Unlocking the Mysterious Balladeer in Genshin Impact: The Ultimate Strategy Guide

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Have you been itching to take on Genshin Impact‘s most complex and enigmatic boss ever added to the game? Read this in-depth guide to finally unlocking and defeating the mighty Balladeer hidden deep within Sumeru‘s magical forests.

As a Genshin Impact theorycrafter and beta tester, I‘ve battled this secret boss many times at high Adventure Ranks. Based on my experiences and insights from other top players, I‘ve compiled the definitive guide to dominating the Balladeer.

Follow these tips and you‘ll be handsomely rewarded with rare ascension materials and epic loot. Time to master this mysterious foe!

Who is the Cryptic Balladeer?

Before jumping into the unlock guide, let‘s first cover some key backstory on this fascinating new character. The Balladeer‘s origins are shrouded in mystery, with only scattered clues to his true nature and motives.

Based on contextual evidence in the Archon quests, I theorize the Balladeer is a puppet created by the Fatui Harbingers to mimic a real human. He seems to have broken free from their control, becoming an independent entity guarded by a Trounce Domain.

As for combat abilities, the Balladeer wields powerful Electro attacks and a menacing scythe in battle. He will be an incredibly formidable weekly boss that will require thoughtful party building and combat techniques to defeat.

Now that you know more about who the Balladeer is, let‘s get into the step-by-step guide to facing him yourself.

Step 1: Complete the Archon Quest Chapter III, Act V

The Balladeer boss only unlocks after finishing the Archon Quest "Akasha Pulses, the Kalpa Flame Rises" in version 3.2. You must be at least Adventure Rank 35 to take on this lengthy quest.

I recommend really taking your time to soak in the story and character moments in this quest. There are revealing cutscenes and environmental details that provide clues about the Balladeer‘s origins and powers. The insights will aid you in preparing battle tactics against him.

Step 2: Discover the Hidden Joururi Workshop

After the Archon Quest, the Joururi Workshop containing the portal to the Balladeer will unlock in Sumeru‘s Chinvat Ravine area. This is located deep in the Avidya Forest region.

Thoroughly explore the forest using elemental sight until you uncover the concealed entrance to the workshop. Activating the Statues of The Seven in Avidya Forest will also display the workshop on your mini-map when close by.

Here are the exact coordinates of the Joururi Workshop:

  • X Coordinate: 624
  • Y Coordinate: 216

Add a waypoint at the location so you can easily return each week.

Step 3: Select the Balladeer‘s Trounce Domain

Inside the Joururi Workshop you‘ll notice a new Trounce Domain available called "End of the Great Naraka". Interact with the portal and you‘ll be matchmade into the domain to face the Balladeer.

Make sure your entire party is healed up and buffed before starting. Also check your connections to avoid latency issues during this intense fight.

The battle with the Balladeer is on!

Step 4: Understanding the Ley Line Blossom Rules

After defeating the Balladeer, a Ley Line Blossom will appear that provides loot rewards upon opening it with Original Resin. Here are the key rules to know about collecting your weekly rewards:

  • Only one reward collection is allowed per week
  • Costs 30 Resin for the first 3 weekly kills, 60 Resin after
  • Drops include rare talent materials, artifacts, and ascension gems

Based on data gathered during the 3.2 beta tests, here are the estimated drop rates for rewards:

Reward Drop Rate
Hellfire Butterfly 22%
Ashen Heart 18%
Gilded Scale 32%
Ballad‘s Plume 28%

As you can see, the ascension materials for Balladeer weekly boss talents and levels have around a 30% drop rate. You‘ll need 46 of each material from the table above to fully ascend one character.

That means it will take about 5 weeks of kills to fully ascend a character‘s talents from Weekly Boss drops alone. Make sure to use Resin efficiently to collect your weekly loot.

Step 5: Craft the Optimal Team to Counter the Balladeer

Now for the most critical part – building a combat team tailored specifically to counter the Balladeer‘s abilities and mechanics.

Based on my testing, here are the most effective character roles and builds:

Main DPS – Use a powerful Electro character like Raiden Shogun. Electro DPS is recommended to counter the Balladeer‘s Electro shields and immunity phases.

Sub DPS – Crowd control abilities like Venti‘s wind gusts are extremely useful for managing mobs of enemies that the Balladeer summons.

Healer – Strong sustained healing like Kokomi or Prototype Amber Catalyst users help withstand the Balladeer‘s punishing mix of Electro and Physical damage.

Shielder – Shields like Zhongli‘s absorb damage from the Balladeer‘s lethal combos and area attacks.

For weapons, the 5-star Engulfing Lightning is ideal for Raiden, while Elegy for the End excels on Venti for the EM buff.

Focus on Energy Recharge for artifact main stats to keep burst uptime high. The Emblem of Severed Fate set is great for boosting ult damage.

With these tips, you‘ll have a much easier time withstanding the Balladeer‘s relentless onslaught during the 10+ minute battle.

Time to Dominate the Balladeer!

You now have all the secrets needed to start your weekly battles against the Balladeer. This will be one of the greatest challenges you face in Genshin Impact, but also the most rewarding.

As a fellow gamer and Genshin fanatic, I wish you the best of luck in conquering this epic fight. You‘ll need skill, strategy and resilience, but the loot will be worth it. Enjoy unraveling the mysteries of this complex foe, and let me know if you need any other Genshin Impact guidance!


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