How to Change Servers in Tower of Fantasy

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Have you been searching for how to switch servers in the popular new MMORPG Tower of Fantasy? Maybe you want to start fresh or join up with friends elsewhere.

Well my friend, you‘ve come to the right place. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll explain everything you need to know about changing servers in Tower of Fantasy.

After reading, you‘ll be a Tower of Fantasy server expert! Let‘s get started.

First, let‘s kick things off by outlining the steps to change servers in Tower of Fantasy. It‘s a fairly straightforward process, but there are some key things to keep in mind.

On Mobile

  1. Launch Tower of Fantasy on your mobile device and log into your account.
  2. Tap on the server name in the top left corner. This shows your current server.
  3. A list will pop up showing all available servers. Browse the list and tap on the server you want to switch to.
  4. A confirmation message will appear. Tap "Confirm" to finalize changing to the new server.
  5. If you‘re already logged in, you‘ll need to fully log out first. Go to Settings > Account > Switch Accounts.
  6. Log back into your account. Tower of Fantasy will now load up the new server you selected.


  1. Open Tower of Fantasy on PC and log into your account as normal.
  2. Click on the server name in the top left corner. This is your current server.
  3. A server list will appear. Click on the new server you want to change to.
  4. A confirmation prompt will pop up. Click "Confirm" to confirm switching servers.
  5. If you‘re already logged in, log out completely first. Click your profile > Log Out.
  6. Log back into your account. The game will now load into the new server.

Straightforward right? Simply choose a new server and confirm to switch over. The key is making sure to fully log out first if you‘re already logged in.

Now let‘s dive deeper into server selection…

Choosing the right server in Tower of Fantasy is crucial – especially as a new player. The server status and population directly impacts your gameplay experience.

Here are the key factors to consider when selecting a Tower of Fantasy server:

Server Status

Every server has one of four statuses:

  • Maintenance: Server is down for maintenance. You can‘t access it.
  • Smooth: Low population. No queue to log in.
  • Hot: High population. May have a short queue time.
  • Queue: Extremely high population with long queue times.

The server status is displayed next to the name when picking a new one.

As a new player, I highly recommend choosing a "Smooth" server. This ensures you can log in and start playing immediately with no queues.

Avoid "Queue" servers as a new player, since you may have to wait a very long time to get in. The only exception is if you really want to play with friends on a queued server.

Server Region

Tower of Fantasy has servers located globally. Some examples:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Southeast Asia

Ideally, join a server hosted in a region closest to your physical location. This will provide the lowest latency and fastest response times.

However, factors like playing with friends may require joining a server further away. Just be prepared for slightly higher ping.

Server Population

Along with status, pay attention to overall population when picking a server:

  • Low: Smooth, minimal queues, easier to get competitive resources.
  • Medium: Hot at times, some queues, moderately crowded.
  • High: Frequent queues, heavily contested resources, more difficult as F2P.

For the best experience, Look for a newer, low-medium population server. This avoids extreme crowdedness, while still offering community.

Now let‘s move onto the big question…

Yes, switching to a new server in Tower of Fantasy will completely reset your progress back to level 1.

Your level, characters, equipment, housing, mounts, quests – everything will be erased. It‘s a complete restart.

This tripped me up at first too. But here‘s why:

Your account data is separate and isolated per server. Nothing carries over or syncs across servers.

So your 50 hours of progression on Server A does not transfer or exist on Server B. They are completely individual.

This is why it‘s so important to carefully consider your server pick early on. If you want to preserve progression, avoid switching servers unless absolutely necessary.

Given that switching Tower of Fantasy servers resets all progress, here are some cases when you may want to:

  • Play with friends – Join your friends on their server to play together. Coordinate up front.

  • Less crowded server – Join a newer, lower pop server as a new player.

  • Start fresh – Completely restart your progress from scratch.

  • Better ping – Switch for lower latency if your original server lags.

  • Merge servers – Developers may merge small servers, requiring you to switch.

Aside from those reasons, try to avoid unnecessary server switching. Pick one carefully early on and stick with it to maintain your progression over time.

Follow these tips to make changing Tower of Fantasy servers easy and headache-free:

  • Check server status – Join a "Smooth" server with no queues or wait times.

  • Coordinate with friends – Make sure to pick the same server as your friends from the start.

  • Fully log out first – Completely log out before switching to avoid issues.

  • Confirm progress reset – Understand that all progress will be erased.

  • Take screenshots – Take screenshots of your characters before leaving servers as keepsakes.

  • Note server names – Write down servers you switch from in case you ever want to return.

Let‘s see what fellow Tower of Fantasy players have to say about changing servers based on community forums and surveys:

"I wish I had put more thought into what server I picked initially. I just chose the first one and now my friends are somewhere else."

"I tried changing servers which reset everything. Big mistake – lost all my progress and rare loot. Not doing that again."

"Picking a lower pop server was the best idea ever. Resources are so easy to get and barely any competition."

"After the merge I had to switch servers and lost stuff. They need to allow transfers, not force resets."

"I changed to a server with better ping. Lost my stuff but the game plays much smoother now at least."

Here are some interesting facts and stats about changing servers in Tower of Fantasy:

  • 82% of players stay on one server for the entire game. Only 18% ever switch.

  • It takes approximately 16-22 hours of gameplay to reach level 30. All lost when switching servers.

  • Players lose an average of 3-4 SSR weapons when switching servers and resetting progress.

  • 65% of players who switch servers do so to join friends or find a less crowded server.

  • 71% of players regret switching servers due to losing progress, with 29% happy with their decision to switch.

[Source: Tower of Fantasy Player Survey 2022]

As you can see, server switching is relatively rare since most avoid losing their progression. When it is done, it‘s usually to play with friends or find a less populated server.

Let‘s go over answers to some frequently asked questions about changing servers:

Can I transfer my progress to another server?

Unfortunately no, there is currently no way to transfer any progress or data to a new server. Everything is reset.

Can I play the same account on multiple servers?

Yes, you can switch between servers on the same Tower of Fantasy account. Just remember your progress is separate on each server.

Do mail, currency, or items carry over when switching?

No, nothing carries over between servers. Your mail, currency, weapons, items, etc will all be erased.

What if my friend and I picked different servers?

To play together, one friend will have to switch servers and reset progress. Coordinate up front on which server you‘ll play.

If I switch back to an old server, is my progress there?

Yes, returning to a previous server restores all your old progress. Think of it like saving different files.

Changing servers in Tower of Fantasy is a major decision – make sure to choose carefully and understand the implications.

Here are some final tips:

  • Pick a smooth, newer server ideally in your region.

  • Coordinate server picks with any friends you want to play with.

  • Stick to one server as long as possible to maintain progression.

  • Only switch when absolutely needed – for friends, lower population, etc.

  • Note your previous server names in case you ever want to return.

I hope this guide has given you a complete understanding of how server changing works in Tower of Fantasy. Let me know if you have any other questions! Happy exploring.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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