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How Social Media Is Transforming Web Design

According to www.blog.hootsuite.com, 69% of adults from the United States are using at least one social media platform. The social media platforms have been responsible for radically altering the manner in which customers are constantly interacting with content. Therefore, after the social networking platforms, customers will look for a similar, …

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10 Benefits Of Social Media

Unless you’ve been in some sort of vacuum you are certainly aware of the fact that many business owners, both online and off are utilizing the power of social media.  Here we will be providing you with ten different ways that you too can tap into the benefits of social …

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10 Random Acts of Kindness Caught on Social Media

The world can be a brutal place and we all need a reminder of the inherent kindness in humanity. Fortunately, in this age of technology, the “feel good” button is a click away. Social media can sometimes bring negativity, but overall it seems to generate insurmountable positivity and joy. Through …

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Top Ten Social Media Quotes

What started out as way for college friends to keep in touch is now a massive, international business. In all its varying forms, social media touches the life of almost every person on the planet, and is now utilized for a variety of uses, including personal, business, and political. Social …

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Ten Infographics About Living Overseas

Many people like to vacation overseas, but only the most audacious travelers would even consider living abroad. When you decide that the expat lifestyle has your name on it, you must determine where you want to go, and imagine what your life will be like once you get there.  Many …

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