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Social Media for Small Businesses

Social media is increasingly becoming a vital tool in small business management. Gone are the days when limitations to financial resources subdued a small business’ ability to market its products to both potential and existing customers. Today social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are being used by small …

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Getting acquainted with Pinterest

Pinterest dishes out its unique niche for members and other viewers Web-wide. Consisting of a rather simple idea, the site differs substantially from the greats Facebook and Twitter by letting users name and design their own channels, called “boards,” and fill them up with photographic “pins” of any material whatsoever …

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How to Create a Blog Team

Getting a small blogging team together, up, and running can seem a daunting task. Keeping in mind that every zone defense set upon by your group is covering the competition by area, not one to one. This type of exposure will create a wider audience for the blogs in your …

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How Brands are using Foursquare

Foursquare is seen by many as the latest in a long line of passing crazes. The geo-location social networking application certainly seems to be flavour of the month. Users of Foursquare use their smart phones to ‘check in’ at various locations (e.g. bars, hotels, museums, stores) and pick up various …

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How to edit your blog posts with HTML

Taking the two most popular blogging services, WordPress and Blogger as examples, there are two ways in which you can edit your blog posts. Both services offer an online rich text editor as the default way to edit posts. This is the first method. The rich text editor allows you …

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