How to Change Server in Honkai Star Rail

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Let‘s explore how to easily change servers in the exciting new space RPG Honkai Star Rail. This in-depth guide will walk you through the server switching process step-by-step. We‘ll also dive into tips for choosing your ideal server, what happens to your data when you transfer, and expert insights into seamlessly starting fresh on a new in-game world. So buckle up and get ready to sail the stars on a new Honkai journey!

How to Change Servers in Honkai Star Rail

Changing servers in Honkai Star Rail is straightforward – simply restart the game and select a new server from the launch menu. Here‘s a play-by-play of the steps:

  1. Fully close the Honkai Star Rail app so it is completely shut down, not running in the background. You want a clean slate.

  2. Launch the Honkai Star Rail app again to pull up the starting screen. This is the same one you see upon first installing.

  3. On this screen, tap on the button showing your current server, likely named after a region like America, Europe, Asia, etc. This expands the server selection window.

  4. Browse the list of server options and tap on the one you wish to switch to. For our example, let‘s say you want to move from the America server to the Asia server.

  5. A confirmation popup will appear asking if you really want to change servers. Tap ‘Confirm‘ to verify this is your desired action.

  6. A second confirmation popup will appear, giving you one final chance to cancel. Tap ‘Confirm‘ again if you are sure about switching.

  7. Honkai Star Rail will briefly load as it restarts itself now connected to the new server. Congratulations, your server transfer is complete!

The developers intentionally designed server switching to be quick and painless. They know players‘ needs can change over time. Being able to freely move between servers ensures you always have the optimal experience tailored to you.

Some key pointers as you go through the steps:

  • Carefully check that you select the correct target server before confirming the transfers. It‘s easy to tap the wrong one by accident!

  • The confirmations are there as a safeguard, so take a sec to verify this is definitely the server you want.

  • Have patience during the restart after switching, it may take a minute or two for assets to redownload.

And that‘s all it takes to change servers! Just restart, select, confirm, and off you go to an entirely new Honkai Star Rail world.

Choosing the Ideal Honkai Star Rail Server for You

Which server is best for your Honkai Star Rail adventure? Here are the key factors to consider when picking one:

Location: Servers physically closer to you will provide lower latency and faster response times.Ping and connection speed are critical for smooth RPG combat. Asia server for Asia players, America for American players, etc.

Friends: Want to explore the cosmos together? Make sure you all pick the same server. Coordinate upfront which one you‘ll use to avoid separation.

Language: Servers can have different in-game text language options. Optimize for your own needs.

Server Language Options
America English, Spanish, Portuguese
Europe English, French, German, Russian
Asia Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English

Population: Servers with more active players have a lively community but also more competition. Low pop ones offer a calmer experience.

Launch Time: Older servers have deeper roots and economy. Newer ones let you join at the ground floor.

Weigh what matters most to you. Ask fellow players for advice on official forums to learn which servers they recommend and why.

What Happens to Your Data When You Switch Servers?

Now for the critical caveat – your entire game progress and all data will be COMPLETELY reset when changing Honkai Star Rail servers.

Nothing carries over between servers. It‘s like starting over from scratch on a brand new standalone game. For example:

  • Story progress is wiped, you‘ll be back to the beginning

  • Items, weapons, characters collected are lost

  • Mission and quest progress is erased

  • Friends lists are cleared out

  • Achievements and records are reset to zero

So while switching servers is easy, you sacrifice everything built up on your previous server. The servers operate in complete isolation.

Losing all your progress can be tough to swallow. Here are some perspectives to help:

  • View it as a chance to replay early adventures with fresh eyes. Appreciate details you may have missed the first time.

  • Treat it like a new game+ mode after completing your first playthrough. Put your knowledge to use.

  • Focus on the fun of starting anew rather than what‘s left behind. A clean slate is exciting!

  • Think of it as reheating up leftover food. The meal tastes different but still satisfies.

The sever separation may be jarring at first. But look at it as a new beginning full of untapped potential, not an end. A whole new cosmos awaits!

Tips for Switching Servers Smoothly

Follow these expert tips for making the server change process easy and frustration-free:

  • Double, triple check you pick the right server so you don‘t second guess later. Servers aren‘t interchangeable!

  • Note down important account details in case you ever want to switch back or recover data.

  • Screenshot critical game settings and configurations to easily restore them later.

  • Download all game data before switching to avoid lengthy post-transfer downloads.

  • Backup friends lists, guilds, and other contacts to reconnect on the new server.

  • Review new player guides to restart off on the right foot. Your knowledge will let you optimize rerolling.

  • Mentally prep for progress loss by appreciating your previous accomplishments.

  • Stay positive and focus on the new possibilities ahead rather than old setbacks.

Having the right expectations and mindset will make starting over exciting rather than frustrating. This is YOUR new adventure.

Additional Server Tips and Considerations

Here are some other handy tips to ensure changing Honkai Star Rail servers is smooth sailing:

  • Link your account to an email or social media to retain easy login access after switching. Don‘t get locked out!

  • Follow official Honkai forums and communities to stay updated on new servers as they launch.

  • If switching to play with friends, make sure you‘re ALL coordinated on when to change. Sync up schedules.

  • Consistently high latency or bugs on your current server are good reasons to consider a fresh start elsewhere.

  • Note that mobile devices can only connect to one server at a time. You‘d need multiple devices to play on different servers simultaneously.

  • No cooldown periods exist for changing servers. Switch as frequently as you want.

  • Premium currency and paid bonuses do NOT carry across during server transfers. They are isolated per server.

  • Can‘t decide between servers? Make pros vs cons lists to visualize the tradeoffs. Trust your gut.

  • Changing servers lets you reuse the same account instead of needing new ones. Very convenient!

With this insider knowledge in hand, you can navigate server switching with confidence. Off to adventure!

Frequently Asked Questions

Let‘s answer some common Honkai Star Rail server change questions:

Q: Do I need a new account when I switch servers?

A: Nope! Just use your existing credentials to log in after selecting a new server.

Q: Can I play on multiple servers simultaneously on one device?

A: Unfortunately no – you can only be connected to one server at a time per device.

Q: What if my friends picked a different server than me at the start?

A: Coordinate which server you‘ll consolidate on. Each change individually.

Q: Will premium currency carry over when I switch servers?

A: No, all progress and items reset. Nothing transfers between servers.

Q: Is there a cooldown for changing servers?

A: Nope, no restrictions! Feel free to change servers anytime.

Q: Can I switch back to my old server later if I want?

A: Absolutely! You can freely swap servers back and forth.

Have additional questions? The Honkai Star Rail community is always happy to help fellow Captains navigate the cosmos.

Bon Voyage Across the Stars!

Embarking on an exciting new server in Honkai Star Rail opens up a galaxy of possibilities. Follow this guide to change servers seamlessly. Say farewell to your old journeys, and get ready to make new memories with fresh friends and adventures. Where will your stellar spaceship take you next? Onward to discovery!


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