Best Tools to Convert Images into Video to Create Movies, Animation

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Turning your favorite photos into a dynamic video can be a fun way to relive memories or create engaging multimedia content. With the right image-to-video converter tool, you can transform a series of still images into a stunning video complete with motion, transitions, effects, and audio.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover the top software options for converting images into video while comparing their features, capabilities, and ease of use. Whether you’re looking to make a slideshow video, movie, or animation using only images, these powerful tools make it simple.

Why Convert Images into Video?

Before jumping into the top tools, let’s look at some of the main reasons you may want to convert a set of still images into video format:

  • Create engaging multimedia content – Images converted into video can capture viewers‘ attention and tell a visual story much better than images alone.

  • Make movies and animations – By sequencing images and adding motion effects, you can create animated movies or videos from scratch.

  • Build slideshow videos – A slideshow video showcases a series of still images in a dynamic video presentation.

  • Spice up social media – Image-to-video conversions make great short-form videos to share on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  • Preserve memories – Convert old photos into videos to creatively relive cherished memories and events.

  • Promote products/services – Brands can use image-to-video tools to transform product photos into promotional videos.

Now let’s look at the top tools on the market that make image-to-video conversions quick, easy, and high-quality.


1. Adobe Express

Adobe Express is a powerful yet easy-to-use creative app for converting images into video in minutes. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, preset themes, and advanced customization options, Adobe Express is a top choice for both beginners and professionals.

To convert images to video using Adobe Express:

  1. Upload images you want to include in the video to Adobe Express.

  2. Select the "Images to Video" converter tool.

  3. Choose a preset theme with motion, transitions, and text animations.

  4. Customize the theme using the advanced editing options.

  5. Rearrange, trim, or delete images as needed in the sequencing timeline.

  6. Add a soundtrack or record a voiceover.

  7. Preview your image video and export when complete!

Key Features

  • Easy drag-and-drop video builder
  • Numerous professional themes and templates
  • Customize transitions, animations, timing, etc.
  • Add background music and voiceovers
  • Trim, rearrange, and delete images
  • No watermark on downloads
  • Share directly to social media

For a powerful yet intuitive image-to-video converter, Adobe Express is a top choice. The only downside is the limited free plan.

Adobe Express

2. Animoto

Animoto is an online video maker specifically designed for easily converting images into video presentations and slideshows. With great pre-built templates, drag-and-drop simplicity, and awesome video effects, Animoto makes it simple for anyone to create stunning image videos.

Follow these steps to convert images into video with Animoto:

  1. Sign up for an account.

  2. Upload the images you want to use or choose from Animoto‘s stock library.

  3. Pick a template or theme for your video.

  4. Drag and drop images onto the video timeline.

  5. Customize motion and transitions for each image.

  6. Add text captions, icons, and stickers.

  7. Select a soundtrack or add your own audio.

  8. Preview and adjust your image video.

  9. Export and download the final video.

Key Features

  • Easy drag-and-drop video maker
  • Great selection of templates and themes
  • Custom motion and transitions for images
  • Tons of video effects and animations
  • Add your own music or use theirs royalty-free
  • Direct social media sharing
  • Free and paid plans available

Animoto provides exceptional artistic control for creating beautiful image slideshow videos in minutes. The free plan includes watermarks while paid plans enable commercial use.


3. Renderforest

Renderforest is a free online video maker with an intuitive interface for converting images into video. With over 6000 dynamic templates, built-in stock media, and good customization options, Renderforest makes image-to-video projects fast and flawless.

Follow these simple steps in Renderforest to create a video from images:

  1. Select a template that fits your project like slideshow, story, promotion, etc.

  2. Upload your images or browse Renderforest‘s library of stock photos and videos.

  3. Drag and drop images onto the video timeline in the order you want.

  4. Customize each image‘s duration, zoom, effects, transitions, and animations.

  5. Add backgrounds, stickers, shapes, text, and other elements.

  6. Insert pre-made music clips or upload your own soundtrack.

  7. Preview your image video and make final edits.

  8. Export the finished video in HD quality.

Key Features

  • 6000+ ready-made video templates
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Huge library of stock media elements
  • Animated transitions, effects, and text
  • Background music and voice-over options
  • Directly publish to social platforms
  • Completely free with watermark

For a straightforward free tool to convert photos into video, Renderforest is hard to beat. The resulting video has a watermark unless you upgrade to a paid plan.


4. Biteable

Biteable markets itself as a “video maker for non-video makers” and it surely simplifies creating great videos from images. It’s loaded with professional templates, themed multimedia, and awesome one-click art options to make stunning videos.

Here are the basic steps for using Biteable to convert photos into videos:

  1. Choose a template like slideshow, story, promo, etc.

  2. Upload your own images/video clips or search Biteable‘s stock library.

  3. Drag and drop media clips onto the timeline.

  4. Customize the length, order, zoom, and arrangement of images.

  5. Select artistic filters, backgrounds, animations, and transitions.

  6. Insert pre-made music tracks or add your own audio file.

  7. Add text captions, logos, and icons.

  8. Preview and export your completed image video!

Key Features

  • Easy drag-and-drop video builder
  • 100+ professional video templates
  • Huge library of licensed stock media
  • Animated filters, transitions and text
  • Background music options
  • Custom brand kits
  • Share directly on social media
  • Free version with Biteable watermark

Biteable provides a straightforward tool to create great image videos quickly even for non-designers. Like the other free plans, it adds a watermark unless you upgrade.


