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Common ways news organizations use social networks

Technology is undoubtedly an integral part of society today. Technological advancements have allowed individuals from diverse backgrounds and different parts of the world to connect with one another through the Internet. One of the most important developments of the recent past has been the increasing popularity of social networking websites. These websites allow users to log on and share media and information within moments. Not surprisingly, media organizations have jumped on the social networking bandwagon in an effort to draw attention to their news organizations, report on breaking news stories, and create awareness about important issues in communities and across the world.

Here are some of the most common ways that news organizations can use social networks.


Blogging and commentary

Many social networking websites provide users with the opportunity to create blogs where they can post entries for readers and receive comments and reactions in return. News organizations can share information and report on breaking news stories on these blogs. Individuals who are already logged into the social networking site in order to “plug in” to their circle of friends are likely to peruse news organizations’ profiles and learn about top news stories through these blogs.

Furthermore, many blogs allow readers to comment on the various posts. This way, readers representing the general public can post comments on blog posts expressing their personal perspectives, opinions, and reactions to the various news stories. Profile comments can also provide journalists, television reporters, and news organizations with the opportunity to learn more about their audiences’ personal preferences through this tool, allowing them to tweak their reporting accordingly.


Similar to the aforementioned commentary, many social networking websites also provide a chat feature for their users. Individuals can log onto the chat application and connect through chat rooms or private instant messages in order to discuss and deliberate over news stories and other important issues. Undoubtedly, these chat applications also increase a sense of community among chatting members.


Another way that news organizations can use social networking websites is through the use of various applications. Because users can upload photographs, news organizations can post images from photographers who are on the front lines covering important stories. In a similar way, users can also view video coverage and reports from journalists and television anchors.

Status updates

Social networking sites also often allow their users to update the members of their respective social circles through statuses. Through these statuses, individuals can update friends, family members, and colleagues with what they are doing at all times. Likewise, news organizations can also keep audiences updated through their statuses. Moreover,


Without a doubt, news organizations can also market themselves through social networking websites. Because social networks have such a wide number of members from diverse backgrounds, news organizations can reach individuals throughout the world. The more individuals that become connected through the website, the more audiences will grow for respective news organizations.


Finally, arguably one of the most important ways that news organizations can use social networks is through the development of a sense of community among members. Sharing information and commentary can allow members of an audience to feel more connected to each other and the news organizations’ representatives, thereby developing an online community that transcends traditional boundaries and geographic barriers in our increasingly globalized world.

In conclusion, there are many ways that news organizations can use social networks. Undoubtedly, the popularity of social networking websites provides news organizations with the opportunity to reach innumerable individuals throughout the world instantaneously, making social networks an invaluable tool for these media outlets.

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