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Who are Twitters most Influential Users

In a constantly expanding Twittersphere, the user’s impact has increasingly gained importance, especially with a swell in the political and entertainment big-name user base. So is it any wonder that the Twitter impact on the social web map be trended, mapped and hotly debated? Web design studio Information Architects has …

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Using Twitter to Find a Job

If you’re unemployed or just looking for a better job, it makes sense to take advantage of every resource available, and that includes Twitter. Twitter isn’t just about telling the world what you had for breakfast or selling the latest scam, it’s about networking, and networking is frequently the best …

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Facebook Photos

* Remember the days before digital cameras, when pictures had to be printed out and copied in order to share them with friends and family? In order to post pictures online, you needed access to a scanner and the whole process was so high tech that most people didn’t bother. …

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Frequent Mistakes on Twitter

You might think that with only 140 characters to play with, making mistakes on Twitter should be a difficult and rare thing. Unfortunately the ability to make mistakes of one kind or another on Twitter is frequently seen. Here are a few of the more common mistakes that Twitter users …

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Addicted to Facebook

There are certain tell tale signs that can indicate if someone is addicted to Facebook. These can include things like being in a rush to get home, using the site a a personal calendar and constantly updating your profile. Sometimes there can be too much of a good thing and …

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Popular Social Networking Sites

With more people constantly gaining access to the Internet and spending more time online, it’s no wonder social networking sites are exploding in popularity. There are many of these websites, some that cater to specific groups and others that exist for anyone to join. Here are some of the more …

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