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The many Advantages of Blogging

As a writer, it’s nice to have your own personal space on the internet where you can write down your thoughts and feelings about the world, your favourite interests, or even your own life. With a blog you’re free to tackle the subjects that really interest you, and a blog …

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Will Facebook end up as a fad?

When MySpace became the social networking site to hit the net, everyone flocked to their computers, SD cards in-hand, ready to upload all of their bathroom pictures of themselves, eager to make their own ‘space’. It became a scrapbook of lives that people could freely look upon to see how cool participants were in all of their glorious …

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More Facebook Fans

Do you go looking for brand fanpages on Facebook? Probably not! If you’re a fan of a page it’s most likely because it appeared on your news feed when a friend became a fan or because a friend suggested it to youand you received a notification Knowing this you can …

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Best Twitter Apps for Ipad

Social network Twitter is all about information. It’s about knowing who’s doing what, where and who they’re doing it with. The desire to keep followers updated at all times means that Twitter users need to be able to ‘ ’ on the move. There is now a growing selection of …

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A look at Ways to use Twitter

Twitter is a web site that is becoming one of the most popular web sites known online.  It is a social network web site that has many users online.  There is a question about what would be the best way to go about using it of course.  Without question, there …

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Is Myspace Addicting

Myspace is definitely addicting, especially for the younger generations. What’s funny are the reasons for it. Chatting isn’t really one of them because it takes far too long, but from my own personal experience and knowing many myspace goers there are a few reasons as to why we just can’t …

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