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Beginners Guide to Blogging

Since the late nineties, blogging is a trend that is slowly picking up in popularity. In a technology age like ours, we sometimes rely heavily on the Internet for amusement and entertainment. And there is nothing more amusing and entertaining than reading an anonymous stranger’s seemingly more exciting life. To …

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Social media etiquette for politicians

The 2012 elections really pointed out the differences, not between the parties, but between the geeks and the technophobes. An electoral campaign is nothing more than a giant marketing blitz. The candidate needs to be packaged in such a way that he can get his message to resonate with the …

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Ten Event Marketing Ideas Using Social Media

Back in the Dark Ages, event marketing involved tried-and-true methods of paid advertising in modern days this is called experimental marketing. To earn that coveted media coverage, you first need to understand what the term event marketing definition is – the activity of designing or developing a themed activity, occasion, …

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How to Study better using Facebook

Facebook has emerged as the leader of social networks in recent times. Despite its incredible user base of over 400 million users, Facebook still draws criticism as a place to waste time. Countless groups have emerged citing Facebook as the cause of poor academic standards among school children and criticizing …

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How to Become a Photographer in 10 Steps

So, you want to become a photographer, eh? It’s actually an exciting career, and it’s a good choice for anyone who likes creative, hands on work. Some people will tell you that you need professional training and a degree in photography or photojournalism. Peshaw. Okay, those things will help immensely, …

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