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As an avid eFootball player and streaming enthusiast, I often get asked how to customize player jersey numbers in the game. With the ability to build your ultimate soccer squad, selecting the perfect jersey numbers is an important way to put your own stamp on the team. In this in-depth guide, I‘ll walk you through the process step-by-step, provide tips from my experience changing numbers for my eFootball streaming channel, and discuss the significance of shirt numbers in wider soccer culture. Whether you‘re looking to match a new signing‘s favored number, assign the #10 to your star midfielder, or just establish numbering conventions across positions, this guide has you covered.

An Introduction to eFootball

For those who may be new to the world of eFootball, let‘s start with a quick overview. eFootball is the rebranded evolution of the popular Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) series that has been around for over two decades. As a long-time PES player myself, the shift to eFootball represents an exciting new chapter while retaining the core of what made the gameplay so iconic.

At its heart, eFootball is about creating your dream squad from superstar players around the world and elite clubs like FC Barcelona, Manchester United and Juventus. The game prides itself on an authentic soccer experience with official licenses for kits, emblems and likenesses. As you play matches, you earn points to train your players and boost their attributes. This progression system enables you to turn average squad players into superstars with enough development.

Beyond the offline experience, eFootball has a thriving online community. You can test yourself against challenging AI opponents in a variety of modes or take your skills into ranked online matches against other real world players. The competitive online ladder is a great chance to see how you stack up globally. There are also co-op matches and tournaments which provide diverse ways to engage with the passionate eFootball community.

Now that you have a sense of the eFootball landscape, let‘s get into the good stuff – changing jersey numbers!

Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Jersey Numbers

One of my favorite parts of eFootball is taking a new squad and putting my own personal touch on it. And the first customization I always do is edit the jersey numbers to match my preferences. Here is the straightforward process:

  1. Launch eFootball and tap on "Game Plan" from the main menu. This is where you manage your team.

  2. Select your club‘s icon on the left side of the screen. This will pull up the squad management screen.

  3. Choose "Edit Squad Number" – this is the option we need to change numbers.

  4. Tap on the player you want to change the jersey number for. This will bring up their profile.

  5. Use the up/down arrows next to the number to increase or decrease it. You can also manually enter a number.

  6. When you‘ve picked the desired number, hit "Done" to confirm the changes.

  7. Repeat steps 4-6 to change numbers for additional players as desired.

It only takes a few seconds per player, so you can quickly customize your entire squad‘s jersey numbers.

Handy Tips for Changing Jersey Numbers

After changing jersey numbers for my eFootball streams and videos more times than I can count, I‘ve picked up some useful tips along the way:

  • Double check if the number is available before assigning it to a player. You can‘t give the same squad number to two players.

  • For key players, choose lower numbers like 10, 7 or 9. Higher numbers are best for reserves and fringe squad members.

  • Change numbers when you first get a new player if you want to customize them. Don‘t play them first.

  • You can change a player‘s number as often as you want if you can‘t decide! Experiment until it feels right.

  • Set numbering conventions for positions or nationality to add logic, like #9 for your main striker or Brazilian players getting #10.

Following these tips will help make changing jersey numbers easy and allow you to get creative with establishing a numbering system for your squad.

The Significance of Squad Numbers

As an avid soccer fan beyond just gaming, I appreciate the importance of jersey numbers in wider football culture. When you change a player‘s eFootball number, you‘re carrying on traditions and superstitions that run deep in real world football.

Many players become icons tied to a certain shirt number that defines their career – Ronaldo and #7, Maldini and #3, Messi and #10 to name just a few. When you recreate these pairings in eFootball, it taps into soccer history.

Lower numbers are also associated with leadership and elite player status. The #10 is traditionally worn by the star attacking midfielder, #9 given to the starting striker, #7 to a winger, and so on. Following these conventions in your eFootball squad helps build a hierarchy and recognition of key players.

Higher numbers indicate squad roles. Numbers in the 20s tend to be reserves while numbers above 30 are for youth and fringe players.

Players also develop superstitions around numbers they find lucky or tie to past successes. That‘s why you‘ll often see new signings request a favored number when they join a club.

So changing a player‘s eFootball jersey number carries significance beyond just aesthetics. It‘s about honoring traditions and creating associations that build an identity for your squad.

Final Thoughts

I hope this guide has given you plenty of insight into changing jersey numbers in eFootball. To recap, the process is very straightforward – just a few taps during squad management to pick a new shirt number for each player.

But more broadly, customizing numbers is part of the fun in making your ultimate eFootball team feel like your own. Whether you want to match real world icons and positions or develop your own superstitions around lucky numbers, the ability to change jersey numbers gives you creative control.

As an eFootball streamer and avid soccer fan, I definitely recommend taking the time to pick your ideal numbers. It can enhance the experience and connection with your digital soccer squad! Feel free to reach out if you have any other eFootball tips you‘d like me to cover. Enjoy the journey of building your dream team in eFootball.


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