The Ultimate Guide to the Best Healing Foods in Tower of Fantasy

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As an avid Tower of Fantasy player, staying alive is my top priority. Between dangerous monsters and environmental hazards, having a stock of healing dishes prepared can make all the difference. But with so many food recipes to discover in the game, how do you know which ones provide the best HP recovery?

In this comprehensive healing food guide, I‘ll be breaking down the top dishes that offer the strongest healing effects. Whether you‘re a new player getting started or a seasoned veteran, you‘ll learn exactly what to cook to instantly restore huge chunks of HP. Let‘s dive in!

Why Healing Foods Are Vital in Tower of Fantasy

Before we start ranking recipes, it‘s important to understand why healing foods are so valuable in Tower of Fantasy:

  • No passive health regen – Your HP won‘t recover on its own over time, forcing you to heal manually.

  • Harsh punishment for dying – Getting KO‘d applies stacking Revival Debuffs, greatly lowering stats until removed.

  • Tough enemies – Many overworld bosses and raid bosses can kill you swiftly if unprepared.

  • Environmental damage – Heat, cold, poison pools, and more chip away at your HP during exploration.

Without healing dishes to recover HP lost from these dangers, you won‘t get very far. That‘s why keeping ingredients stocked to cook strong healing foods is essential to survival.

Now let‘s get into the top healing recipes that will bail you out of even the direst situations!

How Healing Foods Work

Before ranking specific foods, it‘s important to understand what makes a dish good for healing in Tower of Fantasy:

  • HP restoration – Heals a percentage of max HP instantly, usually around 20-30% plus a flat bonus.

  • Satiety regeneration – Slowly regenerates satiety over time, converting to additional HP recovery.

  • Stamina regeneration – Restores stamina to allow more dodging and attacking.

The best healing dishes combine powerful instant HP restoration with satiety/stamina regen for sustained healing.

Cooking requires discovering recipes by combining ingredients, with higher rarity foods needing rarer ingredients. Let‘s look at some top recipes in each category!

Top SSR (5-Star) Healing Foods

1. Golden Crab Soup

Healing Effects: Restores 30% + 100,000 HP instantly. Regenerates 30 satiety over 30s.

Recipe: 6x Golden Crab, 10x Rice, 5x Onion (to discover) | 2x Golden Crab, 3x Rice, 2x Onion (when discovered)

How to Get Ingredients:

  • Golden Crab – Found in Sabriya Crater area

  • Rice – Gathered in Raincaller Island and other wetlands

  • Onion – Buy from Food Supplier or gather from Apparatus Ruins

With incredibly powerful instant healing plus high satiety regen, Golden Crab Soup is hands down the #1 healing food in Tower of Fantasy. It outclasses pretty much any other option for raw healing power.

The downside is that Golden Crabs only spawn in one limited area, making this a situational recipe. But having some stocked for tough bosses like Claudia or Void Rift is invaluable.

2. Sweet Cactus Soup

Healing Effects: Restores 25% + 80,000 HP instantly. Regenerates 20 satiety over 20s.

Recipe: 8x Sweet Cactus, 6x Rice, 4x Tomato (to discover) | 2x Sweet Cactus, 2x Rice, 2x Tomato (when discovered)

How to Get Ingredients:

  • Sweet Cactus – Found around Raincaller Island desert

  • Rice – Gathered in Raincaller Island and other wetlands

  • Tomato – Gathered in Warren Snowfields and Crown Mines

While not as potent as Golden Crab Soup for raw healing, Sweet Cactus Soup is easier to craft since cacti are plentiful around Raincaller. The satiety regen is also very useful. An excellent all-around healing option.

3. Crystal Shrimp Fried Rice

Healing Effects: Restores 25% + 70,000 HP instantly. Regenerates 20 satiety over 20s.

Recipe: 8x Crystal Shrimp, 8x Rice, 5x Onion (to discover) | 2x Crystal Shrimp, 3x Rice, 2x Onion (when discovered)

How to Get Ingredients:

  • Crystal Shrimp – Fished from floating wrecks

  • Rice – Gathered in Raincaller Island and other wetlands

  • Onion – Buy from Food Supplier or gather from Apparatus Ruins

Another tasty SSR dish combining strong instant healing with satiety regen. Rice and onion are common, making this food more accessible if you have a stock of Crystal Shrimp from fishing. A great option for general exploration healing.

