Unlocking the Secrets: How to Solve "Look for Clues to Get Inside Hyenas Base" in Tower of Fantasy

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Tower of Fantasy has taken the RPG world by storm, immersing players in a vast open world brimming with secrets to uncover. As you take on quests to join factions, gain allies, and collect powerful weapons, some objectives may seem nearly impossible to decipher. But with clever detective work, you can solve even the vaguest quests like "Look for clues to get inside Hyenas Base."

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll highlight how to find the Hyena base entrance by tracking down clues other players often miss. You‘ll also discover tips and strategies for tackling other cryptic quests in Tower of Fantasy‘s alien planet teeming with mystery. Let‘s embark on an epic adventure together!

An Introduction to the Tower of Fantasy Phenomenon

Before diving into the quest itself, let‘s recap what makes Tower of Fantasy so special. Developed by Hotta Studio, this anime-style MMORPG transported players to the planet Aida when it launched in 2022. Blending open-world exploration, dynamic combat, social hubs, and a sleek sci-fi aesthetic, Tower of Fantasy brings innovation to the genre popularized by Genshin Impact.

Key features that set Tower of Fantasy apart include:

  • Fluid Parkour Movement – Traverse environments by climbing, gliding, swinging, and vaulting over obstacles. The movement feels fast-paced and free-flowing.

  • Robust Character Creator – Customize your looks, outfits, weapons, and playstyle for a unique experience. Many options allow self-expression.

  • Sci-Fi setting – Explore alien biomes like cyberpunk cities, volcanic wastelands, and overgrown ruins. The world is teeming with lost technology.

  • Multiplayer and Solo Play – Play alone or cooperatively with others. Join crews to take on world bosses.

  • Intriguing Lore – Uncover the mysteries of planet Aida through data logs, cryptic characters, and hidden storylines that leave you theorizing.

Since launch, Tower of Fantasy has cultivated a passionate player base across PC and mobile. It carved out a niche among Genshin players desiring more freedom of movement and customization. Let’s see how that ingenuity applies to solving quests.

The Hyena’s Banges Base Quest Chain

Banges is an industrial region located on the coast offering plenty of vertical exploration. As you aid citizens and battle the technologically savvy Hyena faction, you’ll learn this group has a secret base hidden somewhere in Banges critical to your investigations.

The full Hyena’s Banges Base quest contains the following steps before reaching the “Look for clues” objective:

  1. Rebel informant – Speak to Ivan near market for intel on Hyenas.
  2. Injured boy – Rescue a boy named Timmy from Hyena attacks.
  3. Hyena scout – Intercept a Hyena scout spying on Banges.
  4. Hyenas in Banges – Report growing Hyena threat to Ivan.
  5. Vice leader Ivan – Get vice leader Ivan to share what he knows about the Hyenas.

This leads up to the confusing “Look for clues” step. Let’s break down solutions.

Decoding the Clues – Step-by-Step Walkthrough

When starting this objective, open your map and teleport to Banges right away. I’ll explain why going to the sea is a red herring:

Fast Travel to Banges

Select Banges region and hit “Transmit” to teleport there instantly. The clues you need are in Banges itself.

Scale the West Wall

Head west from the teleport point until you see a tall concrete wall. Use your jetpack and climbing picks to ascend this wall.

There’s a wide walkway at the top where an important NPC can be found. This is the quickest route.

Locate Lozwall the Robot

Walk along the west wall until you encounter the robot Lozwall. He guards Banges but also holds valuable intel. Interact with him to advance the quest.

![Lozwall robot NPC model](

Chat with Lozwall, Select Dialogue Options

Here’s a full transcript of the conversation with Lozwall to successfully get the Hyena code:

You: The Hyenas have a secret base near Banges. Do you know about it?

Lozwall: Banges has been notified. If the Hyenas don’t harass the residents, we won’t take measures against them.

You: They seemed to have sent scouts. Just be careful.

Lozwall: I did capture a sneaky Hyena.

Lozwall: When he was captured, he kept on shouting: Be a free Hyena! For the free Hyena!

Lozwall: Could it be some kind of Hyenas code?

You: I see. I think I know what the code is for. Thanks.

Lozwall: You‘re welcome.

Select the bolded dialogue options to get the info you need. Lozwall will provide the full code phrase.

Quest Complete!

After Lozwall gives you the code, the “Look for clues” quest will complete. You’ve found a critical password to access the Hyena base and can progress the Banges story!

Tips for Solving Vague Quests

Tower of Fantasy‘s open-ended quests encourage creativity. Apply these tips when objectives seem unclear:

Quest Strategy Example
Read dialogue carefully An NPC may indirectly hint at a location or solution. Pick up on subtleties.
Thoroughly explore surroundings Examine the environment from all angles. Climb to high vantage points for hidden clues.
Interpret clues flexibly A clue might have symbolic meaning vs. a literal place. Think outside the box.
Try unexpected routes If an obvious place is a dead end, get creative where you search next.
Use your map frequently Map indicators can point you toward interactive spots. Teleport to check different areas swiftly.
Combat not always the answer Some quests advance through dialogue trees or world interactions, not fighting.

With an open mind, you can overcome any quest, no matter how confusing! Now let‘s unravel the secrets of the Hyena faction central to this storyline.

Who are the Hyenas?

The Hyenas are a chaotic group of rogue engineers and tinkerers who splintered off from Banges leadership. They covet advanced technology and will steal it if necessary for their experiments.

Other known Hyena bases:

  • Treehouse Hideout – In a giant tree in Banges Forest
  • Abandoned Lab – Repurposed ruin on Nameless Valley island

Key figures:

Viper – Founder and leader of the Hyenas. Brilliant but unstable engineer.

Jackal – Viper‘s second-in-command. She is a stealthy scout sent to watch targets.

Panzers – Hyena foot soldiers. They wear powered exosuits and wield oversized weapons.

The Hyenas‘ unpredictability makes them dangerous foes. By infiltrating their bases with codes, you can anticipate their next moves and turn the tide!

Now get out there, break some codes, and share your own tips in the comments for conquering Tower of Fantasy‘s most enigmatic quests. The truth behind planet Aida‘s past is waiting to be discovered. Let‘s unravel it together, adventurer!


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