Bamboo Segment Location in Genshin Impact – The Ultimate Farming Guide

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Greetings, fellow traveler! Are you looking to seriously upgrade your Serenitea Pot with stylish bamboo furnishings? If so, you‘ll need a good stock of Bamboo Segments. As a seasoned Genshin Impact player and teapot decorator, let me walk you through the best farming spots and strategies to collect this valuable material efficiently.

Why Bamboo Segments Are So Important

Before we dive into locations, let‘s discuss why Bamboo Segments are worth grinding for. These sturdy bamboo pieces are used exclusively for crafting 10+ furnishings at the Realm Depot like fences, furniture, and decorations.

For example, you‘ll need 168 Segments just to craft 10 sections of the Weathered Bamboo Fence. And if you want to decorate your teapot lands with these fences, you could easily need 500-1000+ segments!

Other notable furnishings that require loads of Bamboo Segments include:

  • Bamboo Outdoor Tea Table (50 segments)
  • Toy Stand: Dazzling Delights (25 segments)
  • Bamboo Dinnerware (10 segments each)
  • Bamboo Room Divider (50 segments)

So if you want to fully deck out your teapot with bamboo items, having a good stockpile of at least 500 segments is recommended. Trust me, they go faster than you think!

Now let‘s get into the best farming spots.

All Bamboo Segment Locations in Genshin Impact

Through extensive exploration across Teyvat, I‘ve compiled all the best locations to farm Bamboo Segments efficiently:

Qingce Village

This idyllic village in southeast Liyue is hands down the best spot. Qingce is overflowing with bamboo – just about anywhere you walk will have bamboo groves lining the roads and bridges. Each bamboo stalk takes only 1-2 hits to chop down and drops 1-2 segments.

In just 10-15 minutes of farming here, you can easily collect 100+ segments which is plenty to craft multiple furnishings. Be sure to check behind buildings and even climb on rooftops to get every last bamboo plant.

Liyue Harbor

The bamboo thickets around Liyue Harbor are another great source. Search along the southern shoreline by the docks, as well as the secluded bamboo islet just west of the harbor itself.

This spot can be slightly less dense than Qingce Village but has the advantage of teleport access directly to Liyue Harbor. In 30 minutes of focused farming you can get around 80 segments here.

Yujing Terrace

This overlook south of Liyue Harbor has some nice bamboo clusters dotted along the mountain paths. However, Yujing Terrace has more enemies and terrain to navigate compared to other spots. Still worth checking if you‘ve already farmed the other locations. Expect around 50 segments per 20 minutes here.

Best Farming Routes and Optimization

Now that you know the locations, let‘s discuss efficient farming routes and strategies:

Qingce Village Route

Teleport to Qingce Village and glide down to the bridge by Lan‘s home. Chop bamboo moving counter-clockwise around the village. Climb on roofs for extra plants.

Liyue Harbor Route

Start at northern docks then move south checking both beaches. Swim west to the bamboo islet and search there before teleporting back.

Respawn Schedule

All bamboo takes 48 hours real time to fully respawn after being chopped down. Mark your calendar and revisit spots to maximize segments.

Elemental Skills

Equip Sayu and use her roll to swiftly move between clusters for time efficiency. Swirl with Anemo skills to group segments into one spot.

Co-op Farming

Playing co-op lets you collect double the materials from each world! Coordinate routes with friends.

With the table below, you can see at a glance how Bamboo Segments compare to other wood types in Genshin Impact:

Material Uses Locations Respawn Time
Bamboo Segment Furnishings Liyue 48 Hours
Fir Wood Furnishings Mondstadt 48 Hours
Pine Wood Furnishings Liyue, Dragonspine 48 Hours


Well, that covers everything you need to know to farm Bamboo Segments efficiently in Genshin Impact! With the best farming spots, routes, and tips outlined here, you‘ll be harvesting armfuls of segments for your teapot furnishings in no time. Let me know if you have any other great tips. Now get out there, travelers, and start chopping! Your Serenitea Pot won‘t decorate itself.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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