Top SR (4-Star) Healing Foods

1. Snow Lotus Soup

Healing Effects: Restores 20% + 60,000 HP instantly. Regenerates 800 stamina over 30s.

Recipe: 10x Snow Lotus, 5x Honey (to discover) | 1x Snow Lotus, 2x Honey (when discovered)

How to Get Ingredients:

  • Snow Lotus – Found in Warren Snowfields

  • Honey – Gathered from hive nodes in Warren and other forest areas

Snow Lotus Soup offers incredibly strong instant healing that can bring you back from the brink of death. The stamina regen also enables more dodging and skills. This is a must-cook healing dish.

Snow Lotus is uncommon, so stock up when exploring the chilly Warren region. But the low ingredient requirement when discovered means this can be cooked reliably.

2. Nut Tea

Healing Effects: Restores 20% + 60,000 HP instantly. Regenerates 20 satiety over 20s.

Recipe: 8x Hazelnut, 5x Pinecone, 2x Honey (to discover) | 1x Hazelnut, 2x Pinecone, 2x Honey (when discovered)

How to Get Ingredients:

  • Hazelnut – Found in forested areas like Navia

  • Pinecone – Gathered in Warren and other forest regions

  • Honey – Gathered from hive nodes in Warren and other forest areas

Nut Tea combines powerful instant healing with satiety regen, perfect for sustaining your HP during exploration. And with common forest ingredients, it‘s an accessible reliable healing option.

3. Omlete With Tomatoes

Healing Effects: Restores 15% + 45,000 HP instantly. Regenerates 20 satiety over 20s.

Recipe: 4x Egg, 4x Tomato, 2x Oil (to discover) | 2x Egg, 2x Tomato, 1x Oil (when discovered)

How to Get Ingredients:

  • Egg – Gathered from nest nodes in Navia and other areas

  • Tomato – Gathered in Warren Snowfields and Crown Mines

  • Oil – Made from Nuts or bought from Food Supplier

A nice balanced SR healing food. Good instant HP restoration and satiety regen, but lower ingredient requirements compared to the SSR dishes. Easy to cook thanks to the common ingredients.

Pro Tips for Maximizing Healing Dishes

Now that you know some of the top healing recipes, here are some pro tips to use them effectively:

  • Cook healing dishes before entering dangerous areas to have the effects ready to use on demand.

  • Combine AoE healing food gadgets like Roasted Sweet Potatoes with healing dishes for burst group healing.

  • Use weaker healing foods routinely while exploring to conserve your best dishes for bosses.

  • Favorite your top healing recipes so you can quickly re-cook them from the favorites tab.

  • Build a stockpile of key ingredients when you can to ensure you can always cook your essential healing dishes.

  • Utilize food buff extensions from supports like Zero and Pepper to get more duration out of healing effects.

Where to Find Healing Food Recipes

If you‘re wondering where to find recipes for the healing foods mentioned above, here are some common locations:

  • Open world exploration – Discover new recipes by combining ingredients found across the world.

  • Supply pods – Later supply pods unlock the ability to purchase unknown recipes.

  • Cooking events – Temporary events that reward recipe chests for cooking specified dishes.

  • Spice Cabinet – Unlocks more recipe chests for certain milestones.

  • Achievement rewards – Some achievements reward random recipe chests upon completion.

With diligent exploration and participation in events, you‘ll gradually expand your healing recipe collection. But you can rely on the dishes listed above as reliable staples.

Conclusion – Cook These Top Healing Foods!

Hopefully this guide has given you a comprehensive breakdown of all the best healing dishes in Tower of Fantasy. To recap, some of the top foods you should always have on hand include:

  • Golden Crab Soup – Raw healing power for tough boss fights.

  • Snow Lotus Soup – Massive burst HP recovery from the brink of death.

  • Nut Tea – Sustained healing from satiety regen.

  • Sweet Cactus Soup – All-around healing and easy to craft.

Healing food is mandatory for survival in Tower of Fantasy. Now that you know what dishes to prioritize cooking, you‘ll be able to explore far more dangerous areas and take down colossal bosses. Just be ready to hunt down those rare ingredients so you can keep these life-saving meals on standby whenever you need them!


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