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Best Twitter Apps for Ipad

Social network Twitter is all about information. It’s about knowing who’s doing what, where and who they’re doing it with. The desire to keep followers updated at all times means that Twitter users need to be able to ‘

’ on the move. There is now a growing selection of apps that can be downloaded for the iPad to help them do this more effectively. Here’s a run down of what you get from four of the best – two free and two paid.

Twitter (Twitter Inc) – Free

The free Twitter app supplements the web version perfectly. The app makes good use of the iPad’s larger screen, allowing you to move information around and present it far more dynamically than on the smaller iPhone screen. Tapping on a tweet via the Twitter app opens a separate pane on the screen, from which you might be directed to a photo, to a news story, another

or another Twitter user. As you open up various panes, you can move them around, compare them side-by-side more easily and soak up much more of the information that is being presented to you. Users can also ‘pinch’ individual

s to be presented with the full conversation before it.

deck for iPad (

Deck Inc) – Free

deck presents all the information related to your Twitter account in a column display, which maximises use of the available screen space.

deck comes into its own when you tilt the iPad to landscape view. In portrait, a large part of the screen is wasted unless you tap an individual

deck’s big selling point is the way in which so much information is presented in one window. Despite some sporadic issues with stability, the fact that it’s free means that it’s still one of the most downloaded iPad apps for Twitter users.

Twitterific Pro  (The Iconfactory) – $4.99

Twitterific is one of the most popular apps on the market thanks its simple, intuitive and attractive interface. The presentation works equally well in either portrait or landscape views and with the pro version, users can manage multiple Twitter accounts simultaneously. By tapping a user’s avatar, a pop-over presents all the relevant information (

history, followers etc) only to disappear with another single tap. Similarly, by tapping any links to images, a pop-over presents that image separately from the main browser. The main thing you can’t do in Twitterific is prepare

s for publication at another time.

Twitbird Pro for Twitter (NibiruTECH Ltd) – $4.99

Twitbird offers the same features as the other big clients, with an attractive and customisable interface. Twitbird’s appeal, however, is that it has some features that the other apps are missing. Twitbird comes with automatic push notification of all your

s (although this is currently limited to users who

via the same app.) If your timeline features replies to other

s, Twitbird rather nicely presents the original message beneath the reply in smaller font. The bubble-based view looks great too and you can even

your own voice.

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