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How to Create a Blog Team

Getting a small blogging team together, up, and running can seem a daunting task. Keeping in mind that every zone defense set upon by your group is covering the competition by area, not one to one. This type of exposure will create a wider audience for the blogs in your …

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How to edit your blog posts with HTML

Taking the two most popular blogging services, WordPress and Blogger as examples, there are two ways in which you can edit your blog posts. Both services offer an online rich text editor as the default way to edit posts. This is the first method. The rich text editor allows you …

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10 steps to finding rich long tail keywords

It used to be that everyone fought over short phrase keywords such as ‘women’s fashion’ or ‘plasma television’ and while of course these type of keywords are still popular today, interest amongst businesses and SEO specialists has been growing for some time over long tail keywords. Part of the reason …

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Creating your Facebook Profile

With the rise of social media, a lot of people are getting onto Facebook and using it as a marketing tool for their business.  Some people just create a second profile for their business, or they decide to create a fan page on their regular Facebook profile.  Either way, there …

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The Negative Side of Blogging

Social scientists, socioeconomists, and social psychologists are increasingly pointing to the fact that the social mood in the United States, and across the world’s culture and civilization is turning bad and that overall social mood is going to get a lot worse before improving. Research graphs and diagrams, such as …

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Interested in application that can bring both fun and innovation to your life?  A tool that can be used for both leisure and marketing purposes? Four square, traditionally speaking, is a game played on a playground with a ball and four squares, however this is not the Foursquare that teens …

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