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Finding the City Hall Detonator in Call of Duty: Warzone 2‘s new DMZ mode? You‘ve come to the right place. In this extensive guide from a dedicated DMZ player and streamer, I‘ll provide everything you need to know to successfully locate this high-value target.

First, what exactly is the City Hall Detonator? This key item spawns randomly around the City Hall area of Al Mazrah’s war-torn Ashika Island. Acquiring it allows Operators to complete certain faction missions focused on demolition objectives. As an avid DMZ player, I can tell you securing the detonator should be a top priority for earning keys, cash, loot, and standing.

But locating the sneaky detonator can be easier said than done. After countless DMZ infiltration attempts, I’ve unlocked insider knowledge on reliably tracking it down. In this guide, you’ll get detailed spawn location maps, optimal loadout tips, exfil advice, and more. I’ve also included some cool history about the City Hall itself – one of Ashika Island‘s most iconic structures.

Let’s start with an overview of DMZ for anyone new to this heart-pounding mode.

DMZ Explained

DMZ (short for Demilitarized Zone) is an open-world sandbox extraction shooter exclusive to Warzone 2.0. Teams of 1-4 Operators parachute onto Al Mazrah’s war-torn landscape, seeking valuable contraband while surviving against lethal AI enemies and rival players.

Successfully extracting earns you XP, cash, looted weapons, and faction standing. But die and you lose everything not stored in your Forward Operating Base (FOB).

DMZ features ransackable strongholds, side objectives, roaming bosses, and a deep meta-progression system. It’s like Escape From Tarkov meets Call of Duty!

Factions are a key component for progression. By completing missions for the Legion, White Lotus, or Border River, you’ll unlock powerful rewards. This is where the City Hall Detonator comes in.

The Explosive Objective

On certain days, DMZ factions maytask you with destroying specific targets scattered around the map. And demolition means acquiring detonators – with the City Hall version being particularly elusive.

The good news is detonators are extremely valuable, yielding major rewards. During my DMZ streams, grabbing one instantly becomes priority one. Not only for the payout, but because nothing feels more badass than blowing up a strategic objective!

However, City Hall detonator spawns are rare – around a 15% chance by community estimates. You’ll need to thoroughly sweep the potential locations, which brings us to…

City Hall Detonator Spawn Locations

Based on crowdsourced data from numerous DMZ raids, the City Hall Detonator primarily spawns in two locations:

1. Small Dome Tower

This exposed circular tower offers a zipline allowing roof access. Check inside on top of the cabinet for the detonator.

2. City Hall Lobby

If it’s not in the tower, head south to the City Hall interior. Look for the detonator sitting on a chair in the central lobby area. You‘ll need a keycard to access the interior.

Check my included maps for exact spawn points:


Of course, being randomly placed, the detonator could also appear in other nearby areas like building rooftops or parked vehicles. If the main locations are busts, expand your search radius around downtown.

Now let‘s get into the good stuff – how to safely locate this explosive contraband!

Optimized Loadouts

Heading into downtown Ashika City demands firepower and mobility. Based on my own setups, I suggest:

– Primary: SMG or Shotgun for close/mid range

– Secondary: Suppressed Sniper Rifle to pick off distant threats

– Lethal: Frags and C4 to aggressively push enemies

– Tactical: Stim and Flashbangs for rapid repositioning

– Pack: Munitions Box to replenish equipment

– Accessory: Gas Mask to withstand Circle collapse and toxic hazards

– Vehicle: ATV for speedy traversal between objectives

This loadout provides the versatility needed to sweep the detonator points while surviving any resistance. For optics, prioritize threat detection scopes to mark nearby enemies.

Insertion and Approach Strategy

When infiltrating Ashika City, stealth and precision are key. Here are some of my insertion and traversal tips:

  • Insert from the Al Mazrah Airport to begin on the city‘s west side

  • Use suppressed weapons and keep movements low-profile to avoid unwanted attention

  • Time advances between locations to minimize encounters with patrolling opposition

  • Scope out sniper overwatch positions you can return to if pinned down

  • Consider having a teammate deploy a UAV before moving to ID nearby hazards

  • Plant proximity mines at chokepoints to cover your flanks as you search

  • Grab a bomb-resistant SUV rather than an ATV if excessive resistance is expected

  • Pack a smoke grenade to provide concealment if caught in a dead-end

  • Have one squadmate provide long-range cover from an elevated position

If done right, you should be able to sweep both detonator spawns without firing a shot. But Murphy‘s Law means contacts are inevitable, so plan for the worst.

Extraction Points and Exfil Strategy

Securing the City Hall Detonator is only half the battle – now you need to safely escape with it.

DMZ offers random extraction points each match, but common City Hall exfil spots include:

  • Port Ashika West
  • Al Malik International Airport
  • Shipping Docks
  • Beachhead

I prefer Port Ashika West since it‘s nearest to downtown with water access. But be ready to adapt based on Circle collapse.

For exfil tactics:

  • Plot your extraction path ahead of insertion
  • Have teammates scout ahead to call in hazards along the route
  • Toss smoke grenades to break contact if engaged during extract
  • Consider calling in a Chopper Gunner killstreak to clear your exfil zone
  • If you die, ping your loot immediately so allies can recover the detonator
  • Never exfil alone if carrying mission-critical contraband

Follow these tips and the City Hall Detonator is as good as yours!

History of Ashika City Hall

Before we wrap up, let’s take a quick look at the background of the City Hall itself. This iconic civilian government building has an intriguing real-world inspiration.

Ashika City Hall is modeled after the San’a International Airport in Yemen. This former airport was converted into a military headquarters and presidential residence.

The building‘s unique architecture features geometric shapes and Islamic-inspired arches. It acts as a central focal point defining Ashika City‘s skyline.

In DMZ‘s fiction, City Hall now serves as a strategically important base of operations on Al Mazrah. Its symbolic status makes it a prime target for detonation by Operators seeking to undermine the region‘s stability.

Razing such a culturally significant structure shows the desperate lengths factions will go to gain the upper hand. Just one more way the morally grey chaos of DMZ raises the narrative stakes!


Alright friends, that wraps up my extensive guide to tracking down the City Hall Detonator in DMZ! To recap:

  • The City Hall Detonator is a valuable mission item for demo objectives

  • It primarily spawns in the small dome tower or City Hall lobby

  • Load up on CQB and stealth gear to sweep the locations cleanly

  • Utilize strategic insertion and careful traversal to avoid unwanted fights

  • Safely extract from Port Ashika West or other southern points

  • Destroying City Hall has major implications for shifting regional power

I hope these insider tips help you get your hands on this elusive detonator and crush those faction missions. Try out my recommended gear, study the spawn points, and prepare for some explosive results!

Let me know if this guide has you better equipped to take on the challenges of DMZ. And be sure to like and subscribe for more Call of Duty gameplay, tips and commentary. Happy hunting out there!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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