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Top Ten Social Media Sites

Global traffic is a great means of establishing who the big boys are in social media. Although there are many aspects to a site that make it popular, traffic numbers do not lie. That being said, each platform promotes a different and unique experience for the user and thus many …

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10 Tips for Optimizing Facebook Ads

A quick Google search for Facebook ad optimization tips will return results that run the gamut from those with tips that are actually helpful to those that suggest avoiding Facebook ads altogether (don’t worry; this is one of those helpful ones). Here are 10 tips to help optimize those Facebook …

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5 Social Media Trends Related to Healthcare

Social Media is playing an increasing role in healthcare. That’s not surprising since 73% of adults who use the Internet use some of the social media platforms. Physicians also spend twice as much time consulting online resources than traditional print. Statistics also show that between 70 and 75 percent of …

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