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Optimize Youtube Videos for Business Targeted Traffic

YouTube videos drive business growth; learn how to leverage video-sharing to explode your business. YouTube is one of the most popular internet destinations. Its user-generated content ranges from serious educational fare to quirky animal stunts. This something-for-everyone quality attracts visitors and keeps them coming back. Not only do YouTube videos …

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Free Blogging

A free blogging web site is a good idea if you are just starting out your blogging career. There are a few free blogging websites like blogger and wordpress that allows you to set up your own blog absolutely free. These sites also provide all the tools you need to …

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Social Media etiquette for employees

Communicating is easier today than it has ever been in the past. One of the most popular ways people communicate is via the Internet on social networking websites. Business professionals use these sites to promote their products or services and people even use them when performing job searches. So, it …

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Weblog Teacher English Writing

The advances in technology have led to many new tools being made available to educators. One of these advances is the Weblog. Known to some simply as a “blog,” it is “part web site, part journal, and part free-form writing spaces that have the potential to enhance writing and literacy …

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Why Quit Facebook Day Failed

To say that Facebook has become immensely popular would be a gross understatement.  Facebook has literally become the center of some people’s social universe.  Some individuals and organizations conduct business through Facebook, while others use Facebook as a basic communications tool or a source of constant entertainment.  Of course, something …

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