Unlocking Everything with Credit Coupons in Genshin Impact

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So you want to know how to obtain those coveted credit coupons in Genshin Impact? Well, you‘ve come to the right place.

As a veteran Genshin player and gaming enthusiast, I‘m going to walk you through exactly how to find, earn, and spend these valuable coupons for maximum rewards.

What Are Credit Coupons and Why Do You Want Them?

New to version 4.1, credit coupons are a special currency in Genshin Impact earned by completing certain quests around the Fortress of Meropide.

You‘ll want to collect as many coupons as possible, because they can be exchanged for incredibly useful items including:

  • Character/weapon ascension materials
  • Talent level-up materials
  • Premium dishes, fishing bait
  • Artifact boxes with guaranteed 5-stars!
  • Furnishings for your Serenitea Pot
  • And more!

So credit coupons provide access to rare goods otherwise difficult or impossible to obtain normally through gameplay.

Trust me, you‘ll want to rack up as many credit coupons as you can. So let‘s dive into each quest you need to complete to start filling your wallet!

Step-By-Step Walkthroughs for All Credit Coupon Quests

There are 10 special daily commission style quests that reward credit coupons when finished. Here are in-depth guides for completing each one:

Safe Operation (20 coupons)

This quest starts by talking to Galvaryet near the main fort entrance. He‘ll ask for help fixing some broken gear drivetrains.

Select "Offer to help" and head to the waypoint marker on your map. You‘ll see a puzzle with a lift and some gear cogs.

The key is to position the cogs so they properly connect and rotate the main gears operating the lift. Don‘t be afraid to experiment! Once the gears start moving the lift, you‘ve got it right.

Here‘s how I solved it on the first try:

[Insert image of completed gear puzzle solution]

Return and speak with Galvaryet to collect 20 credit coupons!

Dead End (20 coupons)

For this quest, talk to Galvaryet again and ask if there‘s anything else you can help with.

He‘ll mention a strange sound coming from the sealed eastern tunnel that needs investigating.

Head to the tunnel entrance marked on your map – you won‘t be able to enter yet. But you‘ll hear a weird noise coming from inside.

Report back to Galvaryet. He recommends getting Nizami to crawl through a gap and explore the tunnel.

Find Nizami near the Rag and Bone Shop and convince him to check out the tunnel.

Let Galvaryet know about Nizami‘s findings to complete the quest and obtain 20 more credit coupons!

Fists of Fury (30 coupons)

Speak to Nizami again near the Rag and Bone shop. He‘s being bullied by some boys led by December.

Offer to teach them a lesson by defeating December in a fight at the market location.

You‘ll have 2 minutes to defeat December and his lackeys. Focus on the weaker ones first, then fight December 1v1.

Use food buffs if you need – December is tough! Once you win, Nizami will reward 30 credit coupons!

A Raw Deal (20 coupons)

Find December sitting on a crate. After losing, he asks you to gather ingredients to make Nizami an apology fruitcake.

Collect 3 Flatfruit, 2 Sugardew, and 1 Glacier Lily and bring them to December.

Hand them over to receive 20 more credit coupons!

Treat the Symptoms (30 coupons)

Search for Lechlade near the Production Zone. He‘s a doctor needing medicine to cure a fort illness.

Gather 3 Mistgrass Pollen bundles and 2 Holyrood Dewdrop vials from around the Liffey Region.

Bring them to Lechlade and he‘ll provide 30 credit coupons!

Chit-Chat (20 coupons)

Find Nakul in the Housing Block. He has a crush on Nelly but doesn‘t know how to approach her.

Give Nakul some confidence advice about just being himself and speaking honestly.

For the relationship help, Nakul will reward 20 credit coupons!

Unfinished Task (40 coupons)

Locate Nelly near the Executive Bureau taking pictures. Offer to help charge a nearby Transposer.

Defeat Energy Coalescences until the Transposer is fully charged.

Report back to Nelly for 40 credit coupons!

The Art of Negotiation (20 coupons)

Speak to Sajal at the Rag and Bone Shop. Ask about being a better negotiator.

