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Universities on Facebook Page Makes Debut

Social networking giant Facebook has put together a page of resources for college students. In a move that Mashable.com calls “returning [Facebook] to its roots”, the network has created a dedicated page which is chock full of resources and information specifically geared towards college students and their families. To create …

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Lose Followers Twitter

There are many articles and blog posts that advise on how to gain followers on Twitter. Those can be useful, but it is equally important to know how you might also lose followers on Twitter. If your follower number is decreasing, it could be the result of one or more …

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How to Tweet an Audio File

an Audio Message With the growing popularity of Twitter more and more people are tweeting their hearts outs, although the 140 character limit can sometimes be a hindrance. There are various sites such as Twitlong, XL s and Long s give you the opportunity to twitter past the restrictive 140 …

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Frequent Mistakes on Twitter

You might think that with only 140 characters to play with, making mistakes on Twitter should be a difficult and rare thing. Unfortunately the ability to make mistakes of one kind or another on Twitter is frequently seen. Here are a few of the more common mistakes that Twitter users …

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Content Curation Success in 10 Easy Steps

The old cliché about content being king may feel worn out, but it has never been truer. Quality content is more important than ever, but it’s not just the content itself; it’s the relationships that are born out of the conversations started from your content. So it has to appeal …

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How to get Exposure through Twitter

Twitter is a micro-blogging networking site where all users have a limited space to post their messages, which must not exceed 140 characters. Even though this limitation seems to prevent someone from posting long messages, the possibility to post links that will transport the people who have the curiosity to …

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