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Blog Design Elements and Applications

Every blog is different. However, there are some essential elements every blog should have in order to get maximum readership. Even though some blogging platforms or templates will have some of the elements inbuilt on your blog even before you start you need to ensure that your blog contains the following.

Blog Title

Blog title is the first impression you can give to your blog visitors. Lack of or rather confusing title has the ability to drive your visitors away even without reading your blog posts to find out more about your blog. Hence, concentrate on giving your blog a relevant title.

About Me or Blog synopsis

About me element in a blog allows you to write more about yourself and introduce yourself to your blog visitors. You will be able to reveal more about the writer, yourself, to the visitors to let them get to know your background a little better so that they will be more interested to know what you have to say in your blog posts. Blog synopsis speaks more about what you are blog is all about. Blog synopsis gives a snapshot about the content of your blog and what to expect. However brief it may be, it will provide a general idea to the visitors about your blog.

Link-within and Archives

As much as cross linking is important for a blog, elements such as Link-within and Archives are equally important. Many blogging platforms allow you to have archives based on dates, months and even year. You can even enhance this archive feature to archive and show result based on keywords. Link-within is an additional tool that helps in digging into your past posts and showing blog posts that will be of interest to your blog post readers.  You do not want readers to leave your blog just because they are not sure where in your archive to find what they are looking for. As such your audience will be guided well in your blog if you provide them this feature.

Comments Box

Comments box is a very important element to have in your blog. This is because it allows interactivity within your blog. You will be able to gauge how well your readers like your blog post. When you allow your readers to post you comments, it helps you to improve or know about different angles to your side of the story.

Social Networking Site buttons

You are blogging because you want people to read what you write about. Hence, you want to reach out to as many readers as possible. One way to do this is by proving a share button on your blog. This allows you as well as your readers to share the blog post with others in their social networking circles and increase your readership.


Adsense is an essential element if you are blogging for money and optional if you more inclined towards spreading the word about your passion.

In conclusion, these are essential elements you should consider having on your blog if you do not have them already. Apart from these there are various other gadgets and applications available on the Internet that you can provide on your blog as well. However, you need to ensure that your blog maintains a clean look at all times and is not filled with applications that will clutter its look and deprive your readers of good quality content.

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