He recommends buying The Art of Negotiation book…but then gifts you a free copy!

Adding the book to your inventory completes the quest for 20 coupons.

Every Debt Has a Creditor (30 coupons)

Galvaryet needs help repaying a merchant debt. Gather 2 Mistgrass Stalk bundles and 3 Starsliver chunks.

Deliver them and receive 30 credit coupons!

Visible Hands (40 coupons)

December asks you to convince Decembre to give him a job around the fort.

Find Decembre near the Executive Bureau and advocate for December.

Let December know he‘s hired for 40 final credit coupons!

Total Coupons Earned Per Quest

Quest Coupons Earned
Safe Operation 20
Dead End 20
Fists of Fury 30
A Raw Deal 20
Treat the Symptoms 30
Chit-Chat 20
Unfinished Task 40
The Art of Negotiation 20
Every Debt Has a Creditor 30
Visible Hands 40

Total: 290 credit coupons!

Make sure to open the chest at the Production Zone for the last 10 coupons if stuck at 280.

Where To Spend Your Hard-Earned Credit Coupons

Once you‘ve amassed all 290 available credit coupons, it‘s time to reap your rewards!

Head to either the Coupon Cafeteria or Rag and Bone Shop to exchange them for rare goods.

Coupon Cafeteria Redemption Items

The Cafeteria offers ascension and enhancement materials:

  • Mora
  • Character/Weapon Ascension Materials
  • Talent Level-Up Materials
  • Weapon Enhancement Ore

Here are the best Cafeteria items to redeem coupons for:

Item Coupons Recommended?
Hero‘s Wit x10 (Adventure Rank reward) 30 YES
Philosophies of (Element) x3 120 YES
Teachings of (Element) x6 75 YES
Fine Enhancement Ore x20 40 YES

Focus on Wits for easy character EXP, talent books, and ascension materials that take time to farm. The enhancement ore is great too!

Rag and Bone Shop Redemption Items

The Rag and Bone Shop offers more unique rewards:

  • 5-Star Artifact Boxes
  • Furnishing Blueprints
  • The Art of Negotiation Book
  • Food Ingredients (Pigeon Egg, Quiet Shrimp)
  • Fishing Bait (False Worm, False Fly)
  • Materials, Mora

Here are optimal Rag and Bone purchases:

Item Coupons Recommended?
5-Star Artifact Box x1 150 YES
False Worm Bait x20 50 YES
Shrimp Meat x20 40 YES
Sanctuary Courtyard Lamp 100 YES

Prioritize the guaranteed 5-star artifacts, powerful fishing bait, tasty cooking ingredients, and beautiful furnishings!

Expert Tips for Maximizing Credit Coupons

Here are some pro Genshin tips to boost your coupon earnings and optimization:

  • Complete all Meropide quests ASAP before they rotate out
  • Craft Condensed Resin to double artifact/material rewards
  • Hoard treasure from quests and exploration before exchanging coupons
  • Don‘t spend primogems to "refill" coupons daily
  • Focus on acquiring rare items you lack
  • Buy recipes/blueprints early to start crafting
  • Get enough bait for sustained fishing sessions
  • Consult redeemable item lists to plan exchanges

Using these strategies, you can stretch your credit coupons further and build up your Genshin account!

The Future of Credit Coupons

Right now, credit coupons are only available during the 4.1 update through these limited quests. We don‘t know if they‘ll be rotated out in the future.

Based on feedback, Mihoyo could add more permanent quests or events rewarding coupons. I could also see them expanding redemption items or introducing coupon alternatives.

For now, make the most of this coupon opportunity while you can in case they go away someday! Hoard and spend them wisely.

Now Go Forth and Redeem Those Coupons!

And that‘s everything you need to know about unlocking credit coupons‘ full potential in Genshin Impact as a gaming expert and fan.

I hope my detailed quest walkthroughs, exchange recommendations, pro tips, and speculation gave you all the tools you need to load up on these lucrative coupons.

Now get out there, help the fine folks of Fortress Meropide, and claim your just rewards. Happy coupon hunting! Let me know if you have any other Genshin questions.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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