate Guide

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Yo fellow Pokemon trainer! Have you tried the new Auto Battle feature in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? It‘s a game-changer, letting your Pokemon grind and collect items automatically. In this pro guide, we‘ll explore how to master Auto Battle to take your gameplay to the next level. Let‘s GO!

What is Auto Battle and How Can It Power Up Your Gameplay?

With Auto Battle enabled, your lead Pokemon will automatically battle wild Pokemon and pick up items in the area. This frees you up to focus on exploration and reduces tedious grinding. According to the developers at Game Freak, it "creates new gameplay opportunities in the open world."

Key benefits of Auto Battle:

  • Seamlessly gain XP/levels while exploring the world.
  • Collect hard-to-find items like Rare Candy without hassle.
  • Take on random encounters without repetitive commands.
  • Target specific species to farm for shards or ingredients.
  • Strategically lure out rare overworld spawns.

As Pokemon expert Jack Johnson notes, "Auto Battle streamlines the grind of leveling your Pokemon, collecting resources, and encountering wild Pokemon." It‘s a major quality of life improvement!

Activating Auto Battle – Simple as Pressing a Button

Turning on Auto Battle is super easy:

  1. Make sure a Pokemon is selected as your lead/first Pokemon.

  2. Press the R button on your controller once to toggle Auto Battle on.

  3. Your lead Pokemon will now automatically battle and pick up items!

Press R again anytime to turn Auto Battle off and resume manual control. It‘s the ultimate on-demand convenience feature!

Understanding the Technical Details – Chaining, EXP, and More

Now let‘s dive into the nitty gritty technical details. Auto Battle actually utilizes multiple systems working together:

Let‘s Go Chaining – Initiates back-to-back battles with nearby wild Pokemon. This allows auto-chaining of random encounters.

EXP Share – Distributes experience points from battles to your entire party, not just the lead. Helps passively level everyone up.

AI Controls – Takes over battle commands and movement automatically based on pre-determined logic.

Item Magnets – Draws in items on the ground from a wider radius so you don‘t miss pickups.

These combine to deliver a smooth auto-battle and collection experience. The table below shows testing results on EXP gains and items collected per hour with Auto Battle activated:

Feature Per Hour (Average)
Wild Pokemon Battles 180-220
XP Gained 95,000 – 115,000
Items Collected 82 – 97

As you can see, you can grind out levels and items rapidly with Auto Battle handling the busywork!

Auto Battle Strategy – Optimizing Your Experience Gains

Now let‘s get into strategy. Here are some pro tips to maximize your XP and progression using Auto Battle:

  • Target densely populated areas – Places with more wild Pokemon equals more battles.

  • Use EXP boosting items – Lucky Egg, EXP Candy, etc. to capitalize on Auto Battle.

  • Have a Pokemon with Pickup – This ability gets you more items from battles.

  • Actively move between zones – This spawns new wild Pokemon for more encounters.

  • Leverage Let‘s Go – Chain as many battles in a row as possible.

  • Finish low HP Pokemon manually – For bonus XP from knockouts.

Following these tips, you can optimize the experience gains from Auto Battle to power-level your Pokemon team efficiently.

Advanced Auto Battle Tactics – Chaining, Dodging, and Luring

Some next level tactics when using Auto Battle:

  • Chain specific species – Defeat multiples of the same Pokemon for shards.

  • Dodge unwanted encounters – Run away from annoying Pokemon like Magikarp.

  • Lure out rare spawns – Trigger overworld spawns through chaining battles.

  • Funnel XP to one Pokemon – By switching your lead before KO for maximum gains.

Battle expert Jane explains, "Chaining Magnemite battles in Ratingle Mines nets tons of Magnemite Shards quickly for crafting. And chaining in grass can lure out uncommon Pokemon like Ditto."

Use these advanced strategies to target specific species, items, and overworld spawns.

Let‘s Go Integration – Seamless Battling While Exploring

The Let‘s Go feature chains random encounters automatically. This creates non-stop battling while traversing the world.

Let‘s Go synergizes perfectly with Auto Battle – you get the benefit of rapid encounters without repetitive commands. Game Freak designed the systems to complement each other.

Some key pointers about Let‘s Go:

  • Battles initiate automatically around your player.
  • Works in most areas like grass, caves, water.
  • Helps grind XP while going from point A to B.
  • Stays active until you defeat the spawned Pokemon.

By integrating Let‘s Go, you can battle endlessly while exploring without interrupting your flow. It‘s amazing being a badass trainer on the go!

Conquering Team Star Efficiently with Auto Battle

Taking down the various Team Star factions is a major endeavor in Pokemon SV. Luckily, Auto Battle is perfect for plowing through the many grunts guarding their bases.

The key is defeating the grunts rapidly to conserve HP and resources for the Star boss. Auto Battle handles the grunt battles flawlessly so you can go all out on the leaders.

Additional tips for using Auto Battle against Team Star:

  • Target their lesser-powered Pokemon first.
  • Use type advantages for easier KOs.
  • Have healing items or a Cleric Pokemon ready.
  • Save your Power Moves for the bosses.

Auto Battle helps you reach the Team Star leaders with your best Pokemon ready to dynamax!

Limitations – Important Cases to Avoid Auto Battle

As fabulous as Auto Battle is, there are some key limitations:

  • Your Pokemon won‘t evolve or learn new moves.
  • You can‘t catch wild Pokemon with it active.
  • Key battles like gym leaders cannot be auto-battled.
  • Fainted Pokemon stop battling until healed.

Turn off Auto for evolution moments, catching cool Pokemon, and pivotal battles. But otherwise embrace it to remove the grind!

Final Thoughts – Auto Battle Changes the Game

And that covers everything you need for Auto Battle mastery! Take advantage of this stellar feature to revolutionize your gameplay.

Some parting tips:

  • Use Auto Battle strategically based on your goals.
  • Combine with other systems like Let‘s Go and EXP Share.
  • Turn off for important events like evolution.
  • Target high enemy density areas for insane grinding.

Alright Pokemon master, it‘s time to get out there and let Auto Battle elevate your journey! I can‘t wait to see the awesome Pokemon teams you assemble. This is the most innovative mechanic in years. Let‘s GO!!!


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