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Balancing Parenting and Writing

Did you know that your experience of your children growing up helps you develop as a writer ? The reason this is so is because those that understand compassion, patience, understanding and all the assets that go hand in hand with parenthood enrich your ability to write. Using your understanding of life, fresh events from your day to day life, and what you gain in the way of managing the role of a parent is really valuable in that it gives you a better perception of the world.


It isn’t always easy to balance bringing up kids with taking prime time for yourself. Women tend to throw themselves into the parent trap and their maternal instinct will tell them that children come first, ignore their personal goals, and muddle through. If you can find a balance where you give yourself more “Me” time, what you achieve is that you give your children a better mother, one that has something more than just being a mum, but retains that little bit of independence that everyone needs to feel success in their lives. How you achieve this is to look at the way in which your home works, the ages of the children etc., and deciding when you can give yourself time.

Perhaps if children are at school and you were to organize your housework differently, you could spare yourself an hour or so each day to develop your skill as a writer. Other than that, there will always be a time after the kids have gone to bed or before they rise in the morning when you can put time aside for realizing your ambition. With children at home, perhaps you could talk to older children and explain your ambitions, let them share in the responsibility and take care of siblings giving you a little bit of spare time.


Parents have great models to create characters with. They see interaction between human beings daily, can relate to that experience and use it to develop characters in fiction works, or to write articles for magazines that welcome their expertise. There are great books on the market and one of the books that will help a budding author is the Writers and Artists Yearbook, which each year is updated with markets and tells you the kind of writing they are looking for.


Parents are people. By putting time aside for yourself, you retain a little bit of something that is important both to self esteem and to your development as a writer. Let the kids join in with sending off submissions to authors, because they will enjoy your successes, and be there with you when you get rejections, which are par for the course and should always be thought of as a learning curve rather than a negative response to your work.

Take the plunge and never let parenthood get in the way of fulfilling your ambitions. That way, you give your kids a more complete parent.

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