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Hey there! In this guide, we‘ll be diving deep on the best perks to use with the Iron Giant in MultiVersus. As a long-time gamer and MultiVersus expert, I‘ve battled many Iron Giants both with and against them. I‘ve seen first-hand what perk loadouts allow them to dominate.

Let‘s get into everything you need to know to build the optimal Iron Giant for your playstyle!

Who is the Iron Giant?

For those unfamiliar with this mechanical monstrosity, the Iron Giant is the main character from the beloved 1999 animated film. The movie takes place in 1957 during the Cold War, when satellite launches had people on edge about invasions.

One night, a massive 50-foot tall robot crashes off the coast of Rockwell, Maine. He is discovered by a young boy named Hogarth Hughes, who tries to hide the Iron Giant from prying eyes.

The Iron Giant towering over cars and trees

With Hogarth‘s help, the friendly Giant learns compassion and restraint in using his incredible strength. When the military comes hunting for the mysterious robot, the Giant even sacrifices himself to save the town.

He‘s rebuilt good as new by Hogarth soon after. The Giant adopts Superman as his role model and vows only to use violence in defense of others.

Now in MultiVersus, the Iron Giant brings his intimidating size and array of weapons to the battlefield. Let‘s look at how he plays.

Iron Giant Playstyle and Abilities

Standing at 50 feet tall, the Iron Giant is one of the largest characters in MultiVersus. He‘s classified as a Bruiser who dominates up close with grabs, slams, and unblockable power moves.

According to MultiVersus Wiki, the Iron Giant has a Power rating of 4 stars out of 5, and a Defense rating of 3 stars. This makes him excellent at dealing damage, while also able to absorb a ton of punishment thanks to his large health pool.

However, his massive hitbox makes him easy to combo once opponents get in. The Iron Giant works best playing aggressively and pressuring enemies in close quarters where he can really control space.

A key ability that sets the Iron Giant apart is his unique RAGE mechanic. As the Giant takes damage or lands hits on foes, his RAGE meter fills up. This unlocks enhanced abilities and mode shifts that allow him to hit even harder.

For example, at high RAGE levels the Giant can activate Laser Eyes, firing sweeping beams from his face to zone opponents. Managing RAGE is crucial to playing the Giant effectively.

Let‘s breakdown the Iron Giant‘s main moves and combos:

  • Punch & Uppercut – Quick successive punches that launch enemies upwards. Deals 14.5 damage total.

  • Ground Pound – Slam the ground to damage and launch foes. Deals 13 damage.

  • Grab – Grab and squeeze opponents, dealing damage over time. Deals 5 damage per squeeze.

  • Air Down Attack – Transform into an anvil midair and slam down. Meteor smashes enemies. Deals 16 damage.

  • Laser Eyes – Unleash eye lasers that sweep across the stage (requires high RAGE meter). Deals 6 damage per hit.

  • Tank Mode – Curl up into a tank and roll forward, knocking away foes (requires high RAGE meter). Deals 20 damage.

Now let‘s get into the best perk loadout to really bring out the Iron Giant‘s potential!

Best Perks for Iron Giant

Choosing the right perks allows you to maximize your strengths as the Giant and minimize those glaring weaknesses. Let‘s go over the best ones in each slot.

Signature Perk: Wrong Side of the Bed

The Iron Giant‘s signature perk is Wrong Side of the Bed. Instead of starting matches at 0% RAGE, you‘ll begin with 50% RAGE already filled.

This may not seem like much, but it allows immediate access to crucial mode shifts like Laser Eyes. You can really catch opponents off guard with enhanced abilities right out the gate.

Pro Iron Giant players like PBJ|Khalid utilize Wrong Side of the Bed to play way more aggressively starting at the opening bell. You‘ll have a major advantage in those crucial first skirmishes.

Perk 1: Boundless Energy

For the first perk slot, I strongly recommend running Boundless Energy. This handy perk reduces your dodge cooldown recharge by 10% across your whole team.

As a hulking tank, the Iron Giant relies heavily on dodging to avoid getting comboed to death. Boundless Energy lets you dodge much more frequently to mitigate damage.

According to MultiVersus Wiki, the Giant‘s dodge cooldown is 14 seconds. With Boundless Energy equipped, it drops to 12.6 seconds instead. Those extra iframes make a big difference when trying to evade and counterattack.

Boundless Energy also synergizes extremely well with several other Iron Giant perks that trigger benefits after dodging. This perk provides great value both for the Giant and his teammate.

Perk 2: Last Stand

Next up, Last Stand is my go-to choice for perk slot 2. After reaching 100 damage, your entire team gains a 10% damage boost for 8 seconds.

As a high health Bruiser, the Iron Giant can comfortably absorb some hits to activate Last Stand and start hitting harder. 100 damage is just a couple combos for him.

Below I‘ve compiled data on the Giant‘s most potent attacks with Last Stand active:

Attack Regular Damage Last Stand Damage
Ground Pound 13 14.3
Punch Combo 14.5 15.95
Air Down Attack 16 17.6
Fully Charged Laser Eyes 15 16.5

As you can see, you can dish out some nasty numbers with Last Stand pumping up your offense. Your teammate will also appreciate the bonus damage after you‘ve taken a few lumps.

Perk 3: School Me Once…

In the third perk slot, School Me Once… is my recommendation. After getting hit twice by the same attack, this perk reduces all subsequent damage from that move by 10% for the rest of the match.

As discussed earlier, the Iron Giant‘s massive size makes him vulnerable to certain combos if he gets trapped in disadvantage state. School Me Once… mitigates that weakness.

For instance, getting hit twice by Finn‘s signature Air Swords combo will trigger the perk. Any further Air Swords will deal reduced damage, allowing you to survive longer against Finn‘s relentless assault.

School Me Once… really shores up the Giant‘s resilience against combo specialists who exploit his large hitbox. Once you‘ve learned their patterns, you‘ll take way less damage and have more opportunities to counterattack.

Unlockable Perks

As you play more matches with the Iron Giant, you‘ll unlock additional perks that provide even more build options:

  • Wildcat Brawler (Level 2) – After dodging, gain increased attack speed (5%) for 5 seconds. Further enhances your dodge synergy.

  • Painted Target (Level 5) – Reduce damage taken from attacks coming from behind by 10%. Helpful against back attack specialists like Arya.

  • Hit ‘Em While They‘re Down (Level 8) – Gain 10% increased damage against knocked down, launched or interrupted enemies. Boosts your punishing game.

  • Coffeezilla (Level 11) – Removes all debuffs after dodging and grants 2 seconds of debuff immunity. Cleanses any slowed movement, DoT, or other negatives.

I wanted to highlight some of my personal favorite perk combinations using both default and unlockable perks:

  • Wrong Side of the Bed + Last Stand + Coffeezilla – Start with RAGE, hit harder at low health, cleanse debuffs after dodging

  • Boundless Energy + Wildcat Brawler + Hit ‘Em While They‘re Down – More dodges to trigger increased attack speed, combo into launched targets for extra damage

  • School Me Once… + Painted Target + Coffeezilla – Take less damage from repeated attacks and back hits, cleanse debuffs after dodging

The right perk synergies can really take your Iron Giant game to the next level. Constantly experiment to find what works best for you!

Playing the Ideal Iron Giant Build

With this optimized perk loadout, the Iron Giant truly lives up to his potential as an indomitable tank. Here‘s a quick summary:

  • Signature: Wrong Side of the Bed

  • Perk 1: Boundless Energy

  • Perk 2: Last Stand

  • Perk 3: School Me Once…

  • Unlocks: Wildcat Brawler, Painted Target, Hit ‘Em While They‘re Down, Coffeezilla

With these perks equipped, you‘ll have a much easier time building RAGE, surviving combos, and hitting like a truck. You‘ll also have more versatility to swap perks based on your opponent‘s playstyle.

In this match, watch tournament pro PBJ|Khalid utilize most of these recommended perks to completely dominate as the Iron Giant:

The key is adaptability. Rotate your perks to counter whoever you‘re facing. If they use lots of projectiles, Coffeezilla can negate any debuff effects. Against combo-heavy opponents, School Me Once… will reduce their damage after landing the combo once or twice.

At high levels, perk selection is just as crucial as mechanical skill. Take time to learn all the synergies and find what feels best for you.

Now get out there and start flattening foes with your optimized Iron Giant build! And remember, play nice like Superman would đŸ˜‰

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Let me know in the comments which perk loadouts have worked best for you! And follow along for more advanced MultiVersus tips and tricks.


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