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10 Tips for Optimizing Facebook Ads

A quick Google search for Facebook ad optimization tips will return results that run the gamut from those with tips that are actually helpful to those that suggest avoiding Facebook ads altogether (don’t worry; this is one of those helpful ones). Here are 10 tips to help optimize those Facebook …

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Facebook Tips

Facebook is a social networking website that has made the world a much smaller place. With Facebook, you can reconnect with friends from high school, long lost family members and coworkers. You may even be surprised by finding distant relatives you never even knew you had. There are essentially two …

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Why using Facebook can be Unhealthy

Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with family, friends and colleagues.  Every day millions of people log in to chat, network, distribute photos, share links they like, play games, join groups and interact in a variety of ways on Facebook. With all the benefits the social network …

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What is Facebook Questions?

On July 28, the official Facebook blog announced that the social media portal is working on Facebook Questions – a new type of service that will provide members of the community with specific information that they are looking for. As the name suggests, Facebook Questions will enable users to ask …

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Promote your Business on Facebook

Facebook has taken pole position on the net and with it has came a new range of tools and techniques for marketing your business. Most of them are free. By utilising some or all of the free tools below you can greatly increase your online visibility. The applications mentioned are …

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Will Facebook end up as a fad?

When MySpace became the social networking site to hit the net, everyone flocked to their computers, SD cards in-hand, ready to upload all of their bathroom pictures of themselves, eager to make their own ‘space’. It became a scrapbook of lives that people could freely look upon to see how cool participants were in all of their glorious …

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