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Common Grammar Mistakes and how to Fix them

The fixing of grammer mistakes may seem relatively easy if you have word. However, one has to bear in mind that the programme has a selection of five different writing styles to choose from and there might be variations between these styles.

Common grammar mistakes are numerous and can occur even in the best written document. Punctuation is one of the main forms of grammatical error, knowing when to use full stops, commas, semi-colons and colons, and apostrophe’s is important. Spacing after punctuation is often omitted as well. Staying within this area of grammar, though it might technically not be considered to be so, I find that often people do not understand when to break for a new paragraph. Misuse of Capital letters can be a common grammer mistake as well.

Incorrect use of words is another area where some people fall into grammatical errors. For example: –

The use of the word “a” when it should be “an”
– Your instead of You’re. The first is “belonging to”, the second refers to action.

Inappropriate use of words causes grammatical errors.
– Appraise or apprise. The former applies to value, the latter to inform
– dilemma / difficulty. Dilemma is related to choice, difficulty is related to a problem.
– hoard / horde. Hoard is a form of greed, where as horde refers to a number
– yoke / yolk. Yoke is a harness; yolk is part of an egg

– its / it’s. Its belonging to whilst it’s is a shortened version of it is.

This list is endless and, no doubt we will all make mistakes in grammar from time to time.

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