How to Change Text Language in Tower of Fantasy: A Detailed Guide for New Players

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Tower of Fantasy is the sensational new MMORPG taking the world by storm. Developed by Chinese studio Hotta Studio and published globally by Level Infinite, this free-to-play open world game immediately captured the hearts of anime and RPG fans since launching on August 10, 2022.

With the ability to explore a beautifully crafted alien planet, gather resources, take on missions, and collect special Simulacra characters with unique powers, it‘s easy to get lost for hours in the immersive sci-fi realm of Tower of Fantasy.

Now, while the default language upon starting is English, you have the option to change the text and interface language to better suit your needs. Whether you want to play Tower of Fantasy in Spanish, Portuguese, German or your native language, the process is quick and simple.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll fully explain how to change the text language in Tower of Fantasy step-by-step, for both PC and mobile. Let‘s dive in!

An In-Depth Look at Tower of Fantasy

Before getting into the language change tutorial, let me tell you more about Tower of Fantasy for context. This open world MMORPG absolutely dazzles with its anime-inspired art, environment designs and effects. Let‘s learn about what makes this game so special:

A Vast Alien World to Explore

Tower of Fantasy is set on the distant planet Aida. Humans escaped to this Earth-like planet after an energy crisis threatened our existence. Aida has stunning futuristic cities, natural wonders, and ruins to discover. As you traverse the expansive open world, you‘ll take in incredibly detailed vistas – from bamboo forests to vast deserts and everything in between.

Fluid, High-Flying Combat

Fighting enemies and big bosses in Tower of Fantasy feels great thanks to the dynamic combat. Your character can perform agile movements like double jumps, grappling hooks, charge attacks and more. Switch seamlessly between melee and ranged weapons too for fluid, fast-paced battles.

Customize Your Simulacra

One of the coolest features in Tower of Fantasy is the Simulacra – constructs created from human consciousness that give you unique powers and playstyles. You can collect different Simulacra and customize them with weapons and outfits to create your perfect team!

Multiplayer Exploration & Activities

Journey across Aida by yourself or with friends! Up to 3 players can explore open world areas together and join forces to take down enemies in a shared world. You can also hang out in cafes, go fishing, play mini-games and more for interactive fun.

Engaging Storytelling

As you might expect from the gorgeous anime-influenced graphics, Tower of Fantasy weaves an intriguing narrative. Piecing together the mysteries of Aida‘s past and your own lost memories leads you on a thought-provoking journey.

There‘s so much to see and do in this immersive realm that you can easily lose hundreds of hours to playing. Next up, let‘s get to the good stuff: changing the game text language.

Step-By-Step Instructions to Change Text Language

Tower of Fantasy currently supports 9 different text languages. Here are the languages available and how to change to each one in a few easy steps:

Supported Languages:

  • English
  • Simplified Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Indonesian
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Thai

Let‘s go through the process for PC and mobile:

On PC:

  1. Launch Tower of Fantasy on your PC and login.

  2. Click on the menu button in the top right corner.

  3. Select "Settings" to open the options menu.

  4. On the left sidebar, click "Language".

  5. In the Game Text Language dropdown box, select your desired language.

  6. Click confirm to save changes. The game text will now display in your chosen language.

On Mobile (iOS or Android):

  1. Start Tower of Fantasy on your phone and access your account.

  2. Tap the menu icon on the top right corner of the screen.

  3. Choose "Settings" to open the game settings.

  4. Tap on "Language" in the left sidebar.

  5. Select the "Game Text Language" dropdown menu.

  6. Choose your preferred language from the 9 available.

  7. Tap confirm to apply the text language change.

It‘s that easy! Now all of the game interface, menus, subtitles and text will display in your selected language. Feel free to switch between languages anytime by repeating the steps.

Troubleshooting Tips for PC Language Change

Some players on PC have reported issues getting the game text language dropdown to appear in the settings. Don‘t worry – this can be easily fixed:

  • The problem is usually related to your Windows display language not matching Tower of Fantasy‘s expected default of English.

  • To resolve it, open your Windows Settings > Time & Language > Language & Region.

  • Under "Windows display language" select English or the language you want for Tower of Fantasy.

  • Also scroll down and change your Country/Region to match.

  • Relaunch Tower of Fantasy and you should now see the text language options.

If that doesn‘t work, try deleting the "MyCultureName.ini" file found in the game folder at TowerOfFantasy/Hotta/content/PatchPak. This may reset the language settings and allow you to change it.

Comparing Language Support to Other Games

Tower of Fantasy‘s selection of 9 text languages is fantastic for a new game, ensuring global accessibility. How does it compare to other popular games‘ language support?

Genshin Impact initially only had 4 language options but grew over time to 11. Tower of Fantasy already matching that is impressive. Other big games like Valorant launch with around 13 languages. So while Tower of Fantasy doesn‘t have the most languages yet, the development team is clearly committed to expanding support.

The good localization overall allows playing Tower of Fantasy in your native tongue for a more immersive experience. And the team is actively working on adding more languages based on community requests.

Why I Love Playing in Different Languages

As a gaming enthusiast, one of my favorite parts of MMORPGs is when I can change the game text language. I have a background in Spanish and studied abroad in Germany for a summer.

Getting to play Tower of Fantasy in Spanish is an absolute blast, as I get to recognize words quickly and already have an ear for the language. Reading quest text in German also brings me right back to my study abroad days and enjoying the linguistic rhythms.

Switching languages is like adding a fun new layer to any game. You notice word plays and nuances you might miss in English. Immersing yourself in the text of a roleplaying game in another language helps you learn while enjoying the incredible world.


Tower of Fantasy‘s anime-inspired sci-fi realm is a treat to explore, with so much to discover across the planet Aida. The option to change in-game text and voice languages makes it accessible for more players worldwide.

I hope this guide has made it easy to change languages in Tower of Fantasy for a customized experience. Whether you want your native tongue or to learn a new one, the game makes switching languages seamless.

Dive into this game‘s beautiful vistas, thrilling battles and futuristic cities in the language you want. Just follow the simple steps above to start playing Tower of Fantasy in Spanish, German, Portuguese or any of the other great language options. Welcome to Aida!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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