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Can Facebook Posting Damage a Relationship

Facebook is a tremendously popular social networking site for millions of people. It has attracted the attention of both young and old, allowing users to reunite with family, friends and individuals from past relationships. Facebook sounds wonderful and it truly can be if used openly, honestly and with the utmost …

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Foursquare Business Applications

Foursquare is loved by some and loathed by others, but big brands are learning to use Foursquare to their advantage.  Now that the application has caught on, especially in densely populated urban areas, brands are jumping in to take advantage of its potential.  Big brands are using Foursquare to build …

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Promoted Tweets on Twitter

That loud sigh relief heard in the boardrooms of high tech venture capitalist investors on April 13, 2010, was the result of news that Twitter had finally come up with a business model. After starting in 2007, the social network site had more than 22.3 million unique visitors in March 2010, …

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The benefits of social media

Over the past century the world has been introduced to the radio, the television, and the computer, all forms of mass media that have greatly impacted the way information is transmitted. These three things pale in comparison, however, to the impact that social media have had on information, news, and …

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