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Most Advanced Technologies to Watch Out In 2019

The outline of a year is decided with many aspects for many people but for techy folks like us, new and trending technologies make the year interesting. Latest innovations not only accelerate industries to develop but also opens a new page of knowledge. Already, the past few years went successful …

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History And Evolution Of Transportation

Transportation has played an important role in traveling since ancient times. Goods and human transportation has developed over time. In the past, the main source of fuel was derived from nature such as wind energy for sailing boats, animals like cows, horses, etc., or even human forces as seen in …

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Top Ten Photo Editing Apps for 2019

In the age of social media, it’s pretty hard to grasp attention. You might want to become a social media influencer, expand your brand, gain more customers, or maybe your goal is simply to become famous on social media. But it’s not that easy, you will face a lot of …

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Internet Reliance: Improving your Speed at Work

The Internet is a necessity in the workplace, whether you work in a supermarket or in an office, there is a part of your job that will require an Internet connection. With companies becoming increasingly obsessed with ways to increase productivity, the most obvious way is to improve your connection …

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