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10 Tips and facts on How to Use Tumblr

1) Know Your Tumblr Facts Found in 2007, Tumblr is now the largest hosted blog platform on the internet with 300 million monthly users. That’s a staggering 15% of all internet users! The number of Tumblr blogs on the internet are nearly double the number of WordPress.com blogs. Tumblr is …

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Blogging Online

When it comes to blogging online it can be fun. There are so many different ways to blog. You can write pretty much about anything you want. Blogging can be very informative to those that are wanting information about whatever thier looking for. Blogs open a door for those that …

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How to Get More Views on YouTube

You made a video for your business and uploaded it to YouTube, but you are not getting as many views as you want. This must be a disturbing point for you. Because the sole purpose of uploading a video on YouTube is to increase brand awareness among the viewers and …

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How to check Twitter followers

Vetting Twitter followers is part art, part science, part tool smithing, and part detective work. The same art and science that goes into vetting Facebook, Google + or any other friends in cyberspace is used when taking on new Twitter followers. Anyone can follow anyone on Twitter, but a person …

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Foursquare Business Applications

Foursquare is loved by some and loathed by others, but big brands are learning to use Foursquare to their advantage.  Now that the application has caught on, especially in densely populated urban areas, brands are jumping in to take advantage of its potential.  Big brands are using Foursquare to build …

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