Mastering Tera Types: The Ultimate Guide to Changing a Pokemon‘s Type in Scarlet and Violet

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Hey there trainer! Looking to master the brand new Tera Type mechanic and gain an edge over your opponents? You‘ve come to the right place.

In this comprehensive 2800+ word guide, you‘ll become a Tera Type expert by learning how to change your Pokemon‘s types to anything you want in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. I‘ll share insider tips and strategies from over 20 years of competitive Pokemon experience to help you optimize your team!

Let‘s dive right into the exciting world of Tera Types!

What Are Tera Types and How Do They Work?

Tera Types are the biggest game-changer added in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. They allow you to change your Pokemon‘s type temporarily during battle for devastating effects.

For example, normally Meowscarada is a Grass/Normal type. But with Tera Types, you can transform it into a fiery Fire-type version of itself for one fight! This powers up any Fire moves it uses for huge damage.

Every Pokemon has one default Tera Type that matches one of its regular typings. But through a special process, you can change this innate type to any other Tera Type like Electric, Dragon, or Fairy.

During battle, activating the Tera Type transformation crystallizes your Pokemon and converts its type to the Tera Type. All its same-type moves are then boosted in power by a whopping 50% thanks to STAB (same-type attack bonus).

This opens up so many new team-building possibilities and adds extra strategy to Pokemon battles. You can fix type weaknesses, boost strengths, and gain perfect offensive coverage.

Unlocking the Ability to Change Tera Types

Now, you might be wondering – how do I actually change my Pokemon‘s Tera Type in the first place?

When Tera Types are introduced about halfway through the game, they‘ll be permanently locked to your Pokemon‘s innate type. To unlock the ability to change them, you first need to defeat:

Larry – The Grass-type Gym Leader in Medali Town

After winning this fight, Larry will explain that the power to modify Tera Types has awakened for you. Now you can start collecting special items called Tera Shards to acquire different Tera Types!

Farming Tera Shards from 5 and 6 Star Raids

Tera Shards are unique items that you can feed to your Pokemon to change their Tera Type. Each shard type corresponds to a different Tera Type.

For example, Fiery Shards change a Pokemon‘s Tera Type to Fire. Aquatic Shards change it to Water, and so on. There are 18 shard types total.

These valuable items are obtained by battling and defeating high level Tera Pokemon found in 5 star and 6 star Tera Raids. I‘ll explain exactly how to farm them:

Tera Raid Locations

The higher the raid‘s star level, the better your chances of receiving multiple Tera Shards as reward. Here are the locations where 5 and 6 star raids can be found:

  • 5 Star Raids – Pokemon League area

  • 6 Star Raids – Master Tournament Arena

I recommend unlocking these endgame areas as soon as possible to gain access to shard farming.

Raid Battle Strategies

When battling Tera Pokemon, your goal is to defeat them as efficiently as possible to maximize your shard rewards. Here are some useful strategies:

  • Bring Pokemon with type advantage against the Tera Pokemon. This helps you win faster.

  • Participate in raids online to get help. Coordinate with other players to take down the raid boss quickly.

  • Check raid spawn locations frequently. The Pokemon rotate which will give you different shard types.

  • Use Oran Berries to heal and revive Pokemon between raids to save on items.

  • Equip the Meal Power "Item Drop Rate Up" to slightly increase shard rewards per raid.

  • Save before fighting in case you lose. You can reset and retry for better shard loot.

Shard Farming Routes

Here is an efficient route to quickly accumulate Tera Shards:

  1. Set up camp near the Master Tournament Arena to access 6 star raids.

  2. Sort the visible raids by star rating and focus on 6 star raids first.

  3. Use an Electric or Grass type Pokemon to battle the frequent Titan Pokemon (usually Fire/Steel type).

  4. Defeat the raid boss and collect your shards! Average is 3-5 per raid.

  5. Camp to refresh raid spawns and repeat.

With some dedication, you can gather enough shards to change a Pokemon‘s Tera Type in just 1-2 hours of farming.

Changing a Pokemon‘s Tera Type – Step by Step

Ready to finally modify your Pokemon‘s Tera Type? Here is the full process:

Visit Treasure Eatery in Medali

After you defeat Larry, a special restaurant called Treasure Eatery will open up. This is the place where you can change Tera Types.

Talk to the Chef

Inside the restaurant, speak to the NPC Chef behind the counter. Tell him you want to change one of your Pokemon‘s Tera Types.

Select a Tera Shard Type

The Chef will present you with a list of options for different Tera Shard types – Fiery, Aquatic, Grass, etc. Pick the one matching the Tera Type you want.

For example, choose Fiery Shards if you want a Fire-type Tera Type.

Choose a Pokemon

Next, the Chef will ask you to choose which Pokemon in your party you want to apply the Tera Type change to. Select the Pokemon to modify.

Confirm the Change

Finally, confirm to consume the necessary Tera Shards and permanently change that Pokemon‘s Tera Type to the corresponding type.

And that‘s it! Your Pokemon now has its new Tera Type that matches the shard type you picked. You can repeat the process later to change its type again whenever you want.

Strategic Tera Type Selection for Your Pokemon

Now that you can freely customize your Pokemon with any Tera Type, how do you pick which type works best strategically?

Here are some tips and competitive strategies to consider when selecting advantageous Tera Types:

  • Match Tera Type with STAB moves – Make your Pokemon‘s attacks all one type to get 50% bonus damage from STAB. For example, give Drednaw a Water Tera Type since it learns many Water moves.

  • Reduce weaknesses – Change a Grass type to a Steel Tera Type to eliminate some of its weakness to common attacking types.

  • Increase coverage – Adding an Electric Tera Type to a Pokemon gives it super effective moves against Water types.

  • Double down on strengths – If a Pokemon already has great Dragon moves in its pool, enhance it further with a Dragon Tera Type.

  • Cover all types – Have at least one Tera Type to counter every type for perfect coverage.

  • Sync with best stats – Pick a Tera Type that matches your Pokemon‘s highest attacking stat for big damage.

Here are some strong Tera Type choices for popular Pokemon:

Pokemon Recommended Tera Type
Charizard Fire
Snorlax Fighting
Azumarill Fairy
Garchomp Dragon
Gardevoir Psychic

Do some damage calculations to optimize your Tera Type selections. The right choices can make your team exponentially stronger!

Tera Types vs Past Type Change Gimmicks

Tera Types share some similarities with past battle gimmicks that also allowed type changes – Mega Evolutions and Z-Moves. But Tera Types have some key advantages:

  • All Pokemon can use – Megas were limited to certain species, but all Pokemon can Terastallize.

  • 18 types – More flexibility than just Normal and Flying type for Megas and Z-Moves.

  • Accessed repeatedly – Megas and Z-Moves could only be used once per battle. Tera Types can be activated repeatedly.

  • Stat boosts not required – Tera Types don‘t require raising stats like Megas, just change the type.

This makes Tera Types easily the most versatile and customizable type change system yet. All Pokemon can take advantage of it with the right strategy!

Unleash Your Pokemon‘s True Power

And there you have it – everything you need to know to master Tera Types and change your Pokemon‘s types at will in these amazing new games!

With the tips and strategies I‘ve outlined here, you can optimize your team, crush any opponent, and feel like a true professional Pokemon trainer.

Soon you‘ll have an unstoppable team of perfectly crafted Tera Type Pokemon ready to dominate online battles, gyms, titans, and even defeat the reigning champion!

So get out there, start farming those Tera Shards, and unleash your Pokemon‘s true power. I can‘t wait to see the awesome Tera Type teams you build on your journey to become the greatest trainer in Paldea!


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