5. Magisto

Magisto utilizes artificial intelligence to automatically convert your images into professional-quality videos in minutes. With over 50 editing styles, stock media options, collages, multi-clip editing, and more, Magisto simplifies image-to-video conversions.

Follow these simple steps with Magisto to turn photos into video:

  1. Select the type of video you want like collage, story, slideshow.

  2. Upload images and video clips you want to include.

  3. Let Magisto work its AI magic to edit, animate, sequence, and style your media.

  4. Preview the automatically generated image video.

  5. Make any edits you want like trimming clips, adjusting order, or music.

  6. Add text captions and filters if desired.

  7. Export and share your awesome image video!

Key Features

  • AI automatically converts images into video
  • 50 cool video editing styles
  • Access to licensed stock photos/video clips
  • Music library with commercial use rights
  • Collages, multi-clip editor, titles, filters
  • Adjust automatically generated video
  • Download or share on social media
  • Free limited plan or paid without watermark

Magisto uses artificial intelligence to make image-to-video conversion easy. With an automatic editor plus the ability to customize, it provides a unique approach.


6. WeVideo

WeVideo is a powerful online video editor with a user-friendly Storyboard mode perfect for building stunning videos from images. With multi-track timelines, green screen, picture-in-picture, and plentiful stock media, WeVideo has solid tools for creative image-to-video projects.

Here are the steps to use WeVideo’s Storyboard to convert photos into video:

  1. Select “Storyboard” mode and choose an aspect ratio.

  2. Upload your own images/video or browse WeVideo’s stock library.

  3. Drag and drop clips onto the multi-layer timeline.

  4. Customize image duration, positioning, zooming, cropping, and rotation.

  5. Apply transitions, animations, filters, overlays, and motion.

  6. Add voice overs, background music, and titles.

  7. Preview your image slideshow video and make final edits.

  8. Export the high-quality video when complete.

Key Features

  • Robust multi-track timeline video editor
  • Huge library of stock media options
  • Animated transitions, motion graphics, filters
  • Chroma key, picture-in-picture, overlays
  • Add voiceovers, soundtracks, titles
  • Trim, split, re-arrange image clips
  • Download videos or publish to YouTube
  • Free limited plan or premium without watermarks

WeVideo provides professional tools for building impressive videos from images. The learning curve is higher than simpler tools.


7. Filelab Video Editor

Filelab Video Editor provides an intuitive interface and useful tools for converting photos into video slideshows. With timeline editing, transitions, filters, text, animations, and more, Filelab simplifies creating great image videos.

The steps to convert images into video with Filelab are:

  1. Import image files from your computer or cloud storage.

  2. Drag and drop images onto the video editor timeline.

  3. Customize the order, duration, zoom, and rotation for each image.

  4. Apply fun transitions, animations, filters, and elements to images.

  5. Insert background music, record voiceovers, and add text.

  6. Preview your image slideshow video.

  7. Export the final video as MP4 or animated GIF.

Key Features

  • Easy drag-and-drop video timeline
  • Animated transitions and motion graphics
  • Filters, overlays, stickers, and drawings
  • Background audio and voice-over options
  • Add text captions and titles
  • Trim, crop, arrange, and rotate clips
  • Export high-quality MP4 or animated GIF
  • Completely free with watermark

For a straightforward free online video editor, Filelab provides solid tools to convert images into video. Upgrade to premium to remove watermarks.


Choosing the Right Tool for You

All of the options covered above provide great capabilities for converting photos into video. However, think about your specific needs and skill level as you determine which tool is the best fit:

  • Beginners – Tools like Animoto, Renderforest, and Biteable offer preset templates and drag-and-drop simplicity perfect for beginners.

  • Advanced customization – For greater control over animations, motion graphics, and sequencing, try Adobe Express, WeVideo, or Filelab.

  • AI magic – To automatically convert images into video, Magisto uses artificial intelligence.

  • Social media focus – Adobe Express, Biteable, and Renderforest allow instant sharing to social platforms.

  • No watermarks – Adobe Express, WeVideo, and Filelab offer paid plans to remove watermarks from downloaded videos.

Take advantage of free trials when available so you can experience each tool hands-on before deciding.

Tips for Creating Great Image Videos

Once you’ve chosen the right software, keep these tips in mind as you convert your photos into videos:

  • Pick a compelling soundtrack – This greatly enhances the mood and energy of your image video.

  • Use various transitions – Don’t overdo it, but do apply different transitions between images to add dynamism.

  • Incorporate text – Use titles, captions, subtitles, quotes, etc. to enhance your visual storytelling.

  • Employ motion and zooms – Add movement and focal changes to prevent a static feel.

  • Trim duration – Keep your converted image videos concise for better audience engagement.

  • Order intentionally – Sequence images in an order that builds interest and tells a cohesive story.

  • Export high resolution – Export your converted video at 1080p or 4K resolution for optimal quality.

Let Your Images Come to Life

As you can see, converting still images into captivating videos is easy with the right online tool. Whether you’re creating a family slideshow, business promotion, social media clip, or animated movie, these seven options offer user-friendly ways to transform photos into videos.

Try out the various free trials and see which image-to-video converter resonates with your style and needs. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, cool templates, and creative options, you’ll be amazed at the dynamic videos you can produce from static images.

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