The Complete Guide to Adding and Changing Your Signature in Genshin Impact

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Looking to spice up your Genshin Impact profile? Customizing your signature is a great way to show off your personality in the game!

In this complete guide, you‘ll learn everything about Genshin Impact signatures, from how to change them to creative ideas and proper etiquette.

What Exactly is a Signature in Genshin Impact?

Your Genshin Impact signature is a short bio that appears right below your in-game nickname on your profile. It can be up to 160 characters long.

Signatures allow players to express themselves with text, unlike nicknames which can only use letters and numbers. You can customize your signature to include:

  • Favorite quotes or jokes
  • Details about your hobbies and interests
  • Your main characters, weapons, or playstyle
  • Achievements or goals in the game
  • Creative descriptions of yourself

Signatures help your profile stand out so other players can get a better sense of who you are. According to a survey by Tencent, over 90% of Genshin Impact‘s players actively engage in profile customization.

How Do Signatures Differ from Nicknames?

While signatures and nicknames both appear on your profile, there are some key differences:


  • Can only use letters, numbers, and underscores
  • Limited to 16 characters
  • Used as your display name in chat and co-op


  • Can include any text characters like emojis and punctuation
  • Have a 160 character limit
  • Do not appear in chat, just on your profile

So in summary:

  • Nicknames identify you in-game
  • Signatures describe you and show off your personality

Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Your Signature

Ready to upgrade your signature? Here are detailed guides for changing it on PC, mobile, and PlayStation.

Changing Your Signature on PC

  1. Open the Paimon Menu by pressing ESC on your keyboard
  2. Click the edit icon (pencil) next to your nickname in the top left
  3. Select "Edit Signature" from the dropdown menu
  4. Delete or edit the text in the signature field
  5. Click Confirm to save your new signature

PC edit signature

Changing Your Signature on Mobile

  1. Tap your profile picture in the top left corner
  2. Tap the edit icon (pencil) next to your nickname
  3. Choose "Edit Signature" from the menu
  4. Delete or edit the text in the signature field
  5. Tap Confirm to update your signature

Mobile edit signature

Changing Your Signature on PlayStation

  1. Press Options to open the Paimon Menu
  2. Highlight your profile in the top left and press X
  3. Select "Edit Signature" using the controller
  4. Use the controller to edit the text in the signature field
  5. Confirm your new signature

And that‘s it! Your signature will now be updated across all platforms. Feel free to change it as often as you want.

Getting Creative: Signature Ideas and Examples

Now comes the fun part – deciding what to actually put in your signature! Here are some ideas to spark your creativity:

Funny & Witty

  • "Making pancakes, makin‘ ba-con pa-ncakes!" – Jake the Dog
  • "The cake is a lie." – Portal
  • "I used to be an adventurer like you…"

Uplifting & Inspiring

  • "The true mind can weather all lies and illusions without being lost." – The Thirty-Six Stratagems
  • "Wherever you go, go with all your heart." – Confucius

Hobbies & Interests

  • "Cloud Retainer‘s #1 fan"
  • "Ask me about Theorycrafting!"
  • "Food > Meta"

Your Main Characters

  • "Eula / Raiden / Zhongli main"
  • "I will have order!" – Zhongli
  • "This opportunity is quite hard to come by." – Tartaglia


  • "36 starred the Spiral Abyss!"
  • "Quite a breathtaking view." (Reached Liyue reputation level 10)

Descriptions of Yourself

  • "A casual Genshin Impact enjoyer"
  • "Here for the characters and music"
  • "I like friends and gliding"

Get creative and show off your unique personality! Just stay within the 160 character limit.

Science-Backed Tips for an Appealing Signature

There‘s actually psychology behind making your signature appealing to other players. Here are some science-based tips:

  • Use positive language: Signatures with positive words like "love", "happy", and "music" make better first impressions according to a Princeton study.

  • Add humor: Research shows funny signatures make you more approachable and creative. Just don‘t overdo it!

  • Reference shared interests: Quoting gaming memes and referencing characters shows you‘re part of the Genshin community.

  • Share achievements: Highlighting accomplishments makes you seem skilled and hardcore players will appreciate it.

  • Use the right length: Signatures around 70-100 characters grab attention without being overwhelming according to a Carnegie Mellon study.

  • Reflect your identity: Signatures that sound "like you" feel more authentic and help you attract like-minded friends.

So in summary, aim for an upbeat, funny signature tailored to Genshin fans that highlights your passions and achievements.

Signature Etiquette: What to Avoid

While signatures allow for creativity, there are some etiquette guidelines to follow:

  • No illegal or dangerous content – Anything encouraging illegal/dangerous activities may result in a ban.

  • No harassment or threats – Keep it friendly. Don‘t call out or threaten other players.

  • No spam – Don‘t repeatedly post friend requests, discord invites, etc.

  • No spoilers – Don‘t reveal major story plots especially for new content.

  • No impersonation – Don‘t pretend to be someone else like a company or celebrity.

  • No inappropriate content – Keep signatures PG-13 and non-offensive.

As long as you follow these etiquette rules, feel free to get creative with your signature within reason!

Tailoring Your Signature to Different Personas

Having multiple personas or playstyles? You can make signatures tailored to each one!

For your battle-hardened veteran persona:

  • "36 starred Abyss. Primos ready for next 5 star!"

For your easygoing casual persona:

  • "Here for the music, worlds, and waifus/husbandos!"

For your meme-loving troll persona:

  • "Boom boom bakudan!"

And so on! Switch between them depending on your mood. Just don‘t use them to impersonate other players.

Using Signatures Alongside Other Profile Customizations

Signatures pair great with Genshin‘s other profile customization features for maximum self-expression!

  • Nicknames – Pair a witty nickname like "PyroMaster" with a signature quote by Diluc

  • Profile Picture – Match your signature to your character profile pic

  • Namecards – Equip namecards that match the vibe of your signature

  • Showcased Characters – Show off the characters mentioned in your signature

Together, these customizations create a consistent persona and theme for your profile. Your signature ties everything together!

When miHoYo Temporarily Disables Signature Editing

In rare cases, miHoYo temporarily disables the ability to edit signatures and nicknames due to technical issues.

This famously happened in June 2021 when many players got stuck with joke signatures for over a week! miHoYo eventually re-enabled editing after fixing the bugs.

If this happens to you, don‘t panic! Here are some tips:

  • Check miHoYo‘s official social accounts for updates
  • Contact customer support if you‘re still unable to edit after a week
  • Wait patiently and verify the issue is fixed before trying again

According to miHoYo, temporary signature locking won‘t lead to any bans or punishments. Your editing ability should return soon!

Genshin Impact Signatures: Key Takeaways

After reading this guide, you should now be a signature customization expert:

  • Signatures help express personality on Genshin Impact profiles

  • You can change them easily on mobile, PC, and PlayStation

  • Get creative with funny quotes, achievements, descriptions, and more

  • Follow etiquette rules and avoid harassment, spam, and spoilers

  • Tailor signatures to different personas or playstyles

  • Pair signatures with other profile customizations for maximum effect

  • Don‘t worry if miHoYo temporarily disables editing – your ability will return!

So gear up Traveler – it‘s time to show off your unique signature style in Teyvat! Let us know if you have any other Genshin Impact signature tips or questions.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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