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Social Media

Social Graces

Facebook, Twitter, Blogger. If you’ve used any of them before, chances are, you know someone who is, or was, in deep trouble due to a wayward post or an inadvertent sentence. And if you haven’t used, or even heard of any of these social media before, then; 1) You need …

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What is Foursquare

Foursquare is the newest and most successful of the location-based social networking sites, targeted specifically at young professionals who travel a lot. Its current user base is roughly 450,000. The easiest and most practical way to use Foursquare is through its new, free iPhone application. However it is also available …

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Creating your Facebook Profile

With the rise of social media, a lot of people are getting onto Facebook and using it as a marketing tool for their business.  Some people just create a second profile for their business, or they decide to create a fan page on their regular Facebook profile.  Either way, there …

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The Negative Side of Blogging

Social scientists, socioeconomists, and social psychologists are increasingly pointing to the fact that the social mood in the United States, and across the world’s culture and civilization is turning bad and that overall social mood is going to get a lot worse before improving. Research graphs and diagrams, such as …

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Facebook Taking over Face Time

With more and more people relying on the Internet as a form of communication today, it’s no surprise that people are seeing smaller amounts of face time with each other. Today on the Internet there are so many ways for people to talk including AOL instant messenger, Facebook, Myspace, and …

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Free Website Templates

Most folks believe blogs are used by people to typically chat about issues that appeal to them. Other individuals say blogs are fantastic to get opinions about exactly where to locate free website templates or who have the best editing software program on the web nowadays. Many individuals usually do …

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