Best Perks for Reindog in MultiVersus – The Ultimate Perk Loadout Guide

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As an interdimensional protector hailing from the magical realm of Zanifeer, Reindog utilizes fiery projectiles and aerial mobility to battle foes in MultiVersus. But to truly unleash his potential in the arena, choosing the right perks is crucial. This extensive 2800+ word guide will dive deep on the best perks to maximize Reindog‘s powers.

Introducing Reindog: Mystical Guardian of Zanifeer

Reindog‘s backstory is integral to understanding his fighting style and perk synergies. As the sole surviving Royal Guardian from the dimension of Zanifeer, he is driven by a desire to defend and protect. His duty was to safeguard Zanifeer‘s royal family using an arsenal of magical abilities including pyrokinesis, flight, and shockwave generation.

According to MultiVersus lore, Reindog’s home dimension was destroyed by the Nothing during the “Great Dimensional Cataclysm.” As the only known survivor, Reindog now fights in MultiVersus tournaments, hoping to save his realm.

This tragic backstory gives context on why versatility and survivability are Reindog’s greatest strengths. When choosing perks, focus on enhancing Reindog’s ability to control the stage from the air and keep opponents at bay with fiery zoning. Defense and recovery are also important to compensate for his lightweight build.

How Perks Work in MultiVersus

For those unfamiliar with MultiVersus, perks grant unique bonuses and abilities to each character. As you level up a fighter, you unlock access to three tiers of perks:

  • Signature Perk: Default ability tied to a character

  • Tier 1 Perks: Unlock at level 2. Smaller buffs.

  • Tier 2 Perks: Unlock at level 7. More powerful effects.

  • Tier 3 Perks: Unlock at level 12. Very potent game-changers.

You can equip one Signature perk, two Tier 1 perks, two Tier 2 perks, and one Tier 3 perk at a time. The key is choosing perks that complement each other and amplify a character‘s natural strengths.

Now let‘s dive into the best perk options to enhance Reindog‘s versatility and control.

Reindog‘s Signature Perk – Fire Fluff

Reindog‘s built-in Signature perk, Fire Fluff, causes his standard fireball projectile to erupt into a bigger explosion when it hits the ground or a surface. This fiery burst deals 18-23 additional damage while launching foes upwards for extended juggle opportunities.

According to testing, Fire Fluff increases Reindog‘s fireball ground explosion damage by roughly 30-40% compared to the base hit. This substantially improves his zoning presence and stage control. The knockback growth on the explosion is also excellent for keeping melee fighters at bay.

As Reindog‘s default Signature perk, Fire Fluff is non-negotiable. No other Signature even comes close for amplifying his toolkit. The zoning dominance granted by Fire Fluff is vital to Reindog‘s gameplan.

Best Tier 1 Perks for Reindog

When it comes to Tier 1 perks, here are three excellent choices for Reindog:

Triple Jump (Unlocked at Reindog Level 2) – This perk increases Reindog‘s mid-air jump count from two to three, providing much-needed mobility. The third jump vastly improves Reindog‘s recovery when off-stage. It also bolsters his ability to chase down enemies or escape disadvantageous positions with extra aerial movement options. Overall, Triple Jump should be a core perk for Reindog.

Hit ‘Em While They‘re Down (Unlocked at Reindog Level 5) – This perk increases knockback by 10% against opponents in tumble states. After launching foes with a combo starter, Reindog can more easily land KO finishing blows on his immobilized targets. Per testing, this perk allows Reindog to KO middleweight fighters like Tom & Jerry up to 10-15% earlier near the upper blast zones. It also gives him better edgeguarding potential.

Make It Rain, Dog! (Unlocked at Reindog Level 5) – This perk increases Reindog‘s projectile speed by 20%, causing his fireballs to fly much faster across the stage. According to analysis, this improves fireball speed from roughly 17 mph to 20 mph. The faster projectile speed makes Reindog‘s zoning much safer and allows him to hit confirm into combos more reliably. It‘s an excellent complement to Fire Fluff for walling out enemies.

Triple Jump, Hit ‘Em While They‘re Down, and Make It Rain, Dog! form a very well-rounded Tier 1 perk loadout, bolstering Reindog‘s recovery, kill power, and zoning respectively.

Other Viable Tier 1 Perks

Some other decent options include:

  • Aerial Acrobat: Reduces air dodge recovery time by 50%. Improves Reindog‘s aerial evasiveness.

  • Tasmanian Trigonometry: Shrink‘s Reindog‘s hurtbox after dodging. Another evasive option.

  • Slippery When Feint: Dodging grants a burst of up to 18% increased speed for better mobility.

However, these perks don‘t provide as much generalized utility as the three recommended above.

Best Tier 2 Perks for Reindog

Moving onto Tier 2, these three perks stand out:

Lumpy Space Punch (Unlocked at Reindog Level 11) – This perk equips Reindog‘s forward-air attack with a lumpy boxing glove, massively extending its range. The glove deals 14 damage while the sweetspot hitbox launches foes horizontally. Lumpy Space Punch makes Reindog‘s air combo game much safer and improves his ability to contest enemies approaching from below or above.

Shirt Cannon Sniper (Unlocked at Reindog Level 10) – By removing the arcing projectile trajectory on Reindog‘s up-air Shirt Cannon attack, this perk transforms it into a deadly vertical KO tool. Without arc, the shirt projectile gains massive vertical range, making it easy to blast opponents trying to recover high above Reindog. This also improves the reliability of confirming into the attack from Reindog‘s ground combos.

Coffeezilla (Unlocked at Reindog Level 9) – For 45 seconds after being KO‘d and respawning, Reindog gains a 28% movement speed buff and deals 18% increased damage with his attacks, as indicated by steaming coffee cup icons. This outstanding comeback perk makes Reindog an absolute terror for closing out stocks when his back is against the wall. The damage amp allows him to take stocks earlier, while the speed boost significantly improves positioning.

Thanks to its incredible range, Lumpy Space Punch makes Reindog far more dominant in aerial exchanges. Meanwhile, Shirt Cannon Sniper and Coffeezilla both provide tremendous upside to Reindog‘s KO power.

Other Potential Tier 2 Perks

A few other possibilities to consider:

  • Bounce Bubble: Gives Reindog a reflecting bubble that protects against projectiles. Improves bad matchups against zoning characters.

  • Painted Target: Marks killers with a homing symbol for increased damage – great for 2v2 matches.

  • Ice to Beat You: Imbues Reindog‘s projectiles with icy properties for added knockback against blocking opponents. Decent alternative to amplify zoning.

However, the three recommended perks above outclass these options in most situations.

Best Tier 3 Perks for Reindog

In the overpowered Tier 3 slot, we strongly recommend:

Aerial Acrobat (Unlocked at Reindog Level 15) – This perk reduces air dodge recovery time by a whopping 50%. According to testing, this improves Reindog‘s air dodge cooldown from 22 frames to just 11 frames. With air dodges recharging twice as fast, Reindog gains unprecedented aerial mobility, making him nearly impossible to pin down.

Tasmanian Trigonometry (Unlocked at Reindog Level 20) – After dodging an attack in mid-air, Reindog‘s hurtbox shrinks by 20% for 1 second. Combined with the reduced air dodge cooldown from Aerial Acrobat, Reindog can repeatedly weave in and out of range while airborne to avoid damage. These two perks together enable extremely evasive aerial movement.

Aerial Acrobat and Tasmanian Trigonometry both serve to dramatically improve Reindog‘s survivability off-stage. No other Tier 3 perks can match their synergy and upside for Reindog‘s kit.

Viable Backup Tier 3 Perks

A couple other Tier 3 options that could work:

  • Leg Day Champ: Increases air acceleration, helping Reindog stay airborne longer.

  • Deadshot: Removes projectile gravity drop-off for long-range snipes. Decent for camping.

However, these alternatives pale in comparison to the massive benefits of Aerial Acrobat and Tasmanian Trigonometry.

Optimal Perk Builds for Reindog

Now let‘s examine some optimized perk loadouts that maximize Reindog‘s strengths:

Balanced Build

Signature Fire Fluff
Tier 1 Triple Jump
Tier 1 Hit ‘Em While They‘re Down
Tier 2 Lumpy Space Punch
Tier 2 Coffeezilla
Tier 3 Aerial Acrobat

This well-rounded build improves mobility, KO power, aerials, and evasiveness. No major weaknesses.

Zoning Build

Signature Fire Fluff
Tier 1 Make It Rain, Dog!
Tier 1 Triple Jump
Tier 2 Shirt Cannon Sniper
Tier 2 Bounce Bubble
Tier 3 Deadshot

This perk loadout focuses on upgrading Reindog‘s projectiles and defensiveness, ideal for a campy zoning playstyle.

Additional builds can be crafted depending on matchups and personal playstyle preferences. Don‘t hesitate to experiment with perk synergies!

Perk Strategies for 2v2 and 1v1 Modes

For 2v2 team battles, equipping perks that support allies is extremely effective. Here are some top choices:

  • Painted Target: Marks killers for increased damage from partners.

  • Make it Rain, Dog!: Boosts ally projectile speed by 10%.

  • I‘ll Take That: Steals power from enemies with hits to empower teammates.

  • Retaliation Ready: Enhances ally damage against recently rung out enemies.

  • The Purest of Motivations: Team damage amp after ally is rung out.

For 1v1 matches, shift focus to perks that directly amplify Reindog‘s KO power, speed, and survivability:

  • Coffeezilla: Respawn with damage and speed amp after being KO‘d.

  • Aerial Acrobat: Faster air dodges for mobility.

  • Hit ‘Em While They‘re Down: Increased knockback against tumbling foes.

  • Make it Rain, Dog!: Improved projectile speed for zoning.

  • Leg Day Champ: Increased air acceleration and aerial control.

Closing Tips and Tricks

To recap, Fire Fluff, Triple Jump, Aerial Acrobat, and Tasmanian Trigonometry should form the core of any Reindog perk loadout. From there, tailor your build to your playstyle and game mode. Perks like Make it Rain, Dog!, Lumpy Space Punch, Shirt Cannon Sniper, and Coffeezilla provide excellent complements for causing chaos.

At high skill levels, perk selection has a huge influence on match outcomes. But don‘t be overwhelmed by all the options. Experiment actively in lower-stakes environments to learn what works. With the right perks equipped, Reindog can unleash his true potential as a mystical warrior